What I Wore ~ Summer Color

Happy Hump Day! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.

This summer has been all about color! Last week I shared a top with colorblocking.

It seems like every store is bursting with color and after all the gray and black I

wore this past winter, I have needed color.

 Ruffled blouse: JCPenney, Summer 2012

Coral Pants: TJ Maxx, DKNY brand, Summer 2012 (I wear these all the time!)

Shoes: rue21, Summer 2011

Earrings: Target, Summer 2012

What are some of your favorite colors this summer?

Have you added any color to your wardrobe?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I love a fresh start, don’t you? Today is a new day. Yesterday

may have been difficult. Work might have been hard, maybe you had to discipline your

child, maybe you’re a stay-at-home Mom and the laundry was overwhelming, maybe

you and your husband were short with each other, maybe you are taking care of an

elderly parent. I don’t know your exact situation, but He (Jesus) does.

He knows and he cares. Today, begin this day by giving everything to Jesus.

“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.” Psalm 37:5 NLV

Have a blessed day friends!

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  1. says

    Hey Judy,
    I have to say, I’m liking the new Penney’s. I didn’t shop there a lot before but they seem to have more variety to me. Lot’s of color and more designer’s.
    Maybe we just have a good Penney’s????
    Have a great week!

  2. says

    Hey Judy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I probably wouldn’t wear a lot of jewelry with prints but I didn’t really think about it until you pointed it out.
    I usually wear the same jewelry a lot of the time. It’s one area, I need to expand myself on.
    Have a great week!

  3. says

    Hey Judy!
    So nice to meet you, and I’m so glad you stopped by! I know exactly what you’re talking about, I’m 45 and kind of think of myself as 35. :-)
    I have also been in seasons when God seemed far away but he’s not. Keep seeking HIm and He will reveal himself. I also start looking around and counting my blessings, he always shows up!
    Thanks again for stopping by!

  4. says

    Soo cute.. I love your shirt… Great outfit (heart prints) … Beutiful blog you have here, very inspirational.. Stopping in via the pleated poppy – WIWW and would LOVE for you to please link / share your post via my linky party – Mannequin Monday happening pweease – the link is http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com/2012/06/mannequin-mondays-you-wear-it-best-diy.html#comment-form sincere thanks and appreciation, wishing you a beautiful day ~xo.. Marilyn

  5. Judy H. says

    I have always been a huge fan of coral. It is a color that I can wear well and always get compliments when I wear it. I even chose coral for my “mother of groom” dress and loved it. Now that it is so much on the fashion front, I have a lot more choices out there. I love combining coral with blue or grass green. It’s also great with basic black, white and beige and I promise you, it will brighten those colors so much!
    BTW Cyndi, what do you think of Penney’s new marketing strategy? I think I miss the sales and seems like they used to offer a bit more variety. Our Penney’s store is not nearly as busy as it once was. Are shoppers sending a message to JCP?

  6. Sharon O says

    Very nice… I love color too but tend to shy away sometimes because it is so noticeable. So tell me, do you exercise and do a diet plan or are you just naturally ‘a smaller size’… I am 57 and settling. (if you know what I mean… :0}

  7. Judy B says

    Hi Cyndi! You wear prints well..for me, it’s tricky balancing everything so as not to look too busy. How much jewelry to wear when you’re wearing prints. In your outfit, you limited it to earrings…no bracelets or necklace. Any thoughts? I do love the colored pants look this year!

  8. Joy says

    You look so cute, Cyndi! :) Have a blessed day (you mentioned once that Wed. is your busy day— it’s mine too!) Take care :)

  9. Judy Doyle says

    Hi! I’ve cked on your blog from time to time and you are so cute! You may not realize this but it can be difficult finding ladies of 40 something that care about fashion. It seems most have given up and let themselves go. I’m 50 yrs old this summer but think of myself as maybe 40…errrr, even 37……….lol. My joints have other ideas! Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you. Nice reminder on the spiritual front too. It can be difficult taking care of elderly parents, questioning the goings on in life etc. Last night I told God I don’t feel him anymore. Sad, but true. Guess I have some work to do. Have a great Wednesday Cyndi! j.


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