{Day 20} Shorten Those Skirts: Fashion Over 40

Huh? I know what you’re thinking. We’re over 40, we’re not supposed to wear mini skirts, right? Absolutely! But, there is an appropriate length that looks best and many of us might need to shorten our skirts a little.

According to the experts, the perfect length for a straight skirt is when the skirt hits that spot on the back of your knee that curves in slightly, where your upper and lower leg meet.  From the front, it’s just above the knee. If you like a little more conservative look have your skirts hit the middle of the knee.

If your skirts hits several inches below your knee it will accentuate your calves and for most of us that’s not a good thing.

This skirt is adorable but not appropriate for our age.


A more appropriate length (although I don’t like her shoes!).


This is not great picture quality but this dress is a few inches above my knee, so I added black tights and boots so that it’s not so noticeable.

What about shoes? Here’s the rule of thumb for your heels, the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel. In the summer time, some of my skirts and dresses hit slightly above my knee, so I pair them with sandals.

What do you think is the best length of skirt for women over 40? Do you wear skirts?

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Beauty For the Heart~~Today is Saturday and many of us have a day off. Try to do something today that you enjoy! Read a book, take a walk, enjoy God’s beauty, or head to a pumpkin patch.

Remember John 10:10 says, A thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Judy says

    Hello! I just discovered you on pintrest, love your website! I am just wondering where you got the black dress you are wearing in this post? I love it.

  2. Kayla says

    I have the exact same problem… very petite… 5’2″ (on a good day) with long torso and shorter legs… On me, the length in the ‘this is too short’ photo looks so much better than the longer skirts. I think proportion should weigh as heavily as age… and most women know when they’ve gone ‘too short’ because they feel uncomfortable… but yes, I feel your pain here!

  3. judy h. says

    I am always hesitant to wear skirts and dresses for this very reason. I am 5’2″, some days I’m almost 5’3″ (according to the doctor’s office) Annnywaay, Most of my height is made up by my torso. I have very short legs! always feel like maybe my skirts and dresses should be a bit shorter, but I’m afraid of getting them too short. In the winter, I can get away with a bit shorter length if I do dark tights and boots, so that leaves me with 3 seasons wondering what to do.

  4. sara bennett says

    I love boots, tights, and sweater dresses! My FAVORITE look…and it actually really flatters my tall but plus sized figure… I say you’re never too tall for heels. I’m an inch shy of six-feet and love my heels in all sizes. (And they make you look like you’ve spent years doing the Brazillian Butt Lift workout!)

  5. Sandra Duncan says

    In the winter, I live in tights and boots! I think thick tights with boots in a similar color and a long tunic sweater are great for casual days, and give you a kind of long, lean look. I am constantly on the lookout for sweaters that are long enough–Nothing too clingy,tho!

  6. Casey says

    I usually will not wear anything that hits right below my knee. It’s got to be slightly above or right at my knee or maxi length. Below my knee has always looked too matronly for me. I’ve always considered my legs one one my best features so I still wear the skooter skirts with a t-shirt and flats for summer day casual. I rarely wear any shoes with high heels because I’m 5′ 8” and have a back that can’t take me in heels for too long in one outing. Wish I could wear them!

  7. teresa says

    First of all, you are too cute matching you camera strap to your scarf! That is a thoroughly thought out ensemble.
    I agree; shorten those skirts. But, that’s coming from someone who still wears skooter skirts in the summer. What’s the use in running, swimming, yoga if you can’t show off a little? Next it’ll be no short sleeves:). However, I wouldn’t ever wear that length for anything else and always with flats.
    Short skirts and heels looks just plain trashy to me. You don’t even need to ask what I think of the current six inch platform craze.
    I do like those sandals pictured in the 2nd photo, but I love t-straps and ankle straps and the general 40s look in a shoe. They could have coordinated the colour a bit better, though.
    The one time I detest high-heels is with straight, mid-length skirts. Ban that look! It makes one appear dowdy with huge feet.also give The shoes really need to go with the style of skirt. It’s similar to wearing strap foot legging with shoes instead of boots. Remember that? Ugggh. Can’t wait to read your post tomorrow. CTD
    P.S.We should also give Dirndl skirts a wide berth.


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