{Day 24} 10 Ways To Have Younger Looking Legs

Unfortunately for women over 40 we’re not always comfortable showing off our legs and we definitely don’t want to be caught wearing a miniskirt even if we have great legs. So today I’ll share 10 ways to have younger looking legs.

On Day 13 I posted about 25 clothes that just gotta go. One of the items mentioned was flesh colored hose. Many of you didn’t agree or didn’t know what to wear if you couldn’t wear nude pantyhose.

Kate Middleton seems to have caused nude hose to be popular again and many women are happy about it. But let me remind you that Kate Middleton is young and so wearing nude hose doesn’t make her look old.

We, on the other hand are older (nothing wrong with that) but we want to look good for our age and pantyhose can age us.

So after much reading and researching (I’m acting as if this is highly important, we’re just talking about our legs) I’m going to give you my opinions on how to have younger looking legs.

Here are 10 ways to have younger looking legs:

1. If you have nice legs go with a natural look especially in the summer and spring. Don’t wear pantyhose.

2. Opaque tights are perfect for fall and winter. I wear them all winter long. Stock up on brown, black and gray. (Colored tights are very popular right now but I’m not sure I can pull those off.)

3. I haven’t worn nude or flesh colored hose in years! I asked my sister, who’s almost 42 and she said the same thing, she hasn’t worn them in years. If you have to wear them make sure they match your skin tone. No shiny sheen and they need to be very sheer! Think natural look.

4. Don’t wear reinforced toes. (I know some of you might like them but they do age you.)

5. Stay away from flashy prints, thick opaque tights, and seams. These may call more attention to your legs than you want.

6. Lotion your legs everyday and shave for nice looking legs.

7. Make sure whatever you put on your legs is subtle. Your legs should not scream for attention but blend into your outfit.

8. Use a tanning lotion to give your legs color in the winter. I use Jergens Natural Glow Express Moisturizer all year.

9. By all means buy control top tights and pantyhose.

10. If you don’t like the way your legs look wear panty hose, tights or even pants. No need to stress about it!

Okay, what do you think? Do you like to wear nude panty hose? Do you think they age you?

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  1. Marilynne Rowland says

    Thank you for saying not to fret and just wear pants! I have never, ever liked my legs since I have always had thick calves. I always look taller and thinner in pants or maxi dresses.

  2. Christine says

    I always wear pantyhose, whether I was in High School in my teens, or now as professional in my early 30s. I never thought “pantyhose makes you look old,” I’ve always thought it was sophisticated and it shocked me to hear people say that it has some kind of aging effect, or that it was “out of style”- because I’m a shopaholic and spend tons of money on clothes. I thought, “Looking old is what makes people look old.” Then when I read what you wrote, “But let me remind you that Kate Middleton is young and so wearing nude hose doesn’t make her look old,” I see that makes sense, I imagine older ladies wearing hose it might make them look older. I don’t think I’ll ever give up hose b/c as I get older I’ll probably need it more. I can’t stand to wear a skirt and no hose. I also think it looks unprofessional. I’m 32 now but even with hose, people think I look like I’m in my early to mid 20s and have a hard time believing I’m an attorney. Of course I don’t wear opque SUPPORT hose- I agree, diabetic “flesh colored” support hose and girdles make people look old. Go for black if wearing opque. Don’t call it “flesh” colored, sounds gross -medical and vile, wear sheer hose and it is called “nude” which is sophisticated and minimal-sounding. I guess when I start to look old people can tell me I’m aging myself.

  3. Stephanni says

    Hi Cyndi
    Great discuccion, i usually wear
    Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose, little pricy, but feel great all day at work, with no falling down. I usually wear heels every day, so pantyhose for me everday skirt or dress pants! This time a year its chilly so , yes they do help with the warm factor even under Jeans.
    Hope you all have a great day !

  4. Kayla says

    I’m 5’2″ also… live in boots… just know what my leg measurement is and have to be very careful not to get them too ‘tall’… I have short legs so anything labeled ‘tall boots’ will be too tall for me… my ideal ‘shaft height’ is 13-14 inches from the top of the heel. I wear with skirts and tights and tucked in to skinny jeans. Hope you get some, you’ll love them!

  5. Tracy Greenlee (@tagluv2read) says

    Your series has been wonderful! I have an entire drawer of sheer black and some nude hose (plus the lovely knee highs-egad!)…I haven’t worn in years…but felt I should keep them “just in case”. Thank you for liberating us! I am off to clear that drawer of all the old lady hosery and headed to Kohl’s for new opaque tights! We need something to cover our legs here in OK during the winter but I absolutely dreaded the thought of pantyhose! My mom still wears the knee highs since she never wears a dress and I was afraid I was going to be just like her! No way, Momma!!! I am a young 50 and not ready for that! :)

  6. says

    Hey Rita!
    Thanks for stopping by and that is a funny tanning story. My daughter has strange skin issues too so I completely understand. I visited your blog, and your decoration is beautiful. I’ll definitely be stopping back by.

  7. Kelly says

    Well, took the plunge today … took my daughter shopping with me and bought tights AND a black pencil skirt, which she has been after me to buy for a while now. I’ve recently lost 60 pounds, so I needed a fresher look! But I’ll have to admit, I’m not totally comfortable in it yet! Have loved this series! Thanks so much for all the great tips for us women over 40 (or 50)!

  8. says

    Hey Lee Ann!
    Yes, tights keep your legs very warm. I wear Simply Vera Vera Wang from Kohl’s a lot. She always has a good selection. I hope this helps!

  9. Lee Ann says

    I don’t wear dresses in fall/winter for the fact that I don’t know what to wear for my legs. I am always cold and my legs freeze. Do tights help to keep the legs warm? What kind of tights? I’ve seen thinner ones and the heavier ones. Not sure what is right for 47. My mom is 73 and is always telling me to wear pantyhose. She even tells my 19 yr old she should wear them! Can’t get her to understand that they are so out of style. I love the skirt/ sweater!

  10. says

    Cyndi, I just love your series! I love reading your posts, and am learning lots through the comments as well. I have an absolutely hilarious self-tanner story. I was so excited when I heard about its invention. I have very pale skin and thought it would be just the ticket for my white, white legs. I applied it generously…and then proceeded to break out in the hives!!! I ended up having a much laughter filled conversation with the company’s customer service rep… I do recommend doing a “test patch” that they always talk about. (disclaimer: I have strange skin issues. This reaction is not the norm.:))

  11. says

    April opaque just means they’re very black not sheer. With the outfit you’re talking about, I would definitely go with black opaque tights. It will look great!
    Also I think boots are perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Wear those boots!!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  12. Terry says

    My son is getting married the last weekend in November and I will be wearing a cocktail dress to the wedding. We live in Illinois where the weather is cold. There is no option other than bare legs or panty hose. With minor spider veins, I know my legs will will look more attractive with sheer hose rather than au natural. I love tights for day to day styles, but dressy occasions I the winter leave very few options. To me, sheer hose are to legs what makeup is to the face.

  13. April says

    This is perfect timing for me! I am going to a wedding in November and have a black skirt (just above the knees) and dressy black boots (just below the knees). I thought it looked funny having the “flash” of white between the boot and skirt, so should I try the black opaque tight? Never heard of opaque (haven’t worn tights or anything in YEARS!), but I am sure I can find it at Kohl’s. Also, how do you feel about wearing boots to a wedding?

  14. Kim says

    Bonnie, I agree that tights don’t always look right with dress clothes. They tend to dress down an outfit. And as someone said earlier, bare legs don’t seem to “go” with winter dresses. I’m not sure what we are supposed to do. What a dilemma!! I tell you what…trying to look fashionable and not weird or out of style is EXHAUSTING! haha

  15. Casey says

    I hate to wear pantyhose. I’ll be looking for the Sally Hansen tanner to try. I like a little color on my legs so they’re not pale white. I apply lotion daily and shave my legs at least 5 days a week. It’s super important to use lotion in the cooler/cold weather. The best shaving tip is to use the Bigelow’s shaving cream that is sold at Bath & Body Works. My husband & sons were using this shaving cream and raving about it. I tried it and am hooked. It only takes a small amount and I don’t get the razor rash that I got before. My legs feel silky smooth.

  16. judy h. says

    Oh, I had another question… What does anyone think about the “freeze factor” of going bare legged November through March?

  17. judy h. says

    I haven’t worn flesh colored pantyhose in all of my 54 years. I always thought they made legs look pale and sickly. I have worn a light tan pantyhose which is the ONLY color I would ever possibly consider. My legs show every bit of my age and pregnancies which I carried so low that my belly was about half way down my thigh from the very beginning. I like tights a lot. You look so darling in your skirt, sweater and tights! My 31 year old daughter swears by Sally Hansen spray tan for legs and uses it exclusively year ’round. You’d think I’d have taken a shot at the stuff by now…maybe I just talked myself into it!

  18. Su T says

    No panty hose for me for years now especially during summer months! For winter, I do wear black tights with certain outfits. Never tried any other color, but then again, I wear LOTS of black. And I;m with several of the other women who have posted, I can’t wear control top – it seems to emphasize the rolls even when you wear shape wear with it.

    Be blessed!

  19. says

    This is too funny!! I’m 55 and its probably been 20 years or so since I wore them. Unless of course it was required and then it was with much hesitation and pouting I’m sure! I live in the south and its hot AND humid!! There is no way I’m am adding to the heat wave. Even in the winter…if its not tights its nothing!! Nothing worse than a hot old lady that’s inflicted that upon herself!!!

  20. Bonnie says

    You made me laugh! I have a friend (probably quite a bit older than you) who was still wearing hose all the time even up until two or three years ago. She even wore the reinforced toe ones with open toed shoes. I just assumed she’d go to her grave doing that. Two or three summers ago a couple Sundays in a row she wasn’t wearing them and I finally commented on it. She said a (younger) co-worker at school had told her she just HAD to ditch the hose–that they were passe and had been for a while. So she did. Just like that. I would not have believed it. (And her prim and proper mother may be spinning in her grave.)

  21. Bonnie says

    Lynne, I so agree with you. I will throw in that when your son is getting married in January and you have to walk up on the elevated stage, you really have to face the fact that bare (pale) legs with your nice outfit and shoes just won’t look right. Especially when you know the mother of the bride will be wearing hose.

    I have avoided hose for years by wearing boots all fall and winter, and I wear a lot of black so black fights are a good option there though I can’t say I really enjoy them much more than hose. But there have been a few times (funerals, for one example) when I really felt strange wearing boots. (Before the last couple years when “all boots all the time” seemed to be the rule.) I just think tights look weird with most “dress” clothes.

    So maybe I really am old.

  22. Guerrina says

    IF I have to show my legs through Fall/Winter, I do use a lightweight nude pantyhose & skip the control top – why add additional discomfort. Spring/Summer and as far into Fall as possible, I show off my tanned gams. :) I also think that wearing heels does wonders for the legs (and the derriere)!

  23. Tracey says

    Oh dear..I hate to admit it but I needed to hear this! My teen girls were telling me to abandon the nude hose and I wasn’t too sure. Sunday morning I wore nude hose with a black dress and black boots, I was very uncomfortable because you could see just a bit of my legs between the boot and dress hem, just didn’t look right. That afternoon I remembered I had black tights so made the switch before evening service…what a difference! Now that you’ve confirmed it here I will be tossing the nude hose out!! 😉

  24. lynne says

    I think if you have great legs with no veins that are noticible, then it looks fine to go bare. Enjoy the bare look while you can. But if you have a problem with spider veins or varicose, cover them up. Also, I think if you are over 60, a sheer
    hose or tight would look more becoming.

  25. Betsy L. says

    Thanks so much Cindi! I have always, always, always hated pantyhose, with a passion! I haven’t worn then in years and I have moved on to tights, but only wear them with one or two dresses. I’m thinking i need to update my wardrobe to work those in more. I always forget about tanning part, I definitely need to try and remember to do that:) Thanks again!

  26. Debbie V. says

    I have a question about boots for me, I’m 5′ 2″ and feel unsure about it…what do you all say??

  27. says

    I haven’t worn a stitch of panty hose since college where it was required every day for class. ICK. My husband still makes fun of my stinky feet. Hose sure did make my feet smell. LOL! I do occasionally wear tights in the winter. They also seem to be much more resilient than hose.

  28. Amber says

    Ok, Cyndi. I read your post but I got distracted by your way too cute outfit! Seriously. You should wear that everyday! You look amazing in it. I love the boots with it, too.


  29. says

    Oh Becki I’m soo sorry!! Someone else said my site is being blocked and it was before yesterdays post. My site is very clean and I hope this is just a short term thing. Let me know if it continues.
    This pantyhose thing is getting a lot of attention. I’m cracking up!! Who knew we were all so confused! I think I’ll be posting some pictures soon! :-)
    I usually buy my tights at Kohl’s and I love the Simply Vera Vera Wang brand. I look for opaque but not real thick. It’s better to get them at a department store vs. Wal-Mart. I hope this helps!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  30. says

    Oh Becki I’m soo sorry!! Someone else said my site is being blocked and it was before yesterdays post. My site is very clean and I hope this is just a short term thing. Let me know if it continues.
    This pantyhose thing is getting a lot of attention. I’m cracking up!! Who knew we were all so confused!
    I usually buy my tights at Kohl’s and I love the Simply Vera Vera Wang brand. I look for opaque but not real thick. It’s better to get them at a department store vs. Wal-Mart. I hope this helps!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  31. says

    Oh Joy Courtney gave it to me and I think it might be a little short for me. :-) She has gotten too skinny these days for that skirt. I don’t know where she got it, she’s had it for a while. I’m glad you like it, it would be perfect for you!!
    Love ya

  32. says

    Teresa with all the confusion over pantyhose I think I’m going to post some pictures of nude hose I would wear if I had to. :-) I’ll try to do it soon!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  33. says

    Hi Martha!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You sound like a very young 69 year old. :-) I don’t wear nude or buff pantyhose yet. If I did, I would probably look at Macy’s or even Kohl’s and buy a good brand, very sheer and as natual looking as possible. Never the suntan color. I hope that helps!! Thanks again for stopping by!

  34. Becki Hone says

    Cyndi, Apparently bras, underwear and legs are all inappropriate because my web blocker blocked your site both yesterday and today for inappropriate content. Ha Ha! Anyway, could you give me the name of a not too thick brand of tights? I think this area of nylons vs no nylons has stumped a few of us. Thanks so much for all the advice.

  35. Joy says

    G’morning Cyndi! I LOVE your outfit… where did you buy the lil’ skirt? Soo classy looking! Looking forward to Black Friday shopping…. we had a big snowfall yesterday so it’s a cozy, warm day inside for me and our 2 lil’ munchikins. Have a blessed day, wherever this finds you! hugs!

  36. teresa says

    I, too am confused over this panty hose issue. I generally wear dark hose in the winter, but not everything looks good with that and winter clothes (nubby woolen or gabardines) look ridiculous with totally bare legs, not to mention the cold! Goose bums aren’t attractive either.
    I originally assumed this all meant suntan hose (ugggh), however now I think it’s all hose that’s not tinted dark. I do like patterned hose if worn with a very simple outfit. Let’s see some more pics of right and wrong hose in the future. What should we be wearing under pants, btw.
    Such pressing issues:) CTD

  37. says

    Nude pantyhose? Nope, haven’t worn them in years. And I’m not a fan of control top. For me they don’t seem to control anything and they just squeeze me to death and make more rolls<— I need no help with rolls!

  38. says

    Hey Sylvia!
    First, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I don’t wear panty hose. I’m not saying I never will but at this time I don’t. I also read that sheer black and brown are not “in style”. Its best to wear the opaque. I hope that helps!

  39. Cathy G. says

    Cyndi!!!! you have to go try Sally Hansens spray tan for legs!!!!! It’s so great and I’ve got my friends using too!!! After you lotion up your legs let it dry for a few minutes then spray this on your legs and rub it in to make it even…..It comes in 3 or 4 different tones and it washes off easily when you bathe…..I just love it……it really even outs your skin and is so nice!! Target carries it and it’s usually found by the Sally Hansen nail products on the bottom shelf..I don’t know why it isn’t put by self tanners??….oh well it’s one of my favorite secrets for tan, tone looking legs!!!!!

  40. Sylvia says

    Thanks for your 31 Days of fashion and beauty. It has been a help to me. When you talk about nude and flesh colored pantyhose are you saying no to all pantyhose? What about black and brown tinted sheer pantyhose? As for reinforced toe style, I buy them to wear with shoes that do not have open toes, which is most of my winter shoes.

  41. Martha Frasher says

    What brand of buff pantyhose do you buy? At age 69 and a great grandmother, I still try to look and dress NOT old looking and follow the same rules you do. I use Jergens and wear tights in the winter, but as a Pastor’s wife some outfits at church and for funerals call for pantyhose, especially in the spring and fall. Thanks, I really enjoy your thoughts, posts and verses!!


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