{Day 26} Adding Accents: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

By now we’ve got a cute haircut possibly with bangs, we are wearing neutral makeup, we’ve got some basic pieces in our wardrobe, we’ve added some cute shoes and now we want to add some accents. This is the fun part!

Accents are the ultimate attention getters. They give any outfit a boost and help add color.

What are accents? They’re scarves, rings, earrings, necklaces, colored belts, bracelets etc.

As with everything we’ve talked about over the last 26 days we need to remember that less is more. I love what Christopher Hopkins says in his book, Staging Your Comeback, “A maturing face and figure carry a patina of wisdom. They make a statement in and of themselves that doesn’t require bright lips, over-the-top earrings, or a crazy hip belt to bring it forward. Less is simply more as we age.”

Now don’t freak out, we can wear accents we just need to be careful not to overdo it. We’ve all seen older women who wear too much bling or are still wearing the same accents they wore when they were 16.

Here are some accents that need to go if you’re over 40 (according to our favorite Charla Krupp).

  • Ankle bracelets
  • Belly necklaces
  • Body piercing
  • Ear piercing in multiples
  • Toe rings

So how do we add accents? I think it’s good to pick one accent piece that you want to make a statement with and then add other accents that compliment your accent piece.

For instance, in this outfit, I wanted the necklace to be the statement piece. I have earrings on but they’re small. If you wear a statement necklace you don’t need statement earrings too. Make sense?

I definitely could have added some bracelets and a watch to this outfit and it would have looked fine.

Accents are the final touch to our total look. It’s important to look at the trends and then add them to your outfits. Right now, bubble necklaces are popular and wearing several bracelets and cuff bracelets are very popular. Big rings also look stylish.

So what do you think? Do you like adding accents to your outfits? I love to hear from you all, your comments are great!

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  1. says

    Last year, the market was flooded with plastic, made-in-China bubble necklaces and they showed up on the website that is supposed to support hand-crafted, artist original work. Sorry to say this, but when I see someone with a bubble necklace, I feel sorry for them simply following the low-cost herd. Hand-made styles are so affordable – leave the plastic bubbles for the teens. 😎 Just my opinion. LOVE your Blog!!

  2. says

    Andrea I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back with you! Your statement piece can be a bracelet or earrings. If you wear big earrings, you don’t have to have a statement necklace.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Teresa R says

    I tend more toward silver than gold. My mom and sis could only wear 24 carat gold as they were allergic to other metals. Since I am not allergic, I look for pieces that will go to several of my outfits. I have a silver prayer cross that my daughter gave me that I tend to wear most often

  4. judy h. says

    I’ve always been drawn to bracelets. I don’t have any charm or chain bracelets, but I’ve got some SERIOUS bracelets and I love to wear them. I always wear a smaller oval silver or good hoop earring and depending upon what I have on top ( printed or plain) I add a small pin or an understated necklace.

  5. lynne says

    I have been watching the new Katie show (Katie Couric) and have noticed how stylish she is always dressed. Some of your readers that seem puzzled over how to dress, what shoes to wear, etc might find some help in tuning in to this show. Her dresses are the perfect length, her jewelry always just right, her makeup is very natural, and I’ve noticed she goes the bare leg route too. Her legs are tanned and toned and look great. Thought this might help someone. I’ve learned alot.

  6. Michelle says

    I too have toe rings. I have always worn them, and wear them every day – rarely do I take them off, even in high heels or boots. I also have a second set of earring holes and in the summer wear an ankle bracelet that belong to my mother. Guess I’m a rule breaker also.

  7. Bobbi says

    No toe rings? Really?? I have a very thin, simple silver band that I got on a vacation in Hawaii. Every time I look at it it makes me think of Hawaii and the fun my husband and I have there every summer. I’m afraid I’m just going to have to break that “rule”.

  8. Diana says

    I really like your silver necklace. I often wear a similar one and I love bracelets. Seems like I trend more toward silver than gold now. It is brighter and gold tends to make me weary looking. Tried the statement bubble necklace….it is now ready for eBay. Just not my look definitely! Not sure about the toe ring though…I do love to wear mine in the summer with sandals. Love the 31 days posts!


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