A Look Back At November 2012

Well, here we are, December 1st and I thought we’d start the month by taking a look back at November 2012. What a fun month!

These were some of my popular post in November 2012 just in case you missed anything:

1. My Favorite Hair Products

2. Nude Pantyhose vs. Black Tights

3. 3 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress

4. 3 Easy Ways To Tie A Scarf

5. 3 Ways to Help With Winter Lips

6. How To Dress Your Body Type

7. 3 Ways To Wear A Chambray Shirt

8. 4 Easy Steps To Clean Makeup Brushes

I’m looking forward to December, it’s going to be a busy month! If you have any fashion topic you’d like me to cover, please email me at cyndispivey (at) gmail (dot) com.

Just a reminder that Target and Neiman Marcus have collaborated and you can find some famous designers selling products at Target.

Check it out by clicking on the button!

Have a blessed day!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from this blog post may yield commissions for cyndispivey.com.

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  1. judith hall says

    Hi Cyndi, November was a great month with all the fun and fashion forward tips you filled our beauty cornucopias with, I enjoyed every minute of it.
    So, as today (or tomorrow) officially opens the Christmas season, I look forward to more fun with you and your readers and ask God to bless us all.

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