Fashion Over 40-What I Wore

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing some fashion over 40 outfits I wore this past week. I was obviously in a “blue” mood!

I’ve shared the necklace I have on with you several times. It’s my favorite one because it goes with so many of my outfits.

Fashion Over 40

Necklace- Francesca’s
Navy blue blouse- Old Navy
Skinny Jeans- INC at Macy’s
Nude flip flops- Francesca’s

Last week I told you I was going to pull some things out of my closet that I hadn’t worn this summer and decide if I was going to keep them or give them away. I pulled this sleeveless top out and I’ve decided I’m going to give it away. It’s just not working for me these days!

Turqoise sleeveless top

Sleeveless turquoise top- Not sure
Crop jeans- TJ Maxx, Ralph Lauren
Gold sandals- Marshall’s
Coral bracelet- JCrew
Turquoise bracelet- online

This is a comfy summer dress and I love the high/low look. I wore this coral necklace but I have some other necklaces that might have stood out a little better.

Navy blue dress with floral necklace

Navy blue dress- Stitch Fix, TART. If you want to try Stitch Fix go here.
Coral flower necklace- Stitch Fix
Gold sandals- Marshall’s

I’m going to try and pull some more clothes out this week and see if they’re a hit or miss. I want to clean out my closet before I start adding my fall pieces.

Do you all have any Labor Day plans? Can you believe that next week is September??

Beauty For the Heart~~I’ve been looking up scripture this week on the importance of good friendships. Who we hang around with can make a big difference, even at our age. Scripture says iron sharpens iron. I want to spend time with women who strengthen my relationship with Christ. Don’t you?

Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”1 Corinthians 15:33

Have a blessed day!

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  1. says

    You always look so cute and stylish. I read in one of your posts that you always wear a tank under your tops. I like that idea very much. Would you mind telling me what kind you wear? Spanx or something else? I have large bust and I have to wear a bra and not just like a tank with a built in bra. But I really like that extra coverage you get when you wear a tank. I am looking for something to get rid of that “wrinkled ” look on my back from my bra. I want a more smooth look. Love your blog. Your messages are always uplifting. Thanks for any help you can give me.. Joyce

  2. Cassie says

    Cyndi, I am a 31 year old mother of four who tries her best to stay looking fashionable, but since having my last baby 5 months ago I’m having trouble with jeans. It seems like all the jeans are so low cut that it accentuates the waist and “love handle” area and I end up feeling like a sausage in my clothes. :) do you have any tips for fashionable jeans that are higher rise and yet still flattering?

  3. Donna Lashkevich says

    You are so cute! I’m glad I found this blog. I love the fashion for over 40. I’m over 50(!) and I don’t care to look 20, but 40 would be nice! Lol!

  4. Kendra says

    You look great Cyndi! I’ve missed commenting but enjoyed a fabulous week with my husband & lil ones in the mountains… Then home to four days of company & now a crazy cold and cough. This mama has been on the go too much…. Haha. Appreciate u and ur blog as always tho’. Blessings!

  5. says

    That dress looks wonderful on you! So flattering! And I love the pop of gold with your shoe. I really like a statement piece when the outfit is more neutral. Wearing a neutral dress is the best excuse for fun shoes!! Susan

  6. brenda says

    I so like all your selections. Also, I am very curious why you do not think the turquoise top is a keeper. I think it looks quite nice but you have such an eye for l of this and think it would probably be something for me to learn from you. I am trying to upgrade my clothing style. No I am not trying to copy but clearly need to be more discerning and educated.

  7. says

    Hi Cyndi.

    You look beautiful in Navy! :) I have a top similar to your turquoise one, and I’ll probably part with it as well. The ruffles are not very flattering on me. I think yours would look cute with some white jeans, a skinny red belt and some cute red sandals or flats. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. says

    Love the dress! I need to clean my closet out, too — it’s growing fangs! We’re headed to the beach one last time for Labor Day and I can’t wait. The beginning weeks of school have been a little rocky, so I could use some recharging.
    xo Heidi
    PS — I still intend to try Stitch Fix soon!

  9. Debbie Dunbar says

    Great outfits. I finished cleaning my closet out this morning and even packed away a few summer things that I won’t need much since school starts Tuesday. I also got rid of a bunch of stuff which means empty hangars, closet space, SHOPPING? YAY!

  10. Carol says

    Wednesday is my favorite “Walking in Grace and Beauty” day. I find it so practical as you share what you like. I like all the outfits!, but wonder if your taste has become more tailored, and you don’t like the aqua top as well. What do you think?

  11. Melesa Garrison says

    You look pretty in everything, but I understand when it’s time to give things away and you are just not feeling it anymore. I like the nude flip flops!

  12. says

    Love all the outfits, esp the top one. {even love the turquoise top:-)} Your nude flip flops remind me of the Tkees I bought this summer…. FAVE flip flops, so comfy. If you haven’t tried them I recommend them!

  13. Kris says

    Your navy dress is just darling. Love how you accessorize. You look great in the Turquoise top. I have something very similar in gray, but never feel quite right when I wear it. It doesn’t stay on my shoulders, and even with a tank under it, I feel too exposed. I turned all my hangers backwards at the beginning of summer, and this is one that is still facing the wrong way. I’ll probably pass mine along when I start transitioning to my fall wardrobe. (Upper 90’s and 100 degrees all week here in MN. )

  14. Beth Ann says

    I think those gold sandals were a very smart buy, they make every outfit you wear them with just sparkle! And blue is a very good color to wear when it’s so hot outside. (I’m wearing it today, too!)

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