Gel Eyeliner For Women Over 40

Gel eyeliner

I get a lot of emails from women who have a hard time with eyeliner. They want an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge and lasts all day. My answer is try a gel eyeliner.

I recently started using L’oreal Infallible Gel Liner and I love it! It lasts all day without smudging. Gel eyeliner takes a little practice and it’s not as forgiving as an eye pencil. But once you get the hang of it, I think you’ll love it.

I had written about gel eyeliner last year and listed these pros and cons.


  • Gel eyeliner produces neat line
  • You can control thickness of lines
  • It glides on smoothly and does not tug on skin
  • Gel eyeliner is long lasting and doesn’t smudge


  • It dries quickly so any mistakes have to be fixed quick (I have a cutip close by in case I need it)
  • Takes a few times getting use to using a brush to apply eyeliner

When applying gel eyeliner dip the brush into your gel and scrape it on the sides of the container a couple times. It’s always easier to work with a small amount and then add more later.

Close your eye and gently pull your lid taut with your finger. Place your brush right on top of the roots of your lashes. Use small strokes and make sure when you get to the outer corner you sweep up slightly.

Have you tried gel eyeliner? Do you have a favorite one?

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  1. A tutorial would be nice! I’d like to “watch” how you apply it. I could use some extra help in that area. Thanks for posting. Love your blog.

  2. I love the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners too! You’re right to highly recommend them, and even if they are a bit pricey, they last a long time! 🙂

  3. I don’t use gel eyeliner, but the ULTA pencil is wonderful for lasting all day. I usually buy these when they are on sale. By the way, I have trouble with makeup lasting all day.

  4. I brought the L’Oreal gel liner last night. Tried it this morning. It was not to bad appling it this morning. Practice makes perfect. Thanks for telling us about it.

  5. I use this same gel eyeliner, in Espresso and I LOVE it! It does not tug on my 50+ eyelids when I am putting it on like a pencil would. I feel like I have alot more control putting this on than ever before. And I think it stays on great!

    I look forward to your blog everyday!

  6. Thank so much for bringing this up again 🙂 I used to use gel eyeliner and for some reason got away from it. I want to go back to it because it is much better than the pencils I have been using. I also find using an small angled brush to apply the gel liner really helps! Thanks for revisiting this topic Cyndi. I think I’ll try your Loreal suggestion this time. Have a blessed weekend

  7. OMGosh!!!!! Are you reading my mind?? I was just thinking about eyeliner. I have used both the pencil and a liquid liner. When I use the pencil it smudges. When I use the liquid it looks kind of harsh. I am going to have to try the gel. I am so out of the loop, I did not know that they made a gel eye liner. lol. Thanks for being so informative. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I wonder how it would work to line the upper waterline? My daughter taught me about doing that and it makes a big difference in how my eyes look, but the pencil I use occasionally smudges. Have you ever tried it there?

  9. Hi Cyndi. I love gel eyeliner (I’m 53). I feel like I have so much more control than with a pencil. I recently bought a couple eye pencils and found I don’t like them like I used to. I’ve gotten used to gel now. I haven’t tried the L’oreal brand, but have a few of the Bobbi Brown. Have u ever tried them? I highly recommend. Linda

  10. Hi Cyndi! Thanks for Galatians 2:20. I also have a few different Bibles, but when a verse seems difficult to apply, I love my Message Bible to say it like it is!
    I’ve always been hesitant to try gel liner, though I love the look of it. I don’t have sight in my left eye which makes eyeliner difficult, period. What do you think. Would I be able to conquer the gel by practice or by feel, which is how I learned to use the pencil eyeliner?

  11. Hey Brenda,
    I used the expresso. It’s brown but a little darker than what I thought it would be. I might try a shade lighter the next time.
    I hope that helps!

  12. Hey Teresa!
    I do like the Loreal better than the Maybelline for some reason. I bought the expresso and I like it, but it almost looks black. I’m not sure what the lighter color would be maybe gray. I might try that next time.
    I hope that helps!

  13. How did I miss this prior post? I really need to go back and read ALL your entries. I, too would like to know if you use the espresso or the bronze. Do you find the L’oreal better than the Maybelline that you originally posted about? I always have a problem finding a pencil I like. Either they smear all over or are so hard I can’t use them. I end up using them until they’re little stubs! I hope to buy some this weekend. Maybe I’ll try to figure out the concealer, brightener etc, thing that you posted ab out recently.
    I learn the best things on this blog. CTD

  14. What color do you use… should I use a brown… our coloring is about the same.
    I love all your advice and tips.
    God Bless!