Tie It Together With A Scarf

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips
Welcome to Day 26 of 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! It’s no secret that I love scarves so today I’m sharing how adding a scarf can add color and warmth during the fall/winter season.

Tie It Together With A Scarf

I love to pop color with a scarf and this red one adds color to this outfit.

red scarf


Don’t you love a chevron print scarf? 

chevron scarf

Plaid is a great pattern for fall and it’s easy to add to your wardrobe with a scarf.

plaid scarf


Are you looking for inspiration on how to tie a scarfHere’s a site called Over 40 Ways To Tie A Scarf. I’m sure you can find one that works for you!

tying scarves

Don’t you love wearing scarves during the fall/winter months? They’re the perfect accessory!

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Have a blessed Saturday!

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  1. obviously i think u have great taste b/c i have the animal print scarf u r wearing in the upper right hand corner. the one that is grays and blacks. did u get it at target? actually i’m wearing it today with a winter white jacket, crop black pants and black boots. i love it.

  2. Love scarves! Thanks for the handy tips…. 🙂 Love your scarves…Added three more to my collection this past October! Can’t have too many of them!

  3. Love these. I just bought two ‘vintage’ 100% silk scarves for $20 incl. shipping on ebay. I usually tie them with knots in front so they look more like a necklace because I don’t like poufy stuff on my neck. Still get the color pop, but a little less fabric against my neck. That might work for the petite gals.

  4. Scarves really make an outfit and sometimes so inexpensively, I just bought a black and white plaid scarf in NYC for $5.00.

  5. I love scarves and wear them a lot. I agree that they are a great way to add a pop of colour and I think they take an ourfit up a notch 🙂

  6. Love scarves, especially for travel. But like Teresa, I am petite and some scarves are just too overwhelming on me. I have to search for thinner ones that when tied aren’t overwhelming. Love the pop of color they can provide though.

  7. Thanks Cyndi! I love scarves but sometimes I struggle with wearing them. I’m only 5 ft tall and sometimes I think they don’t look right on me. I do live them though

  8. I love scarves, too, Cyndy! I think they look great on you and I really like all the other pictures. I am surprised that some of them are so big, but they look sharp. Thank you for all the pics of how to tie a scarf. I’m so appreciative of your blog and the work you do!