Hot Handbags for Fall 2013

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

It’s Day 28 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips and today we’re talking hot handbags! Oh how women love their handbags!

Some women will spend a lot of money on their handbags but some of us (ahem) don’t. We buy the off brands that look like designer handbags.

Either way we all love them and they’re pretty much a must have. I would be afraid to let you look in my handbag right now, there’s no telling the stuff you might find!

Here are some of the hottest handbags for fall 2013.


fall handbag trends 2013

Crossbody leopard print /Calvin Klein quilted handbag/Boxy clutch/Croco satchel/Purple Satchel/Traditional Satchel

Hot trends right now are

  • crossbody handbags
  • purple handbags
  • quilted handbags
  • boxy clutches

Do you love handbags? Do you buy expensive ones?

Beauty For the Heart~~Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. Colossians 3:2

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I buy leather handbags. Good leather. I do watch for sales, etc., but handbags and shoes are my weakness. When I was a little kid, many long years ago, there was a TV show called “The Millionaire”. My mom asked me what I would do if I had a million dollars. My answer? Spend half on shoes and the other half on purses. I haven’t changed much in my old age. lol

  2. Wow!!! =D I am so excited to say that I have the CalvinKlein quilted bag! I had no idea that it was on trend! Usually I buy and carry a nice bag for about a year (or two) until it is thoroughly worn or I am thoroughly tired of it. I am going to carry that bag a little prouder today!

  3. I purchased a handbag last Spring. I got it at Macy’s when It was on sale, I had a store coupon and if you used your Macy’s charge, there was an extra percentage off of that! It was not a terribly expensive bag even when not on sale. It’s a med. to large Anne Klein satchel/shoulder type, it is a wonderful turquoise, patent faux croco bag. I have gotten SO many compliments on that handbag! I bought a Coach handbag about 20 years ago and carried it forever so I could justify the cost! I think I’d much rather wait for Macy’s handbag sales and their coupons, I have more fun with the bag.

  4. Cyndi, I love handbags, but go for cute and inexpensive. When my children were younger, about 6 and 10 years old, they picked out a handbag for me at Christmas time and purchased it from a large retail outlet. They were so excited about giving it to me and for weeks before Christmas, they kept bringing up he fact that they had “picked it out” themselves and had “paid for it” with their own money. On Christmas morning, I opened my package from them and inside a beautifully wrapped, overly-taped package was my new handbag. It was black with two short handles and looked like something my grandmother would have loved. 🙂 I saw the joy and excitement on their faces, so I immediately went in and got my handbag and transferred the contents into my new gift. they were thrilled! A few weeks later, my sister came to visit. We had planned to go to dinner with her and her husband along with my parents, hubby and our children. My sister is very career oriented and does not have any children of her own. Upon arriving at the restaurant, she sees my “present” dangling from my forearm and states loadly, “What are you doing with that old lady purse? That thing is UGLY!” I quickly look down toward my children and say to her, “Very funny! It’s cute isn’t it!? This was my Christmas present from my kids.” Without a second thought, she states, “Well, just because they gave it to you doesn’t mean you have to use it in public.” My birthday is in January and in the mail comes a purse from my sister. I really didn’t like the style and had given it to a friend. My friend asked, “Are you sure? You know it’s a Fossil, right?” I honestly had no clue what she was saying and told her she can have it. I continued to use the “old lady purse” that my children gave me and even though it is very worn out and the lining is all ripped out and the handle is broken….I still have this handbag as a reminder to me of a time that my children excited decide to pick out a Christmas gift with a nothing more than a little money in their pockets and a lot of love in their hearts. BTW, my friend still has the other purse and loves it! I still think I got the better handbag!! My children are now 24 and 20 years old, but they still laugh about “the time we got you that old lady purse and kept it and gave away the good one.”

  5. I love handbags! I try to be moderate when it comes to price. I have one rule and that is… If it looks like leather it should really BE leather, but I am not a slave to a designer label. Quality leather goods are by nature more expensive. I am fortunate to live very near an outlet mall that has MK, Coach and Cole Haan. For some a “made for the outlet” style would never do… I love them! I also love to find bags at TJ Maxx and have found good deals on Dooney and Bourke and Kate Spade on ebay. So I’m with Gina… No super high end bags but nice quality without the high price tags are right up my alley:) Thanks again for this great series, Cyndi!! Krista

  6. Cyndi thanks for the 31 days of fall. I have loved it. I only buy one bag a year. either at TJ Maxx or the Coach outlet. I have quite a collection that still look brand new. They never wear out.

  7. Love handbags! I have a collection that never stops growing! 🙂 A wise woman once said, “A great handbag and shoes makes an outfit what it is!!” No matter if you’re dressing up or dressing down….the handbag and shoes complete the look! I agree!

  8. I have never been able to spend all that money for a purse that would leave me without any money to carry in the purse.
    our biggest dilemma is that my hsb actually conned the nurse at one of his ofc visits into weighing my purse. what is so unfair is that it is really OUR purse with nearly as many things he needs in it. As soon as I try to downsize we are out and about and he needs something. So I just endure the complaining.

  9. I love that black quilted handbag Cyndi!! I have always wanted to purchase an expensive bag, but I stick to budget bags. I just can not seem to spend more than $100 on a purse. My daughter just asked for a Dooney and Bourke for Christmas! She will probably have one before I do! Susan

  10. Hi Cyndi.

    Guilty, as charged! I love purses, and I do indulge in the occasional nicer bag. I cannot afford Gucci, LV, etc., but would love to have a Gucci again someday. When I was 18, my mom saved money to be me a real Gucci bag at Dillards. Back then, it was $180! Now that same bag would be $1800 or more. Sadly, it has gotten lost over the years. I wish I still had it, just for the memory.

    I buy B. Makowsky, D&B, and Coach. I don’t indulge as often these days because I buy for my little girl first. My other guilty purchase pleasures are boots and designer jeans! Am I an addict???? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon.


    P.S. My four year old wants a new purse every time we go in a store! 🙂

  11. I feel your “pain” Linda! I endure the pain for boots, but not high heels. I am a purse gal though. Even so, I can’t buy the really nice ones, i.e. Gucci, Prada, LV, etc. I’m pretty sure all of mine come in under $400, with most under $300.

    Have a great day.

  12. I Love handbags Cyndi! Sometimes I buy them at TJ Maxx and sometimes I buy a Coach bag…but always at the outlet! I do love Coach bags but refuse to pay retail. A retail Coach bag might be $300-$350 but at the outlet I can usually find one for $100-$125. That’s much better!!! I will also ask for a gift certificate to Coach for my b’day or sometimes my husband surprises me with one ( the gift cert) for Mother’s Day. I don’t just drop $125 without help!!

  13. I love handbags. I mostly buy the less expensive ones but I have started shopping at consignment shops and have been very lucky in finding some great deals. For example, I find a matching coach wallet and handbag for a very reasonable price. I would never be able to afford full price for a coach bag.

  14. ok; i have terrible ugly feet that hurt a lot, so as much as i love shoes, i can’t do them. since i can’t do the shoe thing, i tend to do the handbag thing with much gusto. i do love my bags.

  15. I personally cannot afford to buy an expensive handbag as I have two teenagers involved in sports and money flies out the window to pay for these activities!! I try to follow trends and just copy them with less expensive handbags. I hope in the future to save some money over time and invest in a more expensive bag. It will be a traditional, tried and true bag that will stand the test of time!

  16. I don’t buy expensive ones but unfortunately if you added up all my inexpensive ones it turns expensive! 🙂 I love them!

  17. My kids and Husband bought me a MK purse and matching wallet for my birthday this year. That’s the first time I’ve had a designed handbag. I love it but would never pay that price myself. I could buy 5 or 6 for one of those. 🙂