The Angled Bob Hairstyle

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Now, let’s talk about hair! We women love to talk about hair! Pinterest is full of  haircuts. Should we let our hair grow? Should we cut it off? Who knows!

I’ve read that after the age of 40, our hair starts to thin. Sometimes it’s a good idea to cut a few inches off, just to keep it looking healthy.

If you’ve ever watched before and after makeovers of women over 40, the hairstylist almost always cuts their hair to shoulder length or shorter.

If you’re one of those lucky women over 40 who still has gorgeous, shiny long hair then by all means keep it. I’m jealous. 🙂

But if you feel you need a new look, the angled bob hairstyle is a great look for women over 40.

Here are some pictures from Pinterest that I like.

I love this cut and color a lot!

angled bob

{unknown source}

Wow! Gorgeous red hair.

angled bob with texture

{unknown source}

Why can’t I have a few waves?


{unknown source}

Very pretty!

blond angled bob

{unknown source}

I like this cut.

dramatic angled bob

{unknown source}

She has gorgeous thick hair!

wavy angled bob


This is a little too dramatic for me but it’s cute.

angled bob 1

{unknown source}

Again, beautiful, thick hair.

angled bob 3


I love this look, but my hair will not do that.

cute bob

{unknown source}

So what do you think? Which look is your favorite? 

(I’m going to do a post soon on my haircut and color because so many of you have asked, promise.)

Beauty For the Heart~~I couldn’t talk about hair and not think about Luke 12:7Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Isn’t that amazing!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. awesome work ; we called it an A-line back then. I angle my bob, but not that drastic. I keep it more classic and not as trendy. I have fine hair and it just works for me so as far as I am concerned, at least in my life the A-line bob is here to stay. anyways thanks for share us this informative post

  2. Such an adorable incredibly creative rustic style… I love that it looks so very beautiful and wonderfully laid back. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I LOVE the angled bob…. Have had this for 3 years now. My favs are 1,4 and 5 because like mine the are longer (past the chin) in the front view. So it doesn’t matter how short the back is. People see you face o face. I got sooooo many compliments (and still do) and was even told I looked younger!!!!!!! Lol. I’m over 50!!!! It’s also so easy to take care of. I do not have “wash n wear” hair. The hair dryer is a necessity and a round brush while blow drying helps Otherwise I couldn’t wear this style… I occasionally use the flat iron just for the longer front piece s cause it adds to the already great style. I have read the comments above and understand the concern. The first time I got this cut I was gonna buy extensions , a wig or scarf. after I stopped crying I told my hairdresser that it was way too short. She told me it’ll be ok cause 1. its summer , it’s hot .. And 2 it’ll grow back!!!! By the time I got home. Was already loving it and still do.
    Grace. I love your hair!!! I also wear bangs. I hope it looks as good on me as it does you. Thx for sharing.

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  5. Thank you for a such wonderful, useful and easy reading column! So many important and interesting things! Before I found this post, I surfed internet and discover this page which I also found as very interesting and needed! My advice to everyone, who likes to be new and different all the time, just check it!

  6. It’s hard for me to imagine that my hair will ever get thin, but I guess you can never tell! Right now it’s still as thick as ever.

    I LOVE an angled bob, and I was headed in that direction. . . but then Jack told me he really missed my long hair. So, while I’m still young enough to pull it off, I’m letting it grow out again. One of these days I’ll need to get it cut off just so I don’t look ridiculous, but I guess I’m still safe for now. 🙂

    Love you, girl!

  7. Hi Jen, You should check out the beauty schools. Sometimes you pay a small amount, but other times they’re looking for people to use for their tests and shows. Then it’s free. I’ve had really great haircuts this way (and even perms back in the day) as the instructor is always close by to supervise. I’ve also found some great stylists who’ll then cut me at home this way.
    My longtime stylist and all around make-up guru used to work for VS and JLD in Paris and NY and was also the regional mu artist for Lancome, but has retired from that rat race. Now I go to his house. I lucked out so you should ask around.
    A great cut lasts a long time and really makes a world of difference.

  8. well maybe I should have had this article to take with me to my hairdresser.(substitute due to lots of flu in the shop) and the fact that I have to take my much needed glasses off during the cut I have the SHORTEST HAIR OF MY LIFE. After a lot of shock I reminded myself and my stunned hsb. it grows back and our Father has all of them numbered. I have even been out in public since and must get out and about again today. hahahahaha

  9. I love the wavy ones. When I chopped my hair for Locks of Love a few years back, the only thing I could do with my angled bob was use a flat iron. I got SO bored so I grew it out again. It’s been long for 3-4 years now and I’m ready for a change. I think Kelly Ripa might push me over the edge. Hers looks different every day.

  10. I like the wavy blond bob the best. And I bet you could have those waves if you wanted them Cyndi! They really, really look like they were achieved with a flat iron. I just learned how to do this on my own hair, and it’s a different look from curling iron curls.

  11. I’m drawn to the blonds with the thick wavy hair. I guess i identify with them because I was always blonde. As I get older, it’s going more toward a light brown– with some streaks of gray:-(

    In my late 20’s I had a really cute short/medium cut like Meg Ryan’s from that time period, ,but it took a lot of upkeep, and now that I’m a full-time mom, trips to the salon every 5 weeks are too frivolous. I nearly got this haircut the last time I went in, but opted to try to grow out my hair. I’m not pleased with how it looks on my 42 year old self. I may still try this angled bob.
    My 2 younger sisters both have fun haircuts like this and really rock them. I just need to convince myself that i’m not too old to rock a cute hairstyle.

  12. Love these pix…but I haven’t had this short of hair sense I was 18. I like to please my hubby who loves my hair long. BUT….my hair is generally very very thick and each time I go to my salon(Miss Emily’s)she has to thin it out along with my hair trim. I am 46 and will some day be ready for a shorter hair style…..maybe once I become a grandma is what I have told myself. hee hee….I am biding my time for this to happen from my 4 children with my oldest two being 25 and 19 hee hee. I do not mind a shorter hair style but until that day arrives, I am letting mine grow out to my lower back…I have always dreamed of a long braid…..guess that is the Cherokee in me. 🙂
    I LOVE your cute bob, Cyndi!

  13. Hi Cyndi.

    I like the last one and the wavy blonde bob. I have had a bob many times, and I am currently trying to grow out an awful bob cut. I have a heart shaped face, and a very rounded bob looks AWFUL on me, but that’s what the stylist did a couple months ago. If I wear a bob, it has to be choppy/thin/blunt cut. I know the blunt cut isn’t really in right now, but it is more flattering for my face.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you have had an amazing day.

  14. I got one after I donated hair a few years ago and liked it (it was during the summer). Maybe this coming summer I will consider it again, but for winter will keep my long blog.

  15. I loved all the hairstyles! We don’t really have money in the budget for me to go to a salon, so I cut my own hair with very interesting results at times!! I’m not brave enough to try something like this, but I think they look great!

  16. The angled bob (with various tweaks here and there) has been my hairstyle for the past 10 years. Love it and it doesn’t work against my fine, stick-straight hair.

  17. i LOVE your hairstyle! I’m working up the courage to go back to bangs (mine took forever to grow out) but I have your picture printed and ready to go for the next cut!

  18. I have the dramatic bob right now and I get compliments on it every single day. It is easy to keep up and it always looks good. I love bob’s I like to try new cuts but always end up going back to the bob. I’ve had it several different lengths. I love reading your blog everyday. You inspire me to be a better person.

  19. I like the dramatic one but love them all, I’m going my sides in to get one of these hairstyles only mine will be a bit longer in the back. To me these are to short , my hairdresser said that she can do it a little longer, I guess you could call it a long bob.

  20. I really like the last one. I’ve had some sort of bob most of my life, except when I grew it to my waist for Locks for Love. What a maintenance nightmare! I’m growing it mid-shoulder length now, but my stylist always keeps it shorter and layered in the front (with bangs, of course!). That way I can have both worlds. He puts in intersticial layers that help it go wavy.

    I had an angle cut a few times over the past 20 yrs. I feel a slight high angle can help define the jaw bone, but a longer one pulls down my face…aging. 🙁

  21. Love a bob and have worn my hair in a bob since the 60s. we called it an A-line back then. I angle my bob, but not that drastic. I keep it more classic and not as trendy. I have fine hair and it just works for me so as far as I am concerned, at least in my life the A-line bob is here to stay.

  22. There are several things that I love about angled cut, but the one thing I love the most is that no matter what, their hair always looks great. And because their hair looks great, they look put together. My best friend has this cut, and she looks so cute even when she’s sweaty and working in the yard.

    I have thick hair that has a lot of body, and it gets big. I am going to share the thick hair pictures to my hairdresser!

  23. I Love these styles! My favorite is probably the first one, …and those wavy blondes. Any of these would look fabulous on you but I agree, I am not into the extreme angles either for an every day look. It might be fun though to pull off for a special dramtaic Christmas event! It could always be trimmed up more evenly afterwards. Thanks for sharing and YES….God’s details are amazing. Imagine knowing the number of hairs on our head or that He even decided to share that piece of information with us. He is Awesome! 🙂