26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26!)

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26)Welcome to Day 26 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion!! I’m always a little sad when a series ends. Fall is one of my favorite ones!

Jo-Lynne and I will be styling winter fashion before Christmas and we’re hoping to help you with what to wear to all your holiday get togethers.

Anyway, today I’m styling basic pieces and how you can create different outfits. I started with a black pencil skirt.

I styled it with black booties and a striped top. A lot of you ask about how to wear booties with a dress or skirt. I personally don’t like my booties to stand out too much. It’s not flattering on my legs so with black booties I add my black leggings.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26!)26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26!)Next, I went with a more casual look with my black pencil skirt. I added my denim jacket and my brown boots. It is okay to mix brown and black. ๐Ÿ™‚

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26!) 26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26!)One skirt, two ways!

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 26!)Striped topย (I’m wearing a medium)//Black pencil skirt (I’m wearing a size 6)//Black leggings//Brown boots//Black booties//Envelope clutchย (only in black and tan)//Denim jacket//Black bracelet

(Use discount code Spivey291 to get $10 off your order from Glamour farms.)

How do you style your booties with a dress or skirt?

Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~โ€œOur failure to hear His voice when we want to is due to the fact that we do not in general want to hear it, that we want it only when we think we need it.โ€ -Dallas Willard

Let’s pray today that we hear His voice!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. A BIG thanks to you and Jo Lynn for these 26 days of fall fashion. You have both given us such great outfits to style. I received my order from Glamour Farms today and I love everything that I ordered. Thanks for the coupon!

  2. I loved your 26 days of Fall Fashion and the Facebook group. It’s so nice to get beautiful outfits and inspiration for free. Thank you for all the time you put in to your blog. It’s my favorite!

  3. I really like your posts where you showcase a few pieces for two different looks! Thanks for inspiring us to be sensible with our wardrobe!

  4. I just ordered the striped top from Glamour Farms. It’s so cute to see “my friend” (that would be you!!) as a model on their website.

    Love both of these looks. Thank you for reminding us that we can wear brown with black…kind of scary without encouragement!

  5. You’ll be so proud of me, Cyndi–I got some ankle booties!! I found some Coach booties at Marshall’s that fit me. They have a bit of a heel but they’re not too high, so they work on my feet. And they’re so cute! Thank you for inspiring me.

    You, of course, look gorgeous in both of these pencil skirt outfits. Great way to switch up the look!

    AND I’m so proud of you for quoting Dallas Willard!! I wish you could have known him. He’s the smartest person I ever knew–and the most humble. I like that combination! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you, sweetie!

  6. Cyndi , would you wear the black and brown leopard scarf you have with this black and white top , or do you think that is too much ?? .. thanks

  7. Cyndi,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful 26 Days of Fall Fashions. It has been inspiring and has
    helped me to sort through my clothes, etc. I also enjoyed and use your inspirational pieces.
    Thank you for all the work you and Jo-Lynne have done to make this possible.

    Love and God’s peace,
    Sally Welch+

  8. I’ve loved how you and Jo-Lynne linked together for these 26 days of fall fashion. I’ve gotten so many ideas. Also, thanks for the Facebook group. It has been so much fun. Everyone is very kind. I love it! It feels like we are all little girls at heart playing “dress up.”

  9. Ahhhh,,,,loving the denim jacket look. I have both the jacket and the leopard clutch (which I love). You have given me another way to wear these items to add to my look book. BTW any ideas on what to wear for family Christmas photo sessions. We have one scheduled in October because photographers here book up fast…but I have no idea what to wear. Yikes!!! This would be a good post idea.

    1. If you check out Jolynne Shane’s blog, she wrote about this last year. I think if you type “What to wear in family photos Jolynne Shane” into your search engine it should come up. Hope that helps!!

  10. Great outfits! I have enjoyed all the post for fall, I have my fall wardrobe all together but still looking for the green vest ugh. I have bought many of my fall pieces from Glamor Farms! Love the prices and the fact that not everyone has it. I love being different to put a spin on my own style. I have wore my booties with about everything, I have different styles and love to wear them with leggings and I also wear them with tights. I also wear my boots the same way. Looking forward to winter! Truly Blessed?

  11. Great both ways – and I totally agree about the booties and leggings – they can look odd with skirts and bare legs, of course, maybe I’m old school, I don’t really like boots with bare legs, EXCEPT maybe cowboy boots and dresses/skirts (I see that alot around football tailgating time) Anyway, both of these outfits would be work appropriate and layering is always a good thing. Thanks for all the great fall outfits – I’ve bought some pieces, and my friend at work has as well once I showed her your blog -she’s a follower now too. Looking forward to whatever you have next!

  12. I have really enjoyed all of your September posts. You have great style and have inspired me to get a few more items for my wardrobe. I am also happy to have been introduced to Glamour Farms. Looking forward to your next series!

  13. So glad you styled stripes with your leopard clutch today! Just sent your blog to a dear friend who I’m going to help style her tops with leopard tennis shoes! ?

  14. Cyndi,
    I love your blog! Great outfits today (as usual!) I’m a big fan of black tights and booties, it looks so polished. This year I’ll step out of my fashion comfort zone and try my brown boots with black tights, I’ve been reluctant, but have seen it worn by you and my co-workers- it looks great!

  15. Cyndi, I too bought the shirt you have on ( love it ) It looks so cute the way you styled it. Now I have a few more ways to wear it! Thanks for the ideas!?

  16. I remember a great-looking verse on your wall. It was over your shoulder in your last site picture. Another person asked about where you had gotten it, but would you mind repeating that information. Thanks! And by the way, I really love your site and your encouragement!

  17. Great look both ways! Love it. You have inspired me to wear skirts or dresses more often. Something I would have never done before following your blog. Thanks for some great ideas this month! Looking forward to the winter version!

  18. I don’t know if this is possible but could you recommend another jean jacket? The one at Loft is out of stock. I just love this look!!! Thanks so much!!

  19. I like the outfit with the black booties best, and think I would wear it with the jean jacket, but that’s just me, I love how jean jackets can take an outfit right to casual.

    I needed that today also, as I was just asking God what to do in a current situation I’m having with my 16 year old son, and my ex-husband…..I know what “I” want to do, but I don’t know what God wants me to do and I really want to hear Him. I know things will turn our right if I do it His way and not my own.

  20. I just wanted to let you know how much I needed that verse today. Thank-You! May God Bless you and your family. You have been sooo much help to so many ladies. I love everything you do and I’m Thankful that you take the time to help others. I am sad that this is the last day ๐Ÿ™ But I follow you on Pinterest and I am working on my hair and make-up too. Love these post!!!! THANK YOU!

  21. Love both of these, Cyndi! Thanks to you and Jo-Lynne, I feel like I also have a bunch of new fashion girlfriends, so feeling blessed.

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this series.