27 Days of Spring Fashion: Classic Boatneck Blouse

Welcome back to my 27 Days of Spring Fashion with Jo-Lynne Shane! Today I’m styling a classic boatneck blouse.

One of the things I love to have in my closet are some pretty colored blouses. You can grab one and add some cute accessories and you feel put together.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Classic Boatneck BlouseI added a necklace from the Loft. It’s no longer available but this one would be pretty too. Loft has some beautiful necklaces!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Classic Boatneck BlouseThese tan sandals are great to add to your spring wardrobe. They are comfortable with just the right amount of heel. (Use discount code Spivey280 for $10 off!)

pink blouse with jeans 3

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Classic Boatneck Blouse 27 Days of Spring Fashion: Classic Boatneck Blouse

Outfit details: Boatneck blouse//Tan sandal//Frayed hem jean//Handbag//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Bracelet//Sunglasses//Ring

I did try this blouse on with a pair of navy pants from The Limited but I didn’t like the fit. I’m still looking for a good pair of dress pants. Several of you mentioned White House Black Market and Chico’s. We will see!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Classic Boatneck Blouse

Don’t forget to visit Jo-Lynne and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~When you see no present advantage, walk by faith and not by sight. Do God the honor to trust Him when it comes to matters of loss for the sake of principle. ~Charles Spurgeon

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Quick question about these shoes… I’ve seen 2 pairs of shoes in your spring line up from Glamour Farms that I like… the pair in this post with the 2 zips, about a 3 1/4 heel, and the “Ursa” which is slightly over 4″ heel. I wonder if they are equally comfortable, and which you prefer? Thanks for any info. Sincerely, Amy

  2. I have people ask me this question and I am curious too.
    Suede has always been a winter fabric. Are the booties and sandals made of suede ok for spring/summer ?

  3. You know what— you style such great looking clothes You inspire me to try harder to look my best. We can’t all be perfect all of the time and at least you are a person who puts it out there for us all to see.. Thank you for being real and for being gracious. We need more of it in this life.

  4. Cannot understand the need to be nasty to you. 😔 Prayers for her- she must need them!
    Such a cute look, love the color- one of my favorites for spring and summer, alsothe shoes are really cute.
    Keep up the vood work. Hugs from Knoxville!

  5. Can you please share the link again for the shoes? I clicked on it but it says Not Found. 🙁
    So sad because those shoes are darling!!!

  6. Try The Limited, Exact stretch for dress pants. They are the best out there! They have different styles and great colors and patterns. I wear them on a daily basis and all I wear now!

  7. Love the outfit (with jeans), your shoes, and beautiful necklace…It’s a hit! You are always so lovely!

  8. What a cute outfit! You’re wearing my favorite color for spring/summer. I’ve seen coral everywhere. Love your shoes, too!


  9. Cyndi, you look and are beautiful from the inside out! Your love for Jesus Christ shines like stars in the universe!

  10. Cyndi

    Cute look as always! I’m retired now but when I worked I had good luck finding dress pants that were very flattering at Express. They also run some good sales!


  11. Cyndi,
    Love the entire look! The color is beautiful on you. Can you tell me what size top you’re wearing please? The Limited always seems to run a little large on me. Just wondering, could you model jeans that aren’t “skinny”? Maybe two or three photos with same top and different pants.

  12. I think you look amazing! I love the blouse! It’s the perfect color for spring. The jeans are adorable, and the tan heels complete the outfit beautifully. I will say this, if someone has tan legs, with tan sandals, or shoes it might be difficult in a picture to see where the shoes begin. I’m so glad you use a self tanner, Cyndi. You have inspired me to use one too. Your self tanner makes you glow in the very best way.
    You are such a class act!
    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  13. I just want to let you know how much I, like so many, LOVE receiving your blog! I ordered the blouse you styled from Loft a couple of days ago, and can’t wait to get it and wear it with my distressed jeans, ala CYNDI!!! Thanks for getting me out of a ‘style rut’! And, your “Beauty From the Heart” message, so often speaks straight to my heart!

  14. Another great outfit, so pretty and practical for spring. I love your shoes, too. I’ve been thinking that I a pair of nude or tan casual shoes- like wedge sandals or something with a bit of a heel. I’m going to be looking. 😉

  15. Hi Cindy! Love following you everyday to see what outfit you have on and especially to read the scriptures you put out there.Love that you are a Christian and you have a heart for God! I couldn’t make it withou God! I know that you have put the sizes of the clothing that you have worn but have noticed here lately that you have not. Could you please start pòsting your sizes again. I am your size and it helps to know if I order. It is soo hard to get the right fit when you order on line. Thanks a bunch! Would also like to hear more about the essential oils that you use from time to time. I just started using them myself. I pray that God always abundantly blesses you!

  16. Super cute as usual! I buy my dress pants for work at Loft, Ann Taylor, or Ann Taylor factory store. They usually have a good selection of contemporary styles that are work-appropriate.

  17. Pretty!!!! When I was in management and needed to dress up, I found Talbots had a lot of nice pants. The was really the only store I had good luck in finding professional pants. They just are very hard to find. Good luck in your search.

  18. Cyndi,
    Chico’s pants are about all I wear to work. They wash well without wrinkles. And they last forever!
    I have some that I’m embarrassed to say how long I have owned them. (And come to think of it, I got them at a consignment store!)
    If I held them next to my new ones, you would have a hard time telling which is which.

  19. Cyndi, the color of the blouse is beautiful on you! I too, prefer it with the jeans. I bet it would look great with white jeans. Faith is critical for me to survive day to day living.

    Have a blessed day!

  20. Hi Cyndi,
    Beautiful blouse!! Love the shoes too. and thanks for the Beauty for the Heart also!! ((faith)) ….what we need every day. 🙂

  21. Hi Cyndi! I am wondering if in your clothing descriptions of what you’re modeling, could you include the color? For example, in today’s post you have a beautiful blouse on that looks salmon. But going to The Limited the choice is either Pink or Bright Pink. I was disappointed as I am wanting to add more salmon/coral to my wardrobe. Thanks!!

    1. Hey Shari I’m wearing the bright pink color. The color description doesn’t make sense because it definitely leans more towards a coral or salmon color.
      Hope that helps!

      1. I was wondering about the color, too. 🙂 It looks more coral, which is what I like. I’m not going to buy it, so it was more just curiosity.

  22. The blouse is a great color for you. I like the jeans best, but would probably not have thought anything bad about the dress pants if you had worn them. I have that same purse, only in black and tan. I have noticed we have a similar style.

  23. Top is really cute! Ankles of jeans with the strings are tacky, as is the streaked self-tanner on your ankles and hands.

    1. Haley, Hiw would you feel if someone said the remarks to you, that you said to Cyndi? Have you ever heard the phrase, kill them with kindness, or you can catch more flys with honey than vinegar! I’m sorry that you feel the need to lash out at Cyndi. Praying for you!

    2. Haley,
      How rude, cyndi looks fabulous, the jeans are on trend and I see no streaks.it takes time and effort to put these daily posts together.
      Just saying.

  24. Did you try dress pants from Loft? I own several pairs. They have a contemporary fit and are usually good quality material.

  25. Love this type blouse, pretty color. Agree work pants are a challenge. I like Talbots Dalton pant this year and recently purchased white that I plan to wear to work. They are a slim fit almost skinny but the fabric is substantial enough to be conservative. Talbots Chatham pant is another one I like and is a cross between style and work appropriate.

  26. Cyndi, I agree. The dress pants aren’t flattering. Thank you for showing us both photos for comparison. Your outfit with jeans is so much cuter! I know I often have the same problem. Finding dress pants that are not frumpy or nerdy can be a dilemma.

  27. It’s a beautiful color top and I’m definitely ready to get out of all the grey and black I’ve been wearing.
    You look great but just be careful with too much self tanner on your legs and feet. I couldn’t tell where the tan shoe started 🤔