Spring Trend-Cut Out shoulders and Ruffles

It’s Day 4 of my 27 Days of Spring Fashion. Today I’m sharing a recent purchase from Shein, a clothing company I  mentioned a few weeks ago.

They have contemporary clothes at affordable prices. Obviously, the quality is not as good as something from Nordstrom.

Most of the time I pick clothes (wherever I shop or order) that have a 4 or 5 star rating and most are not 100% cotton. I’m not a fan of wrinkles. I try to do the tedious work so you don’t have to!

So, lets talk about this top. I love cut out shoulders and ruffles, so there you go. This top had me from the start plus it has lots of positive feedback and it’s only $13!

It is super soft and it’s good for early spring but it will be good for early fall too. The material is on the thicker side which is nice but you won’t be able to wear it in hot weather.

As far as sizing I ordered a small but I think I could have worn a medium. If you are on the fence, I would order one size up.

This season’s denim is all about unique hemlines and I love the slit and raw hem in these Wit & Wisdom jeans and they are a good price point if you’re looking for trendy but don’t want to spend a fortune.

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers, I can’t say enough good things about these Nike Tanjuns. They are comfortable and  stylish.

I will definitely order from Shein again (I have one more top to style but it was a little big so I washed it. I’m hoping it will work). It does take about a week or more to receive your order so no fast shipping.

Grey cold shoulder ruffle top//Wit & Wisdom Jeans//Nike Sneakers//Earrings//Bracelet


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Beauty for the Heart~~Today is my Mom’s birthday, she would have been 73 years old. I miss her so much but I’m so thankful for the legacy she left our family. Her passion for Christ and love of family were her greatest strength.

In honor of Mom, I’ll share a few of my favorite things she said after finding out she had terminal cancer. I have shared them before but they are worth repeating.

“I don’t always understand God, but I trust Him.”

“Tears are liquid prayers that flow straight to the heart of God.”

“I have spent my whole life showing you (my children) how to live for Christ, now I’m going to show you how to die for Christ.”

Happy Birthday in heaven Mom!!! 

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  1. This shirt looks great on you! I ordered it and did not like the way it fit me. It was too snug around the waist area. Love how you paired it with the Nike’s to give it a casual fun look!

  2. My sister would have been 68 today. She went to be with the Lord 5 years ago. Her daughter was only 28 and still has a hard time dealing with the loss of her mother. Enjoy your blog and Beauty for the Heart.

  3. Sorry im texting late, but just wanted to say that you must have your moms heart. Sweet and caring. It will be 2 years in July that my mom passed. I hold on to the thought that she is with Jesus. God bless you and your family.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom in heaven- beautiful sentiments!💜
    On to style-I am not loving this top or jean with Nikes…but you look great no matter what!💜

  5. o guess my getting on the comp. late in the day turned out to be a blessing when I went to Courtney’s blog and signed on without a hitch. any challenges had been found and corrected by the time I arrived. wishing her the best. also, wondering how long it will take her to get her hsb signed on like Wayne is. or perhaps he is already on board.

    How nice that you are all able to visit your mother’s earthly resting place and share memories.

  6. Thinking of you as you surround yourself with family as you celebrate your Mom’s life and how much she meant to you all. Precious memories, how they linger…Your Mom is always close !

  7. Bless you Cyndi. As usual, you look cute in anything you put on. I love how you’ve styled the feminine with the Nike tennishoes. I have similar black and white new Nike’s. My daughter married an employee of Nike last summer, so now we get the family Nike discount. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your mothers quotes. Such a witness and blessing to me this morning. It uplifted me and gives me the heart to keep on being that witness to my kids and others. 🙂 Your mothers legacy has definitely gone on and she’s smiling down on you all each day. Enjoy the time together as family, as you meet today at the grave site to give your mama buttercups. How sweet. I shared with you already about loosing my dad young and now I’m loosing my mother of alzheimers. She’s still in the early stages, but her personality is changing quickly and its like loosing a loved one slowly. Lots of big decisions ahead, but after reading the comments on your blog from Sharel and Petra, I need to be content where I am and know God is in control. 🙂 Sharel and Petra, you both will be in my prayers as you are spending your last days with your husbands. My heart goes out to you and know you are not alone. Your Lord and Savior is with you wherever you go in this life.

  8. Hope your day is filled with sweet memories of times with your mom. I miss mine everyday.
    Cute jeans- I like all the details in hems and sleeves I’m seeing.

  9. Hi Cyndi, praying for peace and joy for you today. I know this is a bittersweet day.

    I didn’t get to visit Courtney’s new blog yesterday. Maybe you could put a link to her website on your website? Or maybe you already have and I just can’t locate it? Best wishes to her!!!

  10. My Mom’s birthday is coming on March 20th – the first day of Spring, we lost her four years ago and I miss her terribly, this would be her 90th birthday- so hard to believe she’d be that age, she never seemed old to me. Our plan was to celebrate my 50th and her 90th together (she had me when she was 40!) but I guess God had other plans….she was born again also, and so I know she is in God’s loving arms. One thing she said a few times after her cancer diagnosis, and while going through the chemo, was “I thank God for the pain, it means I’m alive,” it’s hard being without her, but I’m glad she no longer hurts. On her birthday my sister and I go to a local bulb farm Mom loved and we buy her a large bunch of freshly cut spring Daffodils, she loved to go there every year and get some for her kitchen table, so that’s what we do for her now. Happy Birthday in Heaven to our sweet Mothers <3

  11. I love that gray blouse, Cyndi! Ypu look adorable as always!
    Thanks for sharing those wise words from your mom. What a great woman of strength to look up to!
    Have a most blessed day!

  12. Your mothers words are beautiful, you were truly blessed! I love my mom so much and can’t imagine life without her. Let’s never forget that life is short and heaven is our eternal home!

  13. I love to order from Shein for fashion trends. I don’t mind spending a few dollars for something that I know I will only wear a couple of years before it is out of style. You do need to order up in size. I normally wear a small to a medium shirt and I have this shirt in a large and it is perfect!

  14. This top is cute and has really good reviews so I’m ordering it today. Shipping was free, so you cannot beat the price.

  15. Really enjoyed Courtney’s blog yesterday. Will visit again. You two need to do a series together!!! Have a great day and cherish your memories of your momma.

  16. Cute cold shoulder top. I think it’s my favourite shown by far. I’m interested in feed back on Shein. And, I need those Nikes!
    Lots of golden buttercups for your sweet mom.

  17. Good morning cyndi,
    I love all the clothes you wear. You look beautiful in everything you put on.
    Enjoy you day with your father. I lost my mom on April 25 th 2008. I cry everyday for here.
    My husband is on hospice,at home with me. Very sad to see someone you love:::(

    God bless

  18. Hi Cydia,
    My dad birthday was March 1 and he was called to Jesus in 1999 our family miss him very much. Yes our mom is still with us and we all embrace echo ND every day we are with her. Thank you for those words I read ypu blog every time and always enjoy your words from the bible.

  19. So agree with your comments about Shein… they have cute trendy things but there’s a reason it’s inexpensive! I’ve liked all I’ve ordered from them too, just can’t have super high expectations. Love the Nikes! I subscribed to your daughter’s blog yesterday but will go in today and make sure I’m in! Enjoy your time with your family today, I’m sure it will be very special! <3 I lost my mom 7 years ago and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her!

  20. I hope you feel your mother’s love and admiration for you even more than on other days. Her legacy lives on with you. I hope my children see that in me one day.

  21. Your words of scripture really hit them mark for me again today. My husband is in comfort care in the final stages of terminal cancer. We had communion yesterday in his hospital room with family and friends. It was incredibly emotional and healing. I plan to share your Mom’s words with him today. I know they will bring him peace as they do me.

    Also, I too would like the link to your daughter’s blog so I can subscribe. Thanks!

    1. Prayers for you and your husband as you are going through this. May God bless you with peace and understanding.

  22. Very cute outfit. I’m going to check out the jeans at Nordstrom. Do stores have them or just online? Nike shoes are great, and so comfortable! I hope you are able to find joy in today as you have your Mom on your mind. I lost my Dad 41 years ago, and my Mom 5 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think of them often!
    Can you send a link to Courtney’s blog?

  23. I subscribed to Courtney’s blog this morning. Thanks for fixing that..I thought I was doing something wrong when I wasn’t able to subscribe yesterday. Love your top today! Have a great weekend!

  24. What a precious legacy your Mom left. Thank you for sharing part of her life and wisdom. Her words touched my heart. We are called to bear fruit for eternity which your Mom did! She’s in Heaven but she’s still bearing fruit in the lives of others. God bless you and your family today Cyndi with sweet memories of her.

  25. What a precious legacy your Mom left. Thank you for sharing part of her life and wisdom. Her words touched my heart. We are called to bear fruit for eternity which your Mom did! She’s in Heaven but she’s still bearing fruit in the lives of others. God bless you and your family today Cyndi.

  26. I know many people are against fast fashion but I’ve enjoyed the couple of pieces I’ve gotten from Shein too!
    I like that their prices are so reasonable and they have fun items!
    Both my step mom (the 60’s model on my blog) and myself have a kimono from this company!
    I love these ruffles that are everywhere lately!! It’s nice to embrace our femininity!
    Reading what you wrote about your mom, makes me realize I should appreciate mine more. At least she’s doing my blog with me—although she gives me the eye rolls a lot when I style outfits for her! ha ha. I guess it’s payback from when I was a teenager, LOL!

  27. Cyndi , Prayers and hugs for your family today !!!! I subscribed to Courtney’s blog last night and I am excited for her . I have loved all of the spring outfits so far and excited to see more , Have a great weekend !!!!

  28. Love the outfit and want to try those jeans because they come in petite and will definitely be ordering from Shein. Thank you for sharing and may your heart and mind be filled with special memories of your Mother today.

  29. Tearing up again with you! As always, thank you for being sincere and for sharing. Love the cut out shoulders and ruffle combo! Peace and joy for your family today.

  30. Cyndi, Happy 73rd birthday to your precious Mom in heaven. Thank you for sharing her quotes ., they touched my heart today. You always look amazing. I know your Mom is very proud of the encouraging woman of God you are both in style and spirit. God bless!

  31. I love those quotes from your momma. May God give you an extra measure of love & hugs today. March 4 is also my twin boys bday. They turn 19 today. I cannot believe it!! Time goes faster each year! I’ll be praying for you all today xoxo-

  32. Such a sweet tribute to your mom, I know this will be a tough day, may God bless you and your family. I visited Courtney’s blog and I think I subscribed, she is such a pretty girl and has great taste, just like her mom! I know you are so proud of her!😍