Green Tank + Black Shorts

Hello from the Grand Canyon! The view is breathtaking! I wore this green tank and black shorts to Hoover Dam and then to the Grand Canyon so I’m looking a little rough but it was comfortable and cool in the 100 degree heat.

Green Tank + Black Shorts

I added this stripe clutch from Stella & Dot. I like mixing it with my leopard flats.

Green Tank + Black ShortsThis halter is sold out at Loft but Nordstrom has a lace ruffle tank that is very similar. I paired it with black shorts.

Green Tank + Black Shorts Green Tank + Black Shorts This is not the perfect outfit to wear to the Grand Canyon but we didn’t do to much walking. Today I’m wearing sneakers so we can do some walking.

Green Tank + Black ShortsGreen Tank (similar one here)//Shorts (I’m wearing a size 6)//Sandals//Stripe Clutch

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Romans 5:5 says, And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

Praying today that God will feel our hearts with an unexplainable amount of love today!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. My Mother and I took a vacation to the Grand Canyon at least 20 years ago. I remember walking up to the Grand Canyon and the sheer beauty took my breathe away and I welled up with tears. I did not look nearly as beautiful as you. I don’t know how you do it but you Do! I know others have asked you and perhaps I didn’t see your reply but how many suitcases did you bring and how did you pack for this trip? I stress everytime I travel and always overpack. Would love to know your secret. Keep enjoying your time away.

  2. Cyndi I was just wondering if something is wrong with your website. It seems that we’re not receiving your emails until the afternoon. It’s June 28 and I haven’t received today’s post, if you’re enjoying your vacation and not posting until later. More power to you! Enjoy your vacation.

  3. You never look rough! Always putted together and adorable! I love this look! I hope you are enjoying your trip!

  4. Cute look again! I was wondering how those sandals stood up to any walking! Glad you took your sneakers…
    Love the pics of the scenery. 😍

  5. Just FYI- that top is not sold out, but it is on sale for $9.99!!! I just ordered it 🙂 Love your blog so much. Safe travels home!

  6. Cyndi, The photography on your trip has been fantastic! Bravo!!! You look stunning!

    I purchased these sandals when you first showed them and I love them so much. A big thank you for all the fashion inspiration this summer. I have had fun buying new items to go with things I already had.

    In the beginning of summer I took an old pair of jeans, cut them off short-length and sewed a single row of
    white daisies with yellow centers (joann’s). These shorts have been so fun to wear to BBQ’s or to run errands. Young looking for a 61 yr old? Yes, and what are summers for but to bring a little youth to our lives!

    Have a fun rest of your trip!

  7. Every picture of the Grand Canyon is beautiful, but your pictures are so SPECTACULAR!!! I love your outfit!! We went to the Hoover Dam in August, and even though we’re used to the heat in the southwest, we found it unbearable like you did. All that concrete, in the shape of a bowl, is like being sauteed in a giant wok. It feels even hotter than Death Valley. At the bottom of the Hoover Dam, there’s a refreshing kayak trip through the Black Canyon, but up on top of that dam is like being on the surface of the sun, lol. I’m still gawking at your absolutely gorgeous pictures…it’s amazing to get so much depth in a photograph! Thanks for taking all of us along on your trip, I’ve enjoyed your posts so much!!!

  8. This outfit is great, and I really like the top. I am partial to this color combo too! I am enjoying your trip pictures too – Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cindy, you always look so nice, no matter the weather! I have a question about your hair. Doesn’t it bother you in those hot temps? Guess it was good we chose May instead of June to go to Grand Canyon a couple years ago. There was a light snow while we were there and it really changed the looks of the canyon! Amazing sunset picture! I have really enjoyed your trip! Traveling is my favorite thing to do since I retired!

  10. A beautiful sunset. God’s beauty is amazing. You are amazing even in the heat. I love the top and shorts. Safe travels and God Bless.

  11. That sunset is amazing! Thank you for sharing that photo. And you look as cute as ever, no matter what the temp is. I have yet to see a picture of you looking rough, you look very refreshed!

  12. We were in AZ for 5 months and I have to say the sunsets are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I just don’t like the rattlesnakes. Cute outfit for over 100 degree days…

  13. Your arms look great, very toned. I am working on mine, trying to get rid of my bat wings.

  14. Wow! Cyndi, look at you! Fit and strong.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

    May our Savior deliver you safely through your travels and home to your family.

  15. The top is adorable, but I struggle with what type of bra that won’t show. Can you provide any suggestions?

  16. Love, love, love!! I purchased the black top from Loft!! I think a pair of white shorts will be perfect for an upcoming family trip to the Wisconsin Dells in 2 weeks!! Thank you so much for your inspiration — the black tank has been sitting in my closet as I have not worn it yet! #thankfulforurideas

  17. I don’t think you could ever look rough around the edges:) love your outfit as I love khaki with black and tank tops( I find them very flattering). Looking good as usual. Looks like you’ve had great weather for your trip. Tell Wayne he has done a great job with your pics along the way…. love the sunset!!!

  18. Cyndi, you look great!! And I love, love, love those shoes!! The sunset is absolutely gorgeous. When I see a sunset, or the sun rays shining down through the clouds or I see a beautiful rainbow I just praise the Lord and wonder how people cannot believe there is a God. I think He does that to remind us of His majesty! You, the Grand Canyon and the sunset………..absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Great pictures! My husband and I will be flying out that way at the end of the week. This will be our first time to see the Grand Canyon and we are excited! We will also be in Las Vegas for part of our trip, and we’ve heard it will be really hot. Thanks for your fashion ideas. I already have my vacay wardrobe picked out (a small miracle for me), thanks to your inspiration!

  20. Love the tank you have on, too bad it’s sold out. The lace isn’t quite as cute.
    WELCOME to my state of Nevada LOL ~ dry heat for you Southern folks 😉

    Have a wonderful time! Be safe.

  21. I really like that top. Well the whole outfit looks great.i was to the Grand Canyon 30 years ago it’s very pretty. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  22. wow, if you think you look rough, girl, pleeeeasssseeeee! :).
    That sunset is stunning – God paints the most beautiful scenes!

  23. I have a funny story about the Grand Canyon! When I was 16, my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) made me go with her on a summer trip to the Grand Canyon. However, I didn’t want to go, so I wouldn’t get out of the car. Isn’t that terrible and snotty?? So I can say that I’ve been there—but I’ve never seen it! I’m so glad I’m not that age again!!
    But for riding in the car and getting out to see the sights–this is a great outfit, Cyndi!!