Top 10 Colors Fall 2017

I think most of us are enjoying summer but I’m looking ahead at what we’ll be seeing this fall in colors and trends.

The first step as I’m looking at fall fashion is to see what colors Pantone has picked as the top colors. The Fall Fashion Color Report for 2017 has some beautiful colors! These will not only be seen in fashion but also home decor.

So here are the Top 10 Colors Fall 2017.

#1. Grenadine-I’m so excited about this dynamic red color for fall! It’s a beautiful color and will brighten the season.

#2. Tawny Port-I have already started seeing this color pop up everywhere!

#3. Ballet Slipper-Pink has been popular this summer and it looks like it will be carrying over into fall.

#4. Butterum-This definitely looks like a fall color.

#5. Navy Peony-I love Navy and this is a pretty navy color.

#6. Neutral Gray-I don’t think it would be fall without some gray.

#7. Shaded Spruce-This is another gorgeous color!

#8. Golden Lime-Okay, I’m not a fan of this color because it wouldn’t look good on my skin tone but I could see adding it as an accessory.

#9. Marina-Another beautiful blue color.

#10. Autumn Maple-I’m not a fan of orange but I do like it mixed with the marina blue in a necklace or earrings etc.

There you have it! Pantone’s top 10 Colors for Fall 2017. What do you think? Which color is your favorite??

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  1. whoa….I’m in trouble! Besides the grey and butterrum I’m personally not liking any of these colors (on me). Hmm guess it’s going to be a pretty neutral fall/winter 🙂 Oh well….maybe some of the girls will inspire me on our facebook group

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date on the new fall colors. I really like the grenadine and shaded spruce! Can’t wait for fall fashions as well as fall temperatures!! Renee

  3. I love all of the colors! I stopped coloring my hair, so with silver white hair now, I feel some colors do not work. I wouldn’t feel confident wearing the golden lime or butter rum. All of the other colors will work with my olive skin and silver hair. Thanks for sharing this information. I am looking forward to fall and winter. May God bless you and your family. Tammy

  4. Ballet Slipper, Marina, Grey, and Autum Maple are my top picks. I absolutely love Fall and the cooler months, so I can’t wait. Skipping the hot months would suit me to a tee. Your Beauty For the Heart is awesome!

  5. Love these colors!! My favorites are tawny port, marina and shaded spruce. I love seeing pink is still going to be in for Fall.

  6. Wow fall,,,, I’m still enjoying our heat here in Canada while we have it, so I hope I’m not wearing these colors until at least October(we often have a nice hot September and wearing fall clothes just doesn’t happen until late September heading into October… but then we are in winter mode until at least late April -early May…. LOL. I’d have to say my favourites are Shaded spruce, Neutral grey, Navy peony, Butterum, and Tawny port…. I have blonde highlights so these would be nice. However, I find I still draw to the black and grey the most with my jeans… Old habits are hard to break I guess.
    Have a wonderful day:)

  7. I like the marina, navy peony, and the tawny port. But the ballet slipper is my favorite! Love all shades of pink!
    Thanks for sharing! Still enjoying summer, aren’t you? Thanks for giving us the trending colors to think about!

  8. Good day Cyndi!
    Love when the colors come out for Fall! Im loving the Navy Peony. I can see wearing that with the Golden Lime or the Autumn Maple. I also am loving the Grenadine. I would wear that with the Navy Peony or the Shaded Spruce. My skin tone doesn’t do well with the Ballet slipper. I’m always attracted to the color but not against my skin tone. Thank you for all the work on the Nordstrom presale. It was very helpful. Have a blessed day. signing off from sunny
    Northern California.

  9. Tawny Port, Navy Peony, Neutral Gray and YAY for Ballet Pink!
    I cannot wear red but love pink!

  10. I love the shaded spruce, grenadine and blue as well!

    I just purchased a cardigan on sale in the red color.

    I love looking ahead to the colors of the next season. It’s not too early for me!

    Thank you and blessings,

    Beth Harris

  11. Thanks for sharing, looks like we’re going to have some pretty colors to chose from, I’m definitely a navy girl, I’m even having my sofa and a chair covered in navy and corded in the sage green, not that that has anything to do with fashion! Have a great day! God bless you and your family.😊

  12. I’m glad to see some colors that my skin tone looks ok in. The one’s I won’t be wearing is ballet slipper, butterum, golden lime and autumn maple. I really love jewel tones. The red, green and navy are nice. I was just wondering yesterday, what the fall colors were going to be in this year??? I’m so ready for fall…This heat is just out of control. I can’t wait to go to Colorado in August.

  13. My favorites and ones that I would actually wear are: grenadine, tawny port, navy peony, marina, and autumn maple. Thanks for sharing this information, Cyndi.

  14. Absolute favorites are Grenadine and Navy Peony, after that Tawny Port, Neutral Gray, and Ballet Slipper. I love fall! The usual fall colors – gold, green, orange, etc. aren’t good for my skin tone so it’s great to see some “blue” or “cool” based fall colors because those are good for me. Thanks for getting us ready.

  15. I love fall! I like the Grey, Navy and Spruce the best. I also really like the Ballet Slipper Pink – I think that is an interesting color for fall. Thanks Cyndi!

  16. I love fall, so I am excited to see anything fall related! I love the marina blue, the shaded spruce and the tawny port. I’m a blonde so those colors work well for me. I do like the navy as well. I’m moving more and more away from black now that I hit the big 4-0. I just think it looks too harsh sometimes, so while I still like my black pants, my tops are almost never black anymore. 🙂

  17. Yay! I actually already have some of these colors (well close) in my closet! Woohoo! Ha.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    I especially love your Beauty for the Heart today.

    Have a blessed day.

  18. Thank you Cyndi for keeping your readers updated with this info. My favorites are Autumn Maple, Tawny Port and Golden Lime. Looking forward to Autumn as it is my favorite season. ~Lisa~