What Is Microblading?

Today I wanted to share a procedure I recently had done called Microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that creates life-like hair strokes on your brows that typically last 1-2 years.

This is done by inserting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Microblading is also known as brow feathering and hair stroke tattooing.

The 3D effect adds realism to the result, creating brows that look like real hair strokes, rather than a solid block like traditional tattooing methods.

What Is Microblading?

Eyebrows are arguably one of the most important facial features. As we age, our eyebrows begin to thin. Having well-groomed and thick eyebrows give a younger-looking appearance.

Here is a before and after of my eyebrow. (I took the first picture at Feather and Blade where I had the procedure done, and the lighting wasn’t great in the bathroom. The second picture is at my house, but there is no make-up on my eyebrow in either picture.)

What Is Microblading?

I am so pleased with the results! I don’t spend time filling in my eyebrows now, and when I take my makeup off, I have eyebrows!

What Is Microblading?

Microblading has made a huge difference because eyebrows frame our face. Whether you get Microblading or not, if you have thin or sparse eyebrows, I highly recommend filling them in.

Eating right, exercising, and maybe genetics play a role in the aging process.

So…have, any of you, had Microblading?? Oh one last thing, I thought it hurt. Some people don’t think it’s too bad but cutting my skin with a razor does. Not. Feel. Good.  I still think it was worth it! Haha!

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  1. Love the look of microblading I had never heard of it!!
    Question what kind of beauty regimen do you use for wrinkles and lines?
    I’m 39 and seeing more than I want to

  2. How did I miss this post?! I get my eyebrows tinted so I have ones when I wake up. This procedure interests me. I’ll be looking into it.
    I would be interested in your Botox sessions. I’d like to get a touch up, if you will.

  3. I just came across this on Pinterest; I get that it is a few months old.

    Thanks so much for posting this, I have liked the idea of microblading, but I have chosen not to do this as I was concerned the results would last forever and I might be stuck with brows that I didn’t like for forever and a day!

    Once upon a time, I had really thick brows but between 70’s Cheryl Tiegs skinny brows and nineties thin brows mine are suffering the effects of battle fatigue….. careful what you wish for!!:) I’ve been pencilling and powdering for the past few decades…… yesterday, by coincidence, I styled my brows a little thicker than usual and IMHO, I looked so much better!!…… you’ve convinced me to give this a go!

    As for cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers or whatever, why do people care what other people do??? Thanks for being honest as there are beauty bloggers who claim they have had no procedures, when the “truth” is written all over their faces!!

    I have done Botox on and off for the past ten years and I quite like it.

    You look fabulous and your brows look amazing…. not too heavy….. It’s a bit pricey, but given what I spend on makeup fixing my past mistakes…… I’ll probably come out ahead after 2 years!!!

  4. I had no idea what microblading was until my girlfriend brought it up the other day. I think the concept is great. Women spend countless hours on their eyebrows and microblading greensboro nc, can be that solution to their problem.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your positive experience! Your brows look great. How did your brows look during the 1-2 week healing period after the first appointment? Any scabs, bleeding, etc?


  6. Hey! First let me say how blessed you are to have your sweet grandson living so close to you! I love that he called you and you could just run over and help that sweetie out. That’s the best! He just knew you’d help.

    Thanks for sharing the info and pictures about microblading. I’m going to check into this for me. I’m 52 and needing to use my eyebrow pencil so much for my thinning eyebrows that this could really help.

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and keep them coming! You are wonderful! God Bless!

  7. I’ve had it done a couple times. I’m sort of disappointed in how long it lasts. I’m only good for about 9 months before I have to pay for a redo. The original was $300 and then it’s $75 for having it redone a few months later. I thought it was incredibly painful. I’m never quite sure how to put on my foundation either when i’m not using a brow pencil. I probably won’t be doing it again, although I couldn’t agree with you more that filling in your eyebrows is essential; especially as we get older.

    1. OH, and one more comment. Don’t worry about how it’s going to look. It’s going to be perfect. They know what color will be best and they do some and then have you check and then do more if you want. The follow up can darken or thicken if you need it. It really can’t be done wrong in my opinion. A friend just finished school doing it and even being brand new to it her clients look great. The only think to fear is the pain. The brow area is very sensitive and it makes you sneeze like crazy when they are first starting. Some kind of sneeze response in the brow area I guess. I’d do it again, but since I use a liquid foundation, I would always end up touching them up with a brow pencil anyway, so for me I kind of decided what’s the point.

  8. Gorgeous! I just talked to my hairdresser today asking who does this. Now I’ve decided after looking at yours! I’m going to do it!

  9. The amount of comments you get is CRAZY! I had to scroll so far down just to find where I could say…
    LOVE the honesty!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m a grown woman who had no idea what this was (I assumed it was some kind of eyebrow plucking). Thanks so much for keeping me in the know & sharing how great it looks on you.

  11. I tried your lipstick today but on my hand it looked more like a peachy taupe then pink. Is it just the lighting or does it actually look like a soft pink once on? as that’s the colours I like to wear.

  12. I love the story about your grandson. I know it is a fine line for you as to how much personal information you want on the internet, but it was lovely to read.

  13. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been wanting to do this but don’t know anyone personally who had it done. Now I think I’m going to get serious about finding a place near me. (And I appreciate you sharing all the different procedures you have done!)

  14. I’m so sorry to read that you sometimes get negative comments about these type of procedures! Life is too short.

    I am considering this procedure, as well as a few others. Not all at the same time. Currently, I have my hairstylist color my brows. It makes so much difference! My brows have been several shades lighter than my hair my whole life! (I was blonde as a child and my hair darkened to brunette by jr high. My brows just never caught up!)

  15. Between over plucking my brows when I was younger and clipping my brows with my Clarisonic I’m nearly brow bald, I’ve researched and read reviews for the procedure. After reading about your experience, I plan to get the Microblading, too! And I’ve had facial peels, AFT, Botox and filler and I’ve had Coolsculpting as well. I haven’t always taken care of my skin and I realized how much that aged my appearance. I discovered following the treatments that people responded more favorably to me than before. I’m happy with the results and will continue treatments. Thanks, Cindi for your openness and honesty. You’re a doll and I’m a fan!

  16. I, too, had the microblading procedure done and I love it. I love getting out of the shower with eyebrows. It really has been worth it and I’m due for a touch up in June. Pay no attentions to negative comments. I always wonder what is the point of trying to make someone feel badly about a personal decision. Ignore those naysayers. You look great. By the way, I have used the Maybelline lipstick 235 since you mentioned long ago. Thanks!!

  17. Hey Cyndi!
    Love the brows! I’m local and wanted to make an appointment. Who was the person who did yours ? Is there a discount if we mention you?

    1. Hi Carolyn, Holly Meredith did my brows. I’m not sure about the discount but you can mention me to see. 🙂

      You will love her, she’s very sweet! Park in the back of the building. Let me know how it goes. Remember they look a little dark the first week but they will fade.

      1. Hi Cyndi!
        Just had my brows done yesterday with Holly. She’s such a sweetheart! They are looking a little dark as you mentioned, but I think I’m going to loce them!
        How long did it take yours to heal?

  18. My Mom is the only one my daughter will let touch her loose teeth too!

    I had wondered what microblading was. I have to say I’m glad I have good brows, but I certainly don’t like the traditional tattooed brows at all. These look natural. I would think it would be great for anyone with a scar running through their brow.

  19. Thanks for this info as I’ve never heard of this procedure and my first thought as I saw your pic before reading the post was, Wow! Her brows look fantastic! Lol. Having over plucked as a young woman I’m constantly filling in my brows and was thinking this is a fantastic idea. After Reading your post and subsequent comments however, I’m thinking I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the pain. Could you rate your pain on a level from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest level you can tolerate? Thanks for the post!

    1. Personally, I’d have to say 10. That said even if I could convince myself to return for the fill I know although I tried to hold still while the procedure was being done I was flinching which couldn’t have made it easy for the gal working on me. Also, you are not suppose to take any caffeine or use any aspirin based products for two days prior to and two days following the procedure. Apparently this has to do with blood clotting/healing process.

  20. Hi Cyndi! Thanks so much for posting about your microblading experience. I am considering doing this myself. My brows are so thin. You have inspired me to move forward with this procedure. I also loved the story about your grandson losing his tooth. How wonderful that you live close enough to just run over for a few minutes. Love this!!!!!

  21. I have NO body hair which means o don’t have to shave ANY part of my body. My brows were almost nonexistent! I had the procedure done and it’s the 2nd best thing I’ve ever done for myself! I don’t have to pencil mine in and get them exact. They are perfect and I’ll keep them. I’m 52yrs old and it’s not about body shaming but about how I feel!

  22. This will probably be considered negative and judgmental, but I believe having a different opinion should also be tolerated especially among fellow Christians. I believe it is important to promote having positive self images and acceptance of our God created bodies. Society stresses perfectionism in our bodies that it becomes easy to be consumed by invasive procedures, treatments, and surgeries. Eating disorders are so prevalent that we must be careful in the message that we are sending to girls and women of all ages. I applaud CVS’s new policy in only using untouched photos to promote their products. My family has personally experienced the devastating effects poor body image creates, and the struggle to accept our bodies in a world where social media advocates youthful, perfect bodies as the only acceptable look. May we be prayerful and wise in the decisions we make in aging gracefully.

    1. I have my brows done. I love it. The reason I do it is because Im 63 and my brows have disappeared,looks pretty weird, now I dont even think about it. No one can even tell the difference if done well..So its a personal choice and I dont think its a big deal In the light of eternity. 😉😎🤔🙄

    2. I agree with you, Karen. While it is, of course, always a personal decision of where the line is, I think many bloggers get further and further away from the every day women they initially attract. There are plenty of hollywood or magazine types who age with procedures and air brushing. I enjoy seeing blogs of real, everyday women who are showing us how to look good in a way more average women can. Not sure if this is also considered a negative comment. 😉

  23. I had microblading done about 8 weeks ago. I have an ugly cowlick in one eyebrow and dealt with a lot of teasing when I was young. (Unfortunately, one of my son’s has that same ugly cowlick in one of his brows!) I’m 52 years old and have been self conscious my whole life, so I decided to do it! It hurt much more than I imagined… if there really is such a thing as Chinese torture it must feel like this.😩 With that being said, I am MORE than thrilled and have a new self confidence (I don’t cringe anymore when the wind blows my bangs away from my brows). I have to go to my second session in about 3 weeks and I dread it so much. But, I’m definitely going to do it. It WAS worth the pain. I’ve offered to let my son have it done also (he’s 21 and has been teased his whole life too). Just waiting for him to agree.
    Cyndi, thank you for all your awesome posts and for sharing your heart! I look forward to seeing your daily outfits and I have purchased many of the items you style!

    1. Hi Robin
      I am a nurse, if I may suggest you may ask about applying a topical Lidocain gel prior to the procedure to help minimize the discomfort. Best wishes.

  24. I appreciate you sharing this kind of information. I wished you would share more of what you have had done because you look natural. Don’t worry about the naysayers. By the way, what color and brand is your lipstick in the photograph? Thanks 🙂

  25. I too had my brows micro bladed a year ago in December. I really, really liked the results but I wish the results were longer lasting. While the color is still there it has faded enough that I’ve had to use a pencil again for the past couple of months. Part of me would love to get them touched up again but I found the procedure extremely painful even with the numbing cream. (Up until this procedure I’ve always had a high tolerance to pain) I am sure the fact that I tend to be sqimmish and had a hard time trying not to think about what was going on while it was being done didn’t help. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m brave enough to go for the touch up. ☹️
    Your brows turned out great. Enjoy them!

  26. I am excited to hear about your Botox. I have done Dysport and I loved it. Along with you I am completely in love with Jesus, and as long as I am doing it for the right reasons I have complete peace about it. The wrong reasons in my opinion would be to look like someone else (comparison) and if I do it cause I want to be a better version of myself then it’s fine. I love your blog!!

  27. I’m also considering having this done. I’m nervous about the tattooing aspect, if they aren’t “bladed” correctly, and what they will look like after a few years. I’ve heard that they tend to turn color to a green tinge. I will wait a bit and decide. I’m frankly not quite tired of using eyebrow pencil yet. I do wish that the pencil wouldn’t wear off after swimming, etc. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on the state of your eyebrows “down the road”.

      1. I had microblading done in November for my birthday and followup done in January. Due to over plucking through the years I didn’t have any eyebrows and was very self-conscious about it.
        The procedure was pricey and very painful both times even with lidocaine cream……but SO WELL WORTH THE money and pain. I will be back to have my yearly touch ups. If your considering having it done research it throughly.

  28. Thank you for sharing, you look great,
    sign me up, I need it bad LOL!!
    Your grandson is so adorable!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  29. I had almost no eyebrows from over tweezing for years and was so self concious…I had this done a year ago and was so so pleased! It is amazing how much it has helped me! I go for my one year touch up in a couple weeks!

  30. Cyndi, I am a 51 year old woman, married, with 1 son in college, and 2 other boys grown and 1 is married. I work part time in a boutique and I tell everyone about your blog! I certainly appreciate your thoughts on aging, dressing, exercising, etc.. Today, I had my first Dysport injection and some filler in my cheeks! I want to do this now so I don’t need as much later on. I think you are fabulous inside and out!

  31. Hi Cyndi, I signed up for the oils class yesterday and you sent a message saying that I would receive an invite today. I jushave not received the invite as of almost 5 pm. (CST) also your eyebrows look great! Thanks for sharing! It is a challenge to grow older with grace, at least for me..

  32. I’ve heard the term, but I didn’t know what it was about, so this is fabulous to know, Cyndi. I’ve gotten my eyebrows dyed, but it doesn’t last long. This sounds like exactly what I need.
    And I loved the story about your grandson. It’s amazing how that little twist at the end, makes the tooth come right out!! So cute!!

  33. I’ve done microblading and it is THE best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! Your brows look amazing, and isn’t it great how much time it saves in the morning when putting on your makeup?!
    In other news Colt Alan is adorable! I loved reading about his first tooth coming out! I feel our lives run in parallel…my 6 yr old grandson, Jace just lost his first tooth as well, and my daughter married the same day your daughter did and now has a little girl…and you’ll have one soon, too! So many blessing-our God is SO good 🙂

  34. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hadn’t even heard of this procedure. At the moment, I get my brows waxed & tinted. Mine are so blonde that if I didn’t use a pencil, I look like I’m missing them.
    Can you tell us more about your Botox experience? My beautician told me that when it wears off your wrinkles will be deeper. Any truth to this?

    1. No. Absolutely not. Each time you get it done the lesss you will need to get it done. I go to a Plastic Surgeons office to get it done and that is what the doctor told me. And I have found it to be true.

      1. Thank you for your feedback, Karen. I want to do it but am hesitant. I don’t want to look younger, just fresher…if that makes any sense.

    2. I have been getting botox for 5 yrs and my wrinkles haven’t gotten deeper. I get it done 3 times a year and I get fillers once a year. If you go on time every four months, you will need less just like Karen said. I started doing this when I was 50 and it just makes me feel better about myself. I don’t look like a teenager by any means, but my skin is way smoother now.

  35. I REALLY appreciate your honesty and I wish people would never put unkind remarks on the internet. You are a ray of sunshine in my life and your eyebrows look lovely!!!! Barbara

  36. I am fortunate to still have a good amount of brows but that is not to say in the future I might want to have this done.
    I think a woman should do whatever makes her happy with her appearance and a woman can be hard on themselves when society puts so much into looking young.
    Keep doing what makes you happy and if there is negativity well that comes with dealing with social media. Its being able to take the negativity and just letting it go by the wayside and remember they are probably unhappy with themselves.

  37. Just wondering how this would work for blonde brows. I use an auburn brow gel to color but it doesn’t do much for filling in. Thoughts?

  38. Your grandson is so cute! My grand daughter lost her first tooth last fall. We, unfortunately, live a great distance from them. So when we had face time for her to share her news, I told her like you to make sure she put it under her pillow in which she replied ” well Nana I kind of swallowed it during my lunch at school! I had a hard time not to laugh. She explained how her mommy was going to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain the situation. I would like to report she got money anyway! Love that girl. I wish we could be closer in distance….

  39. Gorgeous! I have mine “straight line” tattooed and am getting this done to freshen and fill after 6 years. Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing and being so honest about aging.

  40. YOUR EYEBROWS LOOK FANTASTIC! I have been wanting to do this for awhile! Can youj recco mend someone in the Hbg., PA area? What is the average pricepoint to have something like this done?

  41. You are physically and spiritually beautiful 🙂 Thank you for being so honest and willing to share your beauty secrets and fashion tips with your readers! I had never heard about Microblading until your post, and now I will consider it since your results are so fabulous!! Colt Allen is just precious!!

  42. Looks great! I’ve never drawn in or filled in eyebrows; but this is definitely another luxury item added to my wish list

    1. OMG I had mines done January 5th and I can’t say enough about them the pain was very minimum the time it took to do them I was surprised probably about an hour and a half to two hours I was in and out I love them I get so many compliments I’m a 53 year old woman had thinning brows now I would say I look 10 years younger I get so many compliments

  43. I had my first microblading in August and absolutely love it. My eyebrows were very sparse. I was very nervous about having it done because of the pain, but I can honestly say it didn’t hurt at all. Yes, you can feel it, but it is not painful.

    I’m also a fan of botox. I don’t get it as much as I would like, but I do try and get it at least twice a year. My biggest issue now is that I need an eyebrow lift. Trying to let it get bad enough that insurance will pay for it. Not sure how much longer I can wait on that. ha!

    1. Hi Carla, I’m just wondering how insurance will pay for an eyebrow lift. I wasn’t aware they’d pay for cosmetic surgery, or does it have some sort of physical effect?

      1. Im pretty positive that they will only pay if the drooping eyelids interfere with your visual field. I have a friend that had this done.

      2. Only if it affects your vision. Eye doctor can give a test to see. I had the test but mine wasn’t bad enough yet

  44. I also had thinning brows and then about 1-1/2 yrs ago had to have a growth removed at the end of one of my eyebrows, which removed a portion of that brow. The plastic surgeon recommended microblading. I had it done about a year ago and it restored my brow line and filled in where they were thin. It is amazing! The procedure only took about an hour and with numbing cream was tolerable. I am so glad I did it. I’ll go for a touch up sometime this year. Cyndi please continue to share these types of tips and experiences so we can decide for ourselves. Love your blog.

  45. I too just had mine done. I have a fair completion and I hated filling my brows in every day so you could see me!!!
    I am happy with them. I have very sensitive skin so I was a bit red for about three days. Much better today (had them done on Sunday) It is a little painful but not bad. I think your eyebrows look great!!!

  46. Wow! your brows look perfect! Well worth the effort. I’ve been penciling my eyebrows for a few years now (I’m 56) and it makes such a big difference. I use a very thin eyebrow pencil from MAC and it works great.

  47. Thanks for sharing Cyndi. Especially the story about Colt – that is so sweet what you did! 🙂
    I have to laugh about the whole eyebrow thing. When I was younger I got teased a LOT for having really bushy eyebrows. When I was in my 20’s I started to have them waxed and for the last 10 years now I have switched to threading for shaping. I get so many compliments on my eyebrows and what I once thought of as a curse is now a blessing. My dad always said I said great eyebrows and that they framed my face perfectly. I guess it is all how you look at it. Thanks for sharing all your real life with us and keep up the great work. I love your blog!

  48. Cyndi, your brows look great! I would love to do this, but I have a very low pain tolerance so I will continue with the pencil 😉
    Such a milestone, losing one’s first tooth! That pic of Colt Allen is priceless.
    Thank you for all you do <3

    1. I had it done about 8 days ago and I have not had any pain. However, everyone has a different pain tolerance. Just because I didn’t experience pain doesn’t mean you won’t. They use Lidocaine so the area is desentasized. Good luck to you if you decide to have it done.

  49. Dear Cyndi,
    You are such a beautiful soul inside and out, and love that you continue to share these procedures and tips! I look to your blog for so many things, but one of the things I love the most is your heart & faith! You have a lovely sense of fun and style, which I so respect ( I just turned 60 & am quite conservative in my “style”). Many of your posts give me a fresh perspective and I so enjoy you sharing “yourself” with joy and pride-as God would want! Keep posting as you do so well! As Dr. Seuss would say: “Be who you are and say what you think, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!” Loving that sweet Colt called upon his loving grandparents to help with his tooth! (I’m in the same camp as your daughter & Colt!! Ha!-I wouldn’t have been able to watch, despite the fact I did pull some of my 3 sons’ teeth at times!! XO). Keep shining-your light is bright!

  50. Thank you for sharing this. I have dark eye brows and over the years I have plucked them back to far and now being 51 the hair does not grow back, if it does it is in spots. I have never heard of this microblading, I will have to check to see where they do it around here, I live in MN so I am sure between MPLS and St. Paul some place will offer it.
    There is nothing wrong with aging gracefully and being able to do a few things to make us look younger. Sometimes we cannot resist. I am happy I can workout and look younger at 51, why not!!

    Enjoy your day and keep warm. We are going to have some warmer weather here starting today through Sunday. Like I tell my kids, we are one day closer to Spring then yesterday.

  51. I cannot wait to check into this! I have wanted to do cool sculpting for a couple of years, and I would not hesitate to have Botox and/or fillers done. It just is not in my budget right now. I hope it will be, eventually. I think I commented to you that you look 10 years younger now than you did several years ago when I started reading your blog.😊. You look like that Cyndi’s much younger sister!😊. Don’t worry about the naysayers. It is usually because they cannot do it. I will admit that I would definitely do it all, if budget allowed. Keep in sharing!😊

  52. Great results! Thanks for sharing. 6 weeks is a big commitment. I would love to do it but 6 weeks of appointments would be hard to manage for at least.

  53. Cyndi, Thanks for sharing this, I would love to try it myself. It looks very natural did have a ballpark price on it? I just started. the faster way to fat loss , thanks in large part to your recommendation

  54. Oh, my gosh! You are so beautiful! I’d really want to look as good as you do when I age! Yes, I agree, you are again backwards. And yes, I do too agree on doing little things to care for you w/out changing yourself! You are beautiful ‘

  55. Wow, what a difference! I didn’t even know about this procedure, so now I’m going to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Hey I was just wondering about putting all the stuff on your body and in your body that is unhealthy. I try and stay with all natural stuff if possible. I thought you were selling the oils and doing wellness classes. The synthetic stuff that you are doing is not natural. I know I am 57 and I would love to smooth out some wrinkles but when I think Botox and then start researching it and seeing the stuff that is not so good for me then why am I doing it. Just grow old graceful like God wants us to. I am there with you. I want to stay younger looking but it’s not happening.

    1. Brenda I do try to use healthy products on my skin and in my body. I think we have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision we’re comfortable with.

  57. I didn’t read through all the posts but if you don’t mind sharing what is the typical cost? I keep getting my brows tinted and I bet the cost over time is more than this.

    And … so excited for Colt’s first tooth coming out! It was so exciting for us when our first grandson list his too but also kind of sad … he’s getting older. :-(.

  58. My philosophy is to look the best you can at the age you are. There are many procedures and programs out there and one has to do what one feels is necessary, no judgements necessary.
    I like that you are making women aware of some of our options. You should delete the trolls, they don’t have to do it.

  59. I had it done a year ago and just had a touch up last week. I have absolutely loved it. And your brows look terrific! It’s so worth it!

  60. Very interesting. I might have to look into this. Your eyebrows look amazing! Thank you for sharing with us. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. You look great. What kind of foundation do you use? Your makeup looks wonderful

  61. I also want to have this done. If I could find someone that wouldn’t go too dark! I don’t want to look harsh since I have white hair.

  62. Thanks for sharing with us Cyndi, You look so good in that close up picture. I have thick eyebrows still their original color too but I also have never plucked them. ( I will be 50 the end of the month) if fact my daughter says she wants to work on them for me(HMMM we shall see( Maybe some shaping LOL). I guess I’m just old school here. If its not broken don’t fix it. I also have thick hair as well, not sure if that plays a role or not. You look great and all power to you to do what makes you feel good inside and out. Didn’t know you were a dental hygienist either. Learn something new everyday…. Ha.

  63. I’m so glad you shared this, and to be honest I wondered if you had it done when I saw your Instagram pic getting your hair done. It looks great, and yes I’m considering it. How long does it last, if you know? My brows are getting thinner, and lighter. The daily chore of filling in isn’t anything I enjoy. I will share a trick that I learned about 5 years ago that has helped, and may help others if they can’t or don’t want to do this. Use the “just for men” beard color to color brows. I’ve been doing it a few years and it requires a redo about every 2-3 weeks. But I can do at home in just a few minutes. It really cuts down on the daily brow fill ins. Even still I want the Microblading done.

    1. What a great tip!!! I’ve looked at the MB for awhile, but my brows are very full still. I just always had weirdness in the middle that’s more noticeable now that I don’t have bangs. I also find mauch of what I see a bit harsh and overdone for my face, so i worry about doing something permanent. I’ll try your secret. Thank you! The comments here are the best!
      Cyndi, I was wondering about the Botox. Can’t wait to hear your experience.
      Your picture and story of Colt is just adorable! Also, your daughter’s home is CHARMING! What beautiful details with the arch and fireplace. I’m so happy for her increasing happiness after such a rough patch. she deserves it.

  64. Gurl, You do what you need to do! I am turning 58 on Saturday and I will not age gracefully, I’m gonna go kicking and screaming into that!!!
    I was a softball player and looked like a guy most of my life, when I had to give it up due to eye sight, I had lasix surgery on my eyes, I had a conservative breast augmentation by a very well shopped for Plastic Surgeon. I haven’t changed me, I’ve just “enhanced” me.
    Now. I’m gonna checkout Microblading…. I’m a fair-skinned freckled face blue-eyed Irish gal so you can imagine MY EYEBROWS!!! I just renewed my driver’s license and this is the first time since I got them at age 16 that I’ve actually got a nose in the picture!!! YEAH that WHITE!!!

    I get monthly facials and have had many small skin cancers removed on arms, legs and just recently a huge scary one on my right butt cheek, but thanks be to God it was not malignant.

    Keep blogging I love following you.

    God Bless you and your lovely family,
    Robin Alion

    1. I love your comment, Robin! Reading it made me smile as your personality popped off the page! ( I did read it in a Southern accent- don’t know why!) I bet you are a blast to know! 🙂

      Thanks for the smile, Sweet Girl!

      1. Thank you Maryanne, for your kind words. I am a born and bred southern gal with Irish blood, from my wonderful grandmother. I enjoy life, love and laughin’. I am a very blessed gal, so I strive daily to make God proud of the wonderful gift of life he has given me. God bless you!!!!

  65. They and you look great! I appreciate your honesty and you sharing with us procedures, etc that you have done…It is helpful to all of us to know the pros and cons….I believe in “minimally invasive” and aging as gracefully as possible…And, please, don’t hesitate to say too much because most everyone will be interested and will appreciate whatever your opinion might be! As the comment above said,…”we all want to look our best at any age” and we can certainly decide what is best for us and without judgement as we are all individuals and deserve to feel comfortable in our choices…..whether that be someone else’s choice or not….so keep up the great work you do!

  66. I am 64 years old and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love it!!
    The first week my husband said it was like going to bed with Groucho Marx but you are right…it fades and then looks so natural. I had no eye brows on the bottom half for over 20 years so this has been a wonderful treat.

  67. Thanks for sharing information that I think a lot of us have been thinking about but a little scared to jump out there. I appreciate you sharing your procedure and your step by step process and results. You look great! I’m closer to giving it a thumbs up for myself!

  68. Wow! Thank you for sharing. They look amazing! My eyebrows are thinning and I have been looking into tattoos. I worry about still having to pluck or wax stray hairs.

  69. Wow so glad you shared this , I can definitely see the difference and your eye brows look great , I need that procedure, I am going to look into it . Don’t stop sharing with us , it is nice to have someone like you to help us to age gracefully. Colt looks so cute with that tooth missing.
    Thankful for you !!!

  70. I agree with you–it is a personal decision to do anything cosmetic and if it makes you feel better about yourself no one should judge. I was wondering if you have had any treatment on your teeth and if so would you be willing to share. Your teeth are really pretty and I have been looking in to a few things to whiten mine. Thank you so much for your honesty. I look forward to reading your posts every day! Stay warm! “Not sunny and warm in SC!”

    1. Hi Jeannie, I am a dental hygienist by profession but have not been practicing the last 5 years. I purchased whitening trays years ago when I was working and now I buy the whitening product when I get my teeth cleaned. I whiten them about every 6 months.

  71. I probably should consider this. I have thin brows, but my eyes are hooded so thick eyebrows would look strange on me. And (gasp!) I don’t “do” anything to my brows either.

    Thanks for openly sharing what procedures you’ve had done.

    Your tooth-pulling story was fab. I hated having my teeth pulled and would wait just like Colt did until a strong wind would have blown them out. (My dad, who had big hands, used pliers on my first one.) My aunt, who was a first grade teacher par excellence, pulled the rest of mine–as well as those of many, many kids. I wish I knew how many teeth she pulled!

  72. I’m going for a consultation next week and scheduling to have it done in about 14 days. I just had Botox, so my doctor said to wait this long before having it done. He highly recommended it to me since I have very sparse brows. Cyndi, yours look great!!!

  73. As always, you look amazing… thank you for your honesty in sharing your journey with us. Just wondered if you’ve ever had any “microneedling” done? I just scheduled mine.

  74. I just had this done yesterday! My brows look so much thicker, but I am not use to seeing such a strong brow. I know I will get used to it, but from someone that didn’t do much to her brows, the result is dramatic. I am happy to hear that they lighten up some.

      1. That’s the scary part…what if you don’t like them? Do the estheticians have a portfolio of their work to help in choosing who to allow to work on your brows? Thanks for sharing! I,too, love love love the tooth story, AND that you and Wayne jumped right up to go help. 💕

  75. I too am considering having microblading done.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Please don’t stop sharing your anti-aging successes. We all want to look our best at every age and we can certainly decide what that means to us individually without judgement of each other.

  76. I’ve been wanting to have this done so I am pleased to see your photos and read your feedback. How did you find the person to do it? I’ve been looking at reviews as I don’t know anyone in my area who has had it done.

  77. My hairstylist and I were just talking about this a few weeks ago, she thinks I should do it. I used to have very thick eyebrows… but at 46 they are thinning and fading! I do color them when I color my hair, but that’s getting old too, and learning how to ‘fill them in” with pencils, gels or what not is not that easy for me! lol… THANK YOU for sharing your results and what exactly it is! So…. the pain, is it like threading? THAT HURT like CrAzY!!! But I have had a tattoo, yes it hurt, and took about an hour and 1/2. How long did this procedure take??
    Thanks again Cyndi! You are a beautiful lady!

  78. It looks fabulous! I have been researching and will definitely be doing this soon.
    ….. you don’t owe anyone an explanation.
    You look great 😊

  79. Looks great, Cyndi. I over plucked my brows when I was much younger so probably should get this procedure but I’m a chicken when it comes to pain and I have white hair so I’m not sure how it would look.

    1. Yes!! My lip color is Maybelline Warm Me Up (235) (Affiliate link http://bit.ly/2DcTlef). I sometimes have a hard time finding it so when I do I buy 2 or three at a time!! I may start ordering.
      Also my nail color is OPI, Funny Bunny. I’m a huge fan of white and it’s kind of a winter white. I have it on my toes too. (Affiliate link http://bit.ly/2Df3KpZ)
      hope that helps!!

      1. Is funny bunny the color you wear in the summer and spring as well? I had purchase OPI Alpine Snow thinking that was what you used but found it to be too white.

      2. I looked at your lipstick today but it looked more peachy taupe then pink( on my hand). Is that just deceiving or do you put something else with It?

    1. It’s about a 6 week process. I had the first appointment before Christmas and the touch up appointment last week. The first week after both appointments my eyebrows were darker than what I wanted (that’s to be expected) but they lighten almost 50% in a week. So they’re perfect now.

        1. Depending on the person, 1 to 2 years. If I don’t wait too long and just need a touch up, the procedure is cheaper so I want to make sure I don’t wait too long.

      1. Hi Cyndi! Thank you for this info. Your brows look great!! I’m on the schedule of probably one of the top microbladers in the Nashville area for March 8!! I’m 57 and fair. I am so nervous about the color. And about looking like Groucho for a week. I sell real estate and would be so embarrassed. Have you seen your aesthetician do blondes? Were you self conscious?

        1. I am sure you are in good hands with the top Microbladers in Nashville. I was a little self conscious but I did a live video last weekend with my oils the day after and it was fine. It’s worth it.