Tie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop Jeans

Happy Tuesday ladies! This spring/summer I’m having a moment with wide leg crop pants and jeans. I didn’t think I would like them, but they are a nice change from skinny pants and jeans.

Tie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop JeansTie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop JeansEvery time I wear this style of pant, I get asked can petite ladies wear them? I think the answer is, yes. Petite frames always run the risk of being overwhelmed. Instead of opting for a true wide leg, go with a less exaggerated look.

Select a high rise pair of wide leg crops that will elongate your leg and add a heel for extra height. These raw-edge crop jeans from Old Navy are a good option. I have them and like them.

Tie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop JeansI’m a fan of tie-front tops, and this one is from Old Navy. I have also shared more tie top options below.

Tie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop JeansI purchased this handbag from Old Navy too, and I’ve been carrying it as my everyday bag.

Tie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop JeansTie Front Top with Wide Leg Crop JeansTie Front Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Wide leg crop jeans (I’m wearing a size  )//Wedge heel//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see what she’s styling.

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  1. I think wide leg is growing on me! I love the tie front shirt!!! Thank you Bonnie for sharing pant options that aren’t too wide. This is why I love your blog Cyndi!!

  2. Hi Cyndi…….Great outfit! Since I am petite I will chime in on this too. I love the jean called kick crop I have from Loft. It is similar but alittle more snug fitting & then kicks out at the bottom in a gradual way. Great way to wear that style of pants. I also found some at Old Navy that were called ” Cropped flares” . I do like those too and bought on sale last fall when they were going out of season but being petite I wore with cute ankle boots & kept on going. Sometimes it feels good to not have tight jeans on when it is sticky hot & humid like in Mississippi. 🙂

    1. I’m also a petite gal (4’11”) from MS. yes, The length has to be just right or I will look frumpy. I have not found a pair yet that I am happy with the look but I will keep on looking and hopefully will find some soon. These jeans are so cute on you, Cyndi. 🙂

  3. I don’t have wide leg jeans but I do have a couple of dressier wide leg pants and I’m 5’2, the length has to be right and you must wear a heel or yes frumpy city. But they are so comfy and cooler in the hot weather. They’re a nice change from skirts. I would be interested in trying these. Thanks for keeping an open mind and showing us new things!

  4. You look great in this look and YOU’RE looking
    great too!!
    Have a great time at the convention and
    have a blessed evening!!

  5. Hmm, well they look cute on you Cyndi but I’m only 5’2″ so I’m guessing they would only make look frumpy with them cut off just above the ankles and so wide. I doubt I’ll be embracing this trend myself. However, I’m so glad you style the trends because it helps me to see how to style things. Have fun in Utah!

  6. Really cute outfit! The reviews for the pants say they run really big in the waist. Did you find that was the case? I already have this problem. Often wider legs pants solve this issue but maybe it’s not the case with these?

    1. I was wondering that too after seeing the reviews. Your size reference below your post has no size listed.

      1. There is still no size listed for the jeans below your pic. It just says (I’m wearing a size ) The reviews are all over the place on fit.

  7. I like the Wide leg crop pants in dressier fabrics but im not so sure about the jeans. Maybe they will grow on me. When wearing the wide leg crops, the shoES are so important. These are super cute shoes!

  8. Really cute cyndi! I might have to try those! You probably already know this, but the “highlighted” or lighter font on your page is still very hard to read, at least on my screen. However, I love the new layout. Very Classy!

    1. have to agree with Karen on the lighter font issue.

      would the petite reader be able to use the more traditional length to avoid a cutoff look >

  9. Im so glad cyndi that you are willing to take the fashion risks that we Perhaps woUldnt and show us to think outside the box with fashion:) You serm to make every trend shine. Thanks and im still consIdering that handbag.
    Have a great tRip to Utah. Are You and wayne Reps for that company ? I think Your cruise was Young living Related.

  10. I like you a lot better in the skinny pants. Your legs look so good in them. I do not find the wide pants, they are not very flattering on too many women. Thanks for the different looks though. 🙂

  11. I bought a dressy pair from WHBM last fall. Im petie, 5’1. I like thEm. The shoes are what going to m the difference! I love to change it up!

  12. Great outfit. I have also been enjoying a break from skinny jeans! Utah is my home and I drive past the Young Living farms occasionally. I hope you enjoy your time here.

  13. Oh dear…I don’t think the wide leg crops are gonna make it into my wardrobe…I like to stay on trend, but my skinny ankles under those wide legs are not something I think I will ever see as flattering.
    More power to the rest of you, though!

  14. Super cute top and thanks for sharing other tie front options. I know it has been mentioned before but Please change the color of the hyperlinks. Yes the color matches but it is far too light.
    Thanks for listening.

  15. Those look so cute on you. I’m only 5’3″ so I think they are too much for my frame. Have fun at the convention.

  16. I think it behooves us to try new styles like this Cyndi!! Wearing clothes is an easy way to express our personality, yet it’s not a permanent or dangerous option!!
    I’m always so impressed when my mom (the 80+ model on my blog) will try out the new trends!!
    You look terrific!!