Floral Dress Under $30

Happy Labor Day! It’s Day 2 of 25  Days of Fall Fashion, and I have a floral dress from Target that’s under $30. This dress is perfect for early fall!

I wore this floral dress to church yesterday. Of course, I had my denim jacket with me in case it was cool inside the church, but I ended up not needing it.

Floral Dress Under $30 Floral is definitely on trend this fall, and I love adding it to my fall wardrobe.

Floral Dress Under $30This dress has cute buttons on the back of the dress. These are just a detail; the dress does not button up.

Floral Dress Under $30I did wear this pair of Spanx with my dress just to make sure I had a flawless look.

Floral Dress Under $30I carried this taupe handbag from Nordstrom. This is a great everyday bag for fall. My watch is a Kate Spade watch, and my bracelet was an anniversary gift.

Floral Dress Under $30I’m wearing earrings and a necklace from Target, SugarFix by Baublebar brand, but I can’t find them online. The earrings are a chain earring, and the necklace is a double necklace.

Floral Dress Under $30Floral Dress Under $30If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable dress, this is it!

Floral Dress Under $30

Floral dress (I’m wearing an XS, if you’re in-between sizes, size down)//Handbag//Open Toe Bootie//Bracelet//Watch//Spanx

Some of my favorite picks from the Labor Day Sales!

Now, head over and see what Jo-Lynne is styling for fall!

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  1. Hi cyndi – absolutely LOVE this Target dress!!!! But it says it’s not available in stores or online. Any way to get it?

  2. Loved this dress, so ordered it, but was disappointed. I think I should go to the store to find one. I ordered 2 sizes, X-small and Small. The small was too big, but the floral pattern was good. The X-small fit, but the floral pattern looked funny…..one of the rolled sleeve was all floral from the front and the other was all black from the front. Plus the X-small had a shiny flaw on the back. 🙁 Oh well. I think the material is pretty good quality. I have to say….it looks way better on you than it did on me. You have the coloring for black. I’m more fair.

  3. I have to say that’s when I clicked the link and went to the target page to look for the dress I was in shock. It looks so frumpy on the model. You definitely styled it better than Target did! I’m hoping that when it comes I love it. Thanks for sharing it. I never would have purchased it by looking at the Target site alone.

  4. Cyndi- I was wondering if you use a self tanner. You always look like you have a nice even bit of color. Thanks for your posts and encouragement.

  5. Love that dress….you look beautiful! Thinking I’m going to have to make a run to Target to try it on this afternoon. You can’t beat a pretty dress at that price!

  6. What a terrific outfit! You look beautiful as always!

    Can you do a future blog how to decide what shoes (style and color) to match up with an outfit? I struggle with that. I would have chosen black shoes but love the taupe/nude booties you chose much better. I tend to be too matchy- matchy.
    Have a great time grilling and with family! Happy Labour day!😀

  7. Kicking myself for not getting this dress a couple weeks ago when I saw it at target… I may have to order it:) so glad you had a wonderful Sunday visiting with familiar faces… getting ready for a family hike today.

  8. Oh kicking myself for not getting the dress when I saw it at target a couple weeks ago… love it… I may have to order it now:)… glad you had a great Sunday… getting ready for a family hike today.

  9. Cyndi, you are so cute in this dress! I got the top in the same fabric. You make me wish I had the dress😍 Time with family is precious! ENJOY

  10. It felt so great to have you guys here yesterday! You looked beautiful. The kiddos are fine young adults! And Wayne preached from his heart and God’s word. He touched everyone’s soul!

  11. Cyndi,
    I am a Christian and love dressing in vogue as a 55 year old mom! My daughter is 27 and son is 15! I need to hear truth and encouragement. I have used your styles as a plumb line for many years now. You have given me confidence and strength with sharing your family, style and The Word. Thank you thank you for giving me Hope with your blog! .Blessings In Him, Lisa Frampton

  12. I just wore booties like this over the weekend. I remember when I thought the peep toe booties were silly, and now I love them. I’ve been trying to get my mom (the 80+ model on my blog) to get a pair, but she’s still not convinced…ha ha11
    Have a wonderful BBQ!!

  13. I love your outfit. I have a question about the booties- what is the color Greystone or Taupe? They match the bag great that I have ordered but the bag looks more Grey in your post and more Taupe on the Nordstrom site,

    Thanks- Wendy

    1. Wendy, I think mine are the taupe color. I don’t have my box and I purchased them in July so unless my color is sold out, I would go with the taupe.