3 Ways To Style Camo Pants

Happy hump day ladies! One of the trends this fall is camouflage print. It’s all about outdoorsy-chic fashion for fall 2018. So, today I have 3 Ways to Style Camo Pants.

I wear these pants all the time. I typically add a black t-shirt, or when the weather is cooler, I wear a black sweater. But, you can style them a lot more ways so here are three more outfit ideas.

1. Black leather jacket and black booties. A black leather jacket gives camo pants an edgier look. This is faux leather but I have had it for several years, and it’s a great jacket.

3 Ways To Style Camo Pants 3 Ways To Style Camo Pants 3 Ways To Style Camo Pants

Faux Black Leather Jacket (runs small, size up, I’m wearing a medium)//Black Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee (I’m wearing a small)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings//Black Booties (black suede not longer available)

2. Add a burgundy red sweater. This is one of my favorite colors for fall, and it works great with camo. I added a pair of booties from Target.

3 Ways To Style Camo Pants 3 Ways To Style Camo Pants 3 Ways To Style Camo PantsRibbed Turtleneck Tunic (I’m wearing an XS)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings//Handbag//Booties//Ring

3. Add an off-white sweater. This color works great with camo and to dress it up I added a pair of heels. These heels are swoon worthy!!

3 Ways To Style Camo Pants 3 Ways To Style Camo Pants 3 Ways To Style Camo Pants

Cable Knit Tunic (I’m wearing an XS)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4 )//Earrings//Handbag//Pointy Toe Heel (TTS, color is Oatmeal Suede)//Ring

What is your favorite way to wear camo?

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Beauty for the Heart~~Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace, and it’s used by the Jewish people to both greet and to bid farewell, and it means much more than “peace, hello or goodbye.”

I can’t think about this word, without thinking of my Mom. She had the word, Shalom sitting in the entryway when you entered their home. John 14:27 was her favorite verse, and I can still hear her saying it to me.

Shalom is more than simply peace; it is complete peace. It is a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, and well being.

It’s having peace in your life whether you’re in a season of blessing or a season of suffering. It’s the peace that passes all understanding (John 14:27), and it can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love your blog for style and inspiration from the gospel. I’d never thought of Shalom like this before! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer-have lost my hair while undergoing chemo, but still such a peace through my sweet Savior that I could have never comprehended. In fact, I think I feel closer to Christ now than ever…Shalom!

    1. Somehow I totally missed the part about the car accident…but as my oldest and wisest son always says (after doing mission work in foreign fields) #firstworldprobs 🙂

  2. Good Morning, Cyndi!
    Surprisingly, I really like all three of these looks! I may give camo pants a try:)
    Thank you for making it so easy to coordinate outfits!
    Shalom, dear Sister,

  3. Love your blog, read it every day. Be careful what you wish for, We live in Canada, We had a very hot dry summer, But today it is cold, Snowing, And yes we went to the gym even in a snow storm! Would love to see 85 degrees again for a day or so, This is way too early for snow. My husband and I had one of those type accidents in Mississippi a few years ago, it happens to all of us.

  4. Yes, I had one of those days a few weeks ago when a lady backed into my Tesla. We were both on our way to exercise class but after that my heart rate was up high enough that I didn’t feel like exercising. She gave me her info and went right on to class. Good thing no one was hurt and her insurance paid for everything. Just a hassle to be having to get my car to the only shop in Nashville that works on Teslas.

  5. Cyndi, I love all three looks! As much as I love my camo pants, I still struggle with what to pair with them. I have worn a bright orange top, a black top, and olive green.
    Yes, I too, have days where I get frustrated over things that I really shouldn’t, and will consume comfort foods. I am glad that today started better for you. Great BFTH!

  6. Oh I love all these outfits. I would pick the first and third as my favorites, but I’d wear my taupe suede booties instead of the heels so I can get around quicker. So glad the accident was just a fender bender. I have had days like that when nothing goes right and you think you should just go back to bed and start over… Thanks for the BFTH such a great reminder.

  7. Love the BFTH…..makes me want to meet your mom. Someday I will. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your accident in your car. Thankful no one got hurt but YES….I’ve had many days like that. It reminded me of the quote I read and studied about in my ESTHER study(Beth Moore). She said, “We are wise to force ourselves to keep differentiating between simple inconveniences and authentic tribulations.” I needed to hear this. I can easily get myself worked up on the little stuff and Satan loves us too. He loves us to be discontent and frustrated etc. etc. Sounds like the policeman was the one who got you back on focus. So nice. OR…we can say God did. 🙂 Great post. You look good in ANYTHING you put on….seriously.

  8. Love all 3 combos today, Cyndi. I especially appreciated your truthful confession of a sandwich and fries. Every once in a while it’s alright to cave. 😂👍🏻Thank you for the heartfelt reminder to lean into & towards the peace Jesus offers us. Great words!! Be blessed and be a blessing! Rochelle

  9. Cyndi I love the camo look and your outfits! I just am having a hard time wearing camo. I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. Maybe I should try a small amount at a time. I really love your Beauty of the Heart today. It is beautiful! Thank you.

  10. I love these posts where you style a few different ways – gives me so many ideas! Glad that you and Wayne are ok and hope you are having a better day today!

  11. Happy Wednesday!

    Love the 3 different ways that you featured styling camo. I’ve purchased 2 pair of pants already…….. looking for a cute camo jacket. I think I’m a bit obsessed!

    Hope you have a better day! 🙂

  12. Having just lost my mom, myself, I can definitely relate to you hearing your mom’s voice. Thanks for styling the camo pants, they look fabulous!

  13. I’m 54 years old and really didn’t think that I could “pull off” camo pants but I really like the way your styled them today. I don’t want to spend a lot on them but you’ve done a great job! Very cute, Cyndi!

  14. Who would ever think camo would be a “neutral”? I wear an olive green long sleeved shirt with mine, and also black, cream and tan tops. I got a pair of green suede booties last year at Marshall’s, and what a score! They match the dark green in the pants so I wear them with the pants and any top!
    Glad you guys were not hurt in your accident! Those things are such annoyances, but praise God for no injuries!

  15. Thanks for sharing with us the good and the bad days! PTL no one was hurt……and I love lunch, nothing like a good burger and fries to help lift that mood and so glad you enjoyed it! It’s all about keeping it real!
    Cute outfits and I don’t even know how you change in that heat, in the car! You are a wonder…….sending hugs!

  16. I love the camo jeans, and other jeans you have shown at Loft, but could never spend $70 on jeans. I am a stay at home mom. Do you have any less expensive options. I need jeans for fall but can’t spend that much!

    1. Karen, LOFT has 40 and 50% off sales all the time and that’s typically when I purchase my items. I can’t always post around their sales so today they’re not on sale. I did find these at JCPenney and they have really good reviews http://bit.ly/2OhOLVM. They are darker but I still think they’re super cute!!

  17. Good Morning! I’m looking to purchase the black turtleneck sweater from your Instagram post. You had styled it w/leather leggings and booties. Thanks!

  18. Thankful that your accident was no worse than it was and that no one was injured. I understand the frustration you were feeling and it’s hard not to feel that way sometimes but God is good all the time!!! And He always knows when to remind us to slow down, take a deep breath and give everything to Him.

    Have a Blessed day!

  19. So sorry your day yesterday was the pits. Those kind of days test our patience and remind us of our blessings. We all have them. Sending you hugs from afar!
    My new car got smashed into parked in a parking lot. No big deal but an inconvenience. Your police officer is so right: no one died, no one is seriously injured. It puts things in perspective. Glad you had your burger and fries. Sometimes you need comfort food; carbs help!

    Like all three looks. Thanks!! Hugs to you! 😃

  20. Do you normally leave the shoulder strap attached to your handbags? I find they drag the ground and they are in the way. I noticed that yours are attached in the photos. I usually remove them and store in the handbag wrapper.

  21. I was just looking at a pair of camo pants yesterday and was wondering how to style them, thank you for sharing the post love the Shalom story

  22. Thanks for sharing. I find myself often frustrated in traffic or other things that I feel are unfair or not my fault. I can even have just walked out of church feeling refreshed and inspired and quickly find myself angry if a situation arises. Glad to know I’m not alone and we have to try and put things in perspective and react in love. 🙂

  23. So sorry you and Wayne were involved in a fender bender yesterday, but so blessed to not be injured.

    You styled some ways to wear camo that I never would have expected. I think the young girls look so cute in camo, but I just can’t see myself in it. But you did a great job of giving those who wear it new ways to style.

  24. I love olive green but for some reason have never tried wearing camo. I love all three ideas! I got into a car accident once, on my way to get a $1 coffee from McDonald’s. After dealing with the cops, taking pictures, and knowing I’d be really late to work, I thought, “the heck with it” and went up to the Starbucks for a $5 coffee instead.

    It tasted great and I regret nothing. Hope you enjoyed the sandwich and fries with no regret. Sometimes you just gotta!

  25. I love camo but i dont wear it. My son is a Marine and the other son is a huge hunter. Id feel like I was imitating them. I have a camo ball cap. Thats as far as I take it.

  26. I like the camo pants with the black jacket. Thank God you all are Ok after your accident. Even though it was a fender bender, the trauma from it can hit the nerves. I was involved in a head on collision two years ago next week. I am blessed to be here. I love your style of clothes and your openness to share your joys and pains with others. Blessings.

  27. Sorry about the fender bender – they are frustrating I know. I have had some total crazy things happen too & one guy was another branch of law enforcement but tried to escape my insurance because he didn’t want on his record. My insurance got him after a month& already had fixed my brand new car. Geez. Anyway glad you both are ok! Love the outfits. Sorry it was so hot. It is here too. The camo pants with nude heels are just my style. They so cool & fresh- very now looking!

  28. Cyndi, I love all three outfits! Last year I bought a pair from Gap that you styled and my husband loves them, so I think the pants from Loft would be a fun pair to own as well. So sorry about your fender bender! Yes, things like that frustrate me too, and sometimes you just have to eat the whole sandwich and the fries! Be blessed and Shalom. 🙂

  29. GM and so sorry to hear about your fender bender and yes those things happen to remind us to slow down (not that Wayne was going too fast) But I was just telling my coworker that I’m always running into things at work and at home and she said it was because my brain is moving faster than my body….and I just needed to slow down so they could catch up to each other. Words of wisdom!
    Okay I do like the camo pants and actually bought a pair of Kensie but they weren’t petite only ankle length so I had to take them back. Unfortunately the petite are sold out on Loft so I will have to keep looking but I planned to wear them more as an Athleisure look with sneakers and casual tops. Not sure I would pair them with sweaters or pumps and didn’t realize they could be this versatile?

  30. Sending you tons of hugs for your bad day yesterday. We are human….ugh!
    As for the camo, heck even my mom (the 80+ model) has camo in her closet!! It’s a fun print. I love it when I hear it called men’s floral…LOL. And I always want to pair it with color, yet my most popular post was when we paired it with black…go figure!!

  31. I’m glad to know that your fender-bender did not result in anything more than frustration. Praise the Lord! I’ve been a subscriber for many years. Thank you for producing lovely, relatable content. I adore your Beauty for the Heart, often copying and texting to friends and family. Thank you for using your gifts to bless others!

  32. I have been waiting for this post! But I was hoping to see some more casual options? And not only with high heels and high booties? I have these pants and they are so comfy but I am trying to figure out how to wear to work without looking too dressy or too casual? Help?

    1. In the first one, substitute the high heel for booties that have a low heel. In the one with the red top & camel, wear camel coloured loafers, and in the last one with the off white sweater wear a low heel shoe in cream,beige or a light grey. I have a pair of cute, off white, low heeled booties that would be perfect with that sweater. From this post I took ides for colour and top style and translated the footwear into something I would wear, as I don’t wear heels either, Kim. Hope this helps.

  33. I love all 3 outfits so much! I have always just worn a plain or striped tee with my camo pants. All 3 outfits are great examples on how to elevate them!