Cozy Sweaters from Social Threads

Happy hump day! If you’re a fan of cozy sweaters, then this post is for you. I have two sweaters, an oversized turtleneck sweater, and a cable knit wrap sweater.

Both of these sweaters are perfect for a cold fall day. They make me want to grab a pumpkin spice latte and head to a fall festival! I paired both of these sweaters with my camo pants and a pair of neutral booties.

(Social Threads sent me a small in both of these sweaters. I need the XS so if you order the size I wear; I would order the XS.)

Cozy Sweaters from Social ThreadsThis turtleneck sweater is part of their flash sale 25% off with code FLASH25.

Cozy Sweaters from Social ThreadsThe sweater has a balloon sleeve and a drop shoulder.

Cozy Sweaters from Social Threads Cozy Sweaters from Social ThreadsOversized Turtleneck Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Bootie (TTS, Porcini Suede color)//Earrings

This sweater can work as a coat or a sweater.

Cozy Sweaters from Social ThreadsCozy Sweaters from Social ThreadsWear it open for more of a cardigan look.

Cozy Sweaters from Social ThreadsCable Wrap Sweater Coat (I’m wearing a small)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Bootie (TTS, Porcini Suede color)//Earrings

Don’t you love cozy sweaters?

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Beauty for the Heart~~My Mom wrote this quote in the margin of one of her Bibles, “Suffering is the medium in which we’re most rapidly formed into the image of Jesus.”

I have had my share of suffering, while life can look perfect when you’re a blogger, don’t let that fool you, there’s real life going on behind the pictures. None of us want to suffer, but trials and suffering come to refine our faith.

You rejoice in this, even though now for a short time, if necessary, you suffer grief in various trials so that the proven character of your faith—more valuable than gold which, though perishable, is refined by fire—may result in praise, glory, and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:6-7

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hey Cyndi! I really appreciate your blog which combines fashion snd Scripture and that you share from your heart.
    Tricia Yearwood has a super easy recipe for baked turkey which she bakes for a hour at 500 degrees, turns off the oven and lets the oven cool. It sounds impossible, but the turkey turns out moist and delicious every time. So easy and takes away the stress of cooking the bird.

  2. Go to Food Network and search for Alton Brown turkey. There are even videos and gravy instructions. I was in the same boat having not made a turkey before. After the meal, my husband grabbed my shoulders and said,”That was delicious. DON’T CHANGE IT!”
    Seriously, it took all of the guesswork out and really was juicy!

  3. You have put yourself and life for everyone to see you are such a brave person l have never commented on anything online but have so enjoyed your blog – because of your Faith in our Lord !! Your fashion tips are A1 but your faith knowledge is amazing I pray that you can continue your efforts for our sweet Holy Trinity !! Just thought it was time to say Thank You !!

  4. I love the sweater coat! I agree that you could have gone with a smaller size- especially in the blue sweater. Thank you for the BFTH today. Everyone is going through something. Praise God for His faithfulness!

  5. I don’t know about Kentucky, but in Texas we have lots of places that smoke turkeys for Thanksgiving. We love a good smoked turkey and it saves me so much time. I make everything else.

  6. I love both of these sweaters! Don’t you just love lush and luscious sweaters!? And great with your camo. I’m enjoying wearing my camo pants so much more than I had thought I would. They’re really become a staple!

    Thanks for the Beauty for the Heart. I have certainly have and still am enduring a season of suffering. But I have learned so much about my God during this season. In the end, it’s always such a blessing to have endured with His strength.


  7. Love these cozy sweaters! Your thoughts for today are inspiring – I needed the reminder to look for the lesson and refinement rather than stewing on the trials!

  8. Oh I love both these sweaters, and yes I love a cozy sweater. I would not have thought to put that color with the camo… I have cooked a turkey just about every year since being married and that was just 29 years in July. I have often cooked 3 per year… Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I always helped my dad with it while at home, which included making the stuffing. The key for me is doing as much as possible the day or night before… A tip I learned from my mom… I peel all the veggies and have them soaking in pots of cold water all night and if I am cooking a big turkey it goes in at bed time stuffed and cooks through the night( although with the smell of turkey cooking it can be hard to sleep lol). My table is set the day before as well. You really do enjoy the day of entertaining so much more when your not exhausted from being up at 5 or 6 to get it all done. My turkey turns out to perfection if I say so myself so I must be doing something right. OH and no basting … I buy butterball here in Canada and will not use anything but. Like the saying goes, If it aint broke do not go fixing it… Ha. I do remember my first turkey after being married,,, I forgot to take out the package of stuff and it was not a pretty sight… Practice makes perfect…good luck I am sure all will feel blessed and thankful for your meal and the beautiful décor your working on as well.. remember it always tastes better when someone cooks it anyway… Have a great day…


  9. The trick to making a big gathering easier and less stressful is to make your menu up now, set the table days before,buy your flowers the day before and make your arrangements, prepare your stuffing and make the sides up beforehand and just warm up the day of dinner. That way Thanksgiving day will be less work, less stress and leave you time to enjoy your company. No one expects perfection! They are coming together to be thankful for friends & family, to chat & laugh and to hug & kiss the little ones.

  10. It looks like everyone is in agreement. 😊 I use the Reynolds cooking bag and it is foolproof!! Turkey comes out perfect every time!!

  11. I love the sweaters! And it’s your fault that I now own a pair of camo pants. Lol!

    Growing up in a family of four girls, our tradition was that the oldest girl helped our mom with the turkey, and as soon as she could do it herself she took it over. So actually, once that first girl could do it, my mom didn’t cook a turkey for years. It just passed from daughter to daughter after that.

    I’ve never used a bag, though now I’m wondering if I should try it once. I smear butter under the skin, and sometimes include with that fresh sage and thyme from my garden, then baste it every half hour with the drippings (keeping it covered with a foil “tent”, then removing it when it’s nearly done). We’ve always done a stuffed bird, which I love. My kids all bring a dish and/or pitch in when they get here.

    You’re going to do great!

  12. I think cooking Thanksgiving dinner is one of the easiest dinners, the menu is all set, no trying to create the menu. It’s a tradition, my family doesn’t want anything different. Cook the turkey in a Reynolds cooking bag, comes out perfect every time.

    1. Bobbi….Does the Reynolds cooking bags have directions for how long to cook the turkey per lb. etc.? I’ve never used these bags but hear a lot about them. I’ve usually wrapped my turkey in foil and comes out moist. Friend told me about it a few years ago, although I’ve only cooked a handful in my life time. I think the turkey isn’t the issue the day of, its getting all the other dishes etc. out and ready at the same time. Its a lot of work for about 1/2 hr. of eating time, thats for sure.

  13. I host Thanksgiving every year and the two must things are the Reynolds cooking bag for turkey (recommended by the owners of our local turkey farm) and preparing potatoes ahead of time and keeping them warm in crock pot. I also use Pepperidge Farm stuffing, add sautéed celery & onion and add Bob Evens breakfast sausage (ground). My family raves about it and it’s so easy!

  14. Love the sweaters! I always have great success with a turkey in a cooking bag. They come out super moist with a great flavor. The instructions come with the bag. Put onion and flour in the bottom of the bag and cook it to perfection!

  15. Have you ever made Crock Pot Stuffing instead of stuffing the turkey?
    It tastes the same, saves the work of stuffing and unstuffing the turkey and you can have it done ahead of time. Our very traditional family made the switch quite a few years ago and haven’t looked back – you get more stuffing this way too.

    1. My mom taught me to do both mashed potatoes and stuffing in the crock pot. I prepare stuffing and potatoes day before then put in crockpot on Thanksgiving morning. Less stress on the dey

  16. I see all these great turkey recipes! Mine is this: put the turkey in a Reynolds cooking bag and it turns out perfectly browned and cooks in short amt of time! 20+years of moist turkey every time. Love the Camo pants and sweaters today!

  17. The key to a perfect turkey is to brine it. You have to plan ahead but it makes a perfect, MOIST turkey every time. I like the brining kits from Williams Sonoma but you can make your own also.

  18. I just love reading your posts everyday. It is the first thing that I do after my kids get on the bus. All of your outfits that you style are simply adorable. Just wanted to let you know about a little secret that my sister has, she orders her Thanksgiving turkey every year from the local grocery store. It is just a little piece of mind that it is done and she can focus on the side dishes. I don’t mind to bake turkeys at all, I cook for an organization that I am in and I make several at a time. The key is to use a turkey bag😉. I’m sure that everything will turn out great. I think that you have it in the bag😂

  19. I saw your Instagram yesterday about the person who did not care for Beauty for the Heart.
    I just wanted to reach out and say that while I really appreciate the fashion advice, the Beauty for the Heart is my favorite part and I look forward to it. There are days when in seems like you are speaking right to me. Keep spreading His word Cyndi! We are listening 🙂

  20. Hi Cyndi. I love these camo pants on you , but I already have a pair you styled awhile ago (from Gap). Regarding, turkey – so easy. I’ve used the Reynold’s bags and more recently use Martha Stewart’s cooking method. It requires more basting but produces a beautiful, moist bird. You can do it!

    1. I use the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for mashed potatoes too and it’s the only way to go! So nice to make them the day before.

  21. I cook my Turkey every year (20+) in a brown paper bag from the grocery store. I butter the inside of the bag, put butter under the skin of the turkey salt and pepper the inside and outside of the turkey, put the turkey in the bag, then in the oven for the time and temp. needed for the size turkey you are cooking. The bag keeps the turkey moist, no basting needed! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  22. Cute sweaters and I’m considering those camo pants. They are very hard to find in petite but I’m sure I can cuff them. Love your BFTH today. Your mom would be proud that you are sharing her quote with us. Thank you.

  23. Thanksgiving: Planning is key (I always have a list with when to start everything, temperature to cook, etc. The preparation starts at least a week or two before since some things can be prepared ahead of time.) For example: I make the croutons for the stiffing and pie crusts and freeze them, roast the chestnuts and freeze them. Jello mold can be made 2 days ahead; squash rolls the day before (while they rise, I make some of the other side dishes); stuffing ready for the bird the day before. I make the pies in the morning before the turkey goes in the oven (make sure you have a thermometer to test the pop-up just in case.) Sweet potato casserole can be made the day before. Creamed onions on the stove top so can be made when turkey is in the oven. Gravy is made after the turkey comes out of the oven (to use the drippings and in that pan). Green veggie can be made while turkey is in the oven. Cranberry sauce can be made a few days ahead. I set the table the day before. The whipped cream for the pies I make just before I serve the pies. Once the turkey comes out of the oven, then the sides can go in while the turkey rests.
    Sorry for the long post. I love making Thanksgiving dinner, but now my daughter makes it, and we travel to her. Love that she is carrying on the tradition.
    Try to enjoy the preparations, knowing that everyone will be together to enjoy the food you have prepared with love. That’s the best part.

    1. Hi Arna! I agree, the secret is getting as much done ahead of time as possible. I bet you’re an amazing cook. And everything you mentioned is exactly what i love to have for Thanksgiving!!

  24. Do you style anything from Glamour Farms anymore? I haven’t seen anything from them in a long while. Just curious. These sweaters are cute, not sure either style would flatter me, but they’re very cute on you 🙂

  25. I always enjoy seeing what you will showcase in your blog, that said, I often wish that when you post photos, you would show a shot from the back so we can see how the outfit looks from that view. Good luck with your turkey, oven bags always keep everything moist! You got this girl!!!

  26. Cyndy, the easiest way I have found to roast a turkey and keep it nice and moist is to use a Reynold;s cooking bag! Just follow directions on the box and they come out perfect every time! The bags are in a box and located close to the aluminum foil, crockpot cooking bags, etc. Sometimes around the Holidays, they are with the baking display at our Krogers in Central Ohio. I love these sweaters. Seems we went from summer to winter here. I missed our usual fall weather!

  27. Have you cooked a whole chicken? A turkey is cooked the same way, just on a larger scale. It’s very easy to do, in my case, my biggest concern is getting the side dishes cooked alongside the turkey. Some sides just don’t taste the same in a microwave. Good luck!

  28. Love the sweaters!
    Now, Thanksgiving…get yourself a turkey with the pop-out timer thing on it and you should have no problems, and also use a meat thermometer :). My mom was a great cook and she always used those two things and her turkey was always great. Also, just for consideration – I’m pretty sure the Honey Baked Ham place sells turkey too around TG and you might consider buying the meat already prepared so you can concentration on all the yummy sides. Just Food for thought – pun intended :).