The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every Season

If there’s one fashion trend that keeps coming back every season, it’s leggingsLeggings are ideal to combine with tunics and short dresses. And let’s state the obvious, they are comfortable which is why we can’t get enough of them.

Today I’m styling a pair of black leggings with a tunic sweater from Target. My leggings are BP brand from Nordstrom, and they’re only $19.

The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every SeasonThis tunic sweater comes in seven different colors. The cowl neck can be folded down if you like a smaller cowl neck.

The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every SeasonI’m wearing my flat black boots again! These are great to pair with leggings.

The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every Season The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every SeasonThe critical part for me is the tunic covers the rear area, and this one is a winner.

The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every SeasonThe Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every SeasonSo are you a leggings girl?? How do you like to style your leggings?

The Fashion Trend That Keeps Coming Back Every Season

Cowl neck tunic (I’m wearing an xs)//Black leggings (I’m wearing a small )//Earrings//Leopard Clutch (similar here)//Watch//Bracelet//Ring//Black Boots

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Beauty For The Heart~~I stretched out the sky like a canopy and laid the foundations of the earth. I am the one who says to Israel, ‘You are my people!’ Isaiah 51:16

If today, you’re wondering if God is big enough to handle your problem?? Let me remind you, he stretched out the sky like a canopy and laid the foundations of the earth.

He is big enough to handle whatever you are going through!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. My favorite outfit for fall styled so well. Can you please recommend lower priced boots similar to what you are wearing?

  2. Love this look, and I love the pop that the leopard purse gives it! This is pretty much my go to look on the weekends when I am running around. 🙂

  3. I love the whole outfit, so I bought the sweater!! I also think you model the sweater better than the Target model. I am considering the clutch!!!

    1. I bought the sweater as well! Always find that the ads/models wearing the same thing look terrible! A lot of things I’d never give a 2nd glance to if not for Cyndi’s styling.

  4. Head to toe, this is my kind of outfit! I love wearing leggings with longer sweaters, and a cowl neck makes it even better! I can’t wear heeled shoes for long periods of time so I’m going to look into this pair of slouchy boots! I really needed the Scripture in your BFTH this evening. Life’s hard sometimes but God’s got this and He’s enough! Have a grace-filled and blessed weekend Cyndi!

  5. When you say things can be worn two ways, would you mind showing both ways? You say the cowl neck can be worn smaller, and it would be helpful to see what you are talking about with a photo.

  6. I loved this outfit today. I immediately went to Target online and ordered the sweater and they had it in my size. Soo doggone cute. Thank you.

  7. Following Cyndi on Pinterest copy to see hair style love it you rock can’te s wait to see what you wear I am totally into leggings and tunics they are my favorites dress them up or down also the boots short or tall

  8. I love the way the way the sweater looks so polished on you. The one on the Target model is too sloppy and oversized. They should have used you as the model. 🙂

  9. I love leggings but seems like they are going out. Are they? I wear them at home all the time but haven’t outside of home lately. If so, I’m like you, I have to wear a longer tunic top/sweater and make sure the back end is covered. Your lunch with family sounded so fun. Its nice to be with woman who have similar likes.

  10. Ha… I do like leggings although last year I wore them around the house more than out.. I like them with my riding boots and long sweater or top if I am wearing them outside… Great outfit on a Saturday for errands etc. or to a hockey game… always super comfy. I love the sweater you have on and the color… I word one just like it last week in an oatmeal color with my black leggings… You wear everything so nicely:). I just started my weekend with an outing with my sister to a Christmas Craft Show and picked up a few goodies, then we had lunch. .. Your family luncheons sound like ours no one can get a word in edge wise lol. Have a great weekend..

  11. You look fashionable and beautiful in everything you show your readers. Always on point with your accessories. The uplifting Bible verses are just wonderful. Thank you for all the attention and hard work you put into your blog. It is feels delightful to have a connection to a like minded Southern Christian friend.

  12. Someone said they guessed leopard and I thought the same thing! However, I was really happy to see that the post was about leggings. I love leggings. I have had good luck pairing them with knit dresses from J.Jill which hit just above the knee. I also wore leggings with big, baggy sweaters in the 80s, but I like the current look better. I hope they never go out of style!

  13. Your outfit is cute Cyndi! I love leggings. I only wear them at home. I bought some quality ones at Kohl’s for $12 each by Lauren Conrad, and they have several basic colours. I bought them for my niece and I last year and I just ordered a few more for myself. Love them with a tee and swearshirt and sweaters for toes!

  14. I receive much inspiration both fashion and faith from Cyndi’s blog.
    Thank you Cyndi! I would like to add I often see similar fashion items at more affordable stores to emulate the same looks! Just yesterday I saw red booties flat and spikes at Kohl’s, recently I purchased a denim shirt with a raw hem shirttail at my local Meijer already clearanced out for only $6.50! 🌻 Happy fall to all!

  15. I love this outfit, you look great. So happy the sweater is from Target which always has a good price point. I am over 60 and yes I will wear leggings with my tunic sweaters that cover front and rear. The sweater styles so nicely with the slouch boots. I would probably also wear with my ankle boots with a heel.

    Love your BFTH today and so happy you shared the podcast. I will be listening to it today as I work on projects.

    Blessings to you.

  16. Ok so this look is very good on you. I think if your black shoes were higher heeled it would give more vertical balance. Right now the break is exactly in the middle and it should be 2/3 to 1/3 either way. Also you have a very attractive and balanced body. For the women out there trying to balance out their upper and lower portions this could look absolutely awful. For example a carrot shape found not wear leggings and that sweater, an apple would also look ridiculous in the same outfit. You would look adorable in anything you put on. Some of us are out of proportion and trying to create balance visually by adding more bulk to areas or less bulk to minimize areas. I would love to see you address this more. You could seriously wear and post an outfit from Walmart daily and be absolutely in vogue darling. Most of us out here can not. We have to really search for rule following clothing to look balanced. I’d love to see some references to body type in your posts.

    1. It would be hard for Cyndi to style a body type that wasn’t hers. Maybe you should look for a fashion blog to follow where that person had your body type… just a thought.

    2. Oh sweet sister, Cyndi has shared on her Blog many times she’s a pear shape. It would be impossible for her to style clothes to fit every single body type. However, we all can gain fashion inspiration from Cyndi and her outfits. I never feel I have to dress identical to her, especially if it doesn’t work with my frame, coloring, etc. but I do get a lot of great ideas from her classy style.

  17. I love this outfit, you look great, and I love that the sweater is from Target, which always has a great price point.

    I am over 60, but still love a pair of leggings with my tunic sweaters that cover the rear area, which is a must to look classy.

    I love your BFTH today.

  18. I could wear leggings everyday to work and casual wear, but I try to wear skinny jeans in a variety of colors to change things up. I bought some fantastic leggings at Loft recently; I wish they came in more colors, but I got both the burgundy and dark gray. They have a side panel, which makes them look even nicer. I usually wear leggings with flats or boots, but I am thinking of trying them with booties (which I now have several pairs thanks to you and JoLynne.) I love the look of leggings with a nice sweater/tunic top. Add a necklace or a scarf, and I have a perfect outfit for work. I wish I could wear the sweater you are styling, but I am larger on top, and I find that higher neck tops don’t look good on me at all.

  19. Such s cute outfit! I agree on the leggings, I’ll only wear them with a tunic that cover front and back. I just wore leggings yesterday with a tunic sweater and my new slouch boots!

  20. I like leggings sometimes as a chance of pace. I have bought some casual pants also like Khaki’s & some dark green pants from Banana Republic that are stretchy but look casual ( almost cargo looking) but nicer fabric to get out of jeans all the time. I LOVE jeans but they are other clothes for casual wear, I keep telling myself. I love your casual outfit! That sweater tunic is awesome!

  21. I never really got into the legging thing, I just don’t feel dressed the few times I’ve worn them, so not really a fan. I like a good old pair of my favorite jeans, a tee, a cute cardigan and either boots or clogs.

  22. Well, I guessed wrong because I thought it was going to be the leopard print, but yes, you’re right about the leggings, and I have them on today…at work…it’s Friday, and mine may be a little different because their pointe material and have a seam down the back – so maybe not technically leggings. I, like you, want the back side, and let’s be honest, the front too, covered. My “draw the line” is when they are thin and look more like tights or pantyhose. I love them though, and so glad they keep coming back :).

  23. Really cute outfit!! Do you have any color that you won’t wear? You style a really wide variety of colors and patterns, just wondering if there is any that you choose not to wear?