Buffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old Navy

Welcome back to 20 Days of Winter Fashion! If you have some casual holiday get-togethers planned, this buffalo plaid cardigan is an easy way to look festive.

The cardigan is from Old Navy, and I styled it with jeans, but you could easily dress it up with black pants or black jeans. I’m wearing an XS; if you’re in between sizes, I would size up. I think I would have preferred a small.

Buffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old NavyBuffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old Navy I always need a black clutch, and this quilted wristlet clutch is from Social Threads.

Buffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old NavyIf you’re looking for a comfortable pair of slouchy boots, these STATE boots are comfortable. They come in several colors including gray and tan. They are a really pretty boot!

Buffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old NavyBuffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old NavyBuffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old NavyBuffalo Plaid Cardigan from Old NavyBuffalo Plaid Cardigan (I’m wearing an XS)//Black T-shirt (I’m wearing a small)//Black Clutch//Black Boots (TTS)//Earrings//Bracelet//Levi Jeans (I’m wearing a size 29, color is wanderer)

Need some red for the holidays?  This poncho from Social Threads that I styled in September is beautiful. I’m going to wear it to a holiday open house.

Poncho//Blank Lady Liberty Skinny Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Black Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Leopard Heels//Kate Spade Handbag (similar here)//Sunglasses

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Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

Beauty For The Heart~~May God give you perspective on things that frustrate you. May your heart of compassion grow for those who suffer in unimaginable ways.

May you pray as passionately for them as you do yourself. May God protect you from a small, selfish mindset. May He fill you up with thanksgiving and joy for the freedoms you enjoy!

May He renew your resolve to be a grateful, humble soul. And may He use you tomorrow in ways that surprise and bless you. -Susie Larson

Have a blessed day!


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  1. You look great! I just ordered the sweater and can’t wait! I hope your Thanksgiving turns out happy! It is hard when you have a cherished member of the family who can not be there. We had this situation for many holidays and would all have dinner together, then go as a family, and have dessert with our mom. She loved it!!!

  2. I’m commenting very late this evening, Cyndi. After I saw this sweater on you this morning, I ordered it on Old Navy’s website and they had it for me so quickly, I couldn’t comment! Ha!
    You look gorgeous in this cardigan and am so happy you shared it with us. Now that I actually have the cardigan, I can honestly say, it’s not scratchy and the quality is very nice. It will be perfect for some holiday events coming up.
    On another note, I agree that life changes are very difficult. Thank you for sharing your life, positive attitude, and your faith with us.

  3. Are you standing in front of the gingko at my beloved Asbury? Love your posts but they make me homesick for Kentucky! ❤️

  4. Winter clothes are my favorite! Funny I have lived in the Deep South all my life and I have always loved cold weather!
    Change is hard and surprising even though we know nothing stays the same or last forever. Thank goodness for wonderful memories of those who made our lives full and happy. Blessings!

  5. Well Cyndi if you modeled for Old Navy their sales would definitely increase. Things look so much better. Love this sweater and I have seen it in the store several times but never gave it a second look. Love the bright yellow tree in your back ground. We’ve had so much wind as of late we have very few leaves left on the trees…

  6. Cyndi is the cardigan soft or is it kind of scratchy? I Love buffalo plaid—especially black and white. This looks great on you!

  7. Cyndi, beautiful outfit. I don’t shop much at Old Navy because i have a hard time finding things I like, but you seem to find nice things and put them together so well. Thank you for sharing your faith. There are a lot of fashion bloggers out there, but you are one of my favorite because of your faith in God and love of family. Thank you!

  8. Love what you’re styling this series! I had no idea you had been married before. We’ve also gone through lots of changes in the last several years parents passing away, children moving out, etc. I think it makes you really stop and focus on what and who are really important in your life.

  9. Love this outfit! You always look perfect! I would love for you to share tips on how you get volume in your hair without it being frizzy.

  10. I love the buffalo plaid sweater. Think I will purchase it to wear for our Thanksgiving meal/get-together and my son’s house.

    Loving your winter series outfits and how you bring your personal life into your blog so we know you too live a REAL life with ups and downs like all of us. Your spiritual faith and the messages remind us that God is with us during all of these times.

    1. Hi Mary, If you look at Old Navy’s website, they have a picture of the back of the cardigan. Nothing fancy, I typically only take a picture of the back it there’s something unique about the back.

  11. Love your style and the way you share your faith and life with others. The year my mom was in the hospital under hospice care, we took Thanksgiving dinner to her in her room. We cooked everything at home, made plates for each family member, then ate on paper plates surrounding her bed. It is the most special Thanksgiving meal I have ever had.

  12. Loved your post today. Thanksgiving is celebrate no matter where you end up. Our daughter got married in October and I told her to sort out the Holiday visits. I am not going to demand a certain Holiday. I am happy that they want to spend time with us and we can add new traditions into our old ones. I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving no matter where you are.

  13. You are an inspiration to all of us who have experienced sadness in our lives. Love the black boots… do you have any ideas for scrunchy boots with a lower heel? I can’t wear heels and I have a wide foot so have trouble finding boots that are comfy.

    1. Denise, I’m wearing slouchy boots today from Report. They are flat boots that come up to mid calf. Not a lot of padding in the foot bed but still comfortable!

  14. Cyndi,
    This is my first ever blog post but I wanted you to know that your comments today about life changes were God sent especially for me. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring so many women. I have found that middle age and menopause are
    Not for the weak at heart!

    Prayers for your mother in law.
    And I love your outfit ideas too!!

    1. Kate thank you. I think so many of us at this age are going through life changes and we need to encourage each other. It’s not always easy but knowing there are others going through it too helps us.

  15. I love all the red and the quote from BFTH today- thanks! You have shown some beautiful outfits in this series. Blessings to you and your family.

  16. I too love the buffalo plaid this time of year! and this sweater is on my “want” list now. BFTH today is so spot on – Thank you! and I will send continua prayers for you and your family as I under far too well the changes in life…deceased parents, parents who live too far to visit, blended families, ex-spouses, and MIL’s who don’t understand that others have families to spend time with…oh how I get it.

  17. I ordered that red pncho the first time I saw it on you (not sure when you featured it) but they shipped it and it never arrived…:-( then they sold out of the red 🙁 double bummed and it seems as if the red is still sold out…just an FYI

  18. I just love that sweater got to get it…love your blog you will never know what it does for me…I read my proverbs 31 devotion 1st each morning then anxiously await your new post!! I feel like we’re friends!!! Hope that’s not cheesy!!!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love all your outfits…my favorite is black and red looks so great together.
    As we get older more stuff happens my husband and I miss our parents and grandparents too! We have a hard time during the holidays to but manage to find somewhere to go for the holidays. One son’s family lives on the East coast and our other son lives on the West coast so we try and see them during the year. We are going to our sweet nieces for Christmas this year and looking forward to it.

    We all juggle our lives and deal with things as they come. God has been so good to us we are very grateful.

    I sure enjoy your posts and its nice to know there are other people who have the same types of issues.

    God Bless and enjoy your family,


  20. I am loving all your outfits for this winter series! And I just love the personal touches you give your blog posts…. sharing some of the realities of your life, and your strong faith, as well as love of fashion.. these all make your blog worth reading daily. You have been such a source of encouragement to me on many occasions.