Kimono Trend from Sole Society

Happy Tuesday! I am back home today from our quick trip, and I’m sharing a kimono from Sole Society. I have noticed the kimono trend is not only sticking around, but it’s popular.

Kimonos are easy to add to an outfit, and you can wear them with pants, jeans, and shorts. They add a pretty layer to your outfit.

Kimono Trend from Sole SocietyThis tropical kimono is gorgeous, and I styled it with a straw panama hat.

Kimono Trend from Sole SocietyI thought this hobo bag was the perfect accessory to my kimono and I picked the linen color, but it comes in a pretty blush and camel color too.

Kimono Trend from Sole SocietyKimono Trend from Sole SocietyA lot of you ask for lower heels, and these block sandals are trendy with a high ankle strap and cutout details. Perfect shoes to transition into spring.

Kimono Trend from Sole SocietyKimono Trend from Sole SocietySpring I am ready for you!!

Kimono Trend from Sole SocietyTropical Print Kimono//Panama Hat//Handbag//Sunglasses//Block Heel Sandal (TTS)//Jeans (Just Black, they are from Stitch Fix)//Earrings//Necklace//White tee (similar here)

Have you tried the kimono trend?

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Beauty For The Heart~~Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that continues to bear fruit, He [repeatedly] prunes, so that it will bear more fruit [even richer and finer fruit]. John 15:2 (AMP)

The pruning process can be painful. To prune means, to cut off or cut out, as useless parts. Sometimes pruning involves trials. Pruning can be extensive, but in the end, it helps us to grow in God’s character.

The result is we will look and act more like Jesus.

Have a blessed day!


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This post was created in collaboration with Sole Society, all styles and opinions are my own, Thank you for supporting Cyndi Spivey sponsors!
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  1. Love the outfit and thanks for the lower heels – I’m 5’9″ so I generally keep my heels to 2 inches at the highest. The sandal’s are adorable!

  2. Love, Love, Love this. Your look beautiful. I love how you look in hats. I can’t wear hats and am always envious of those who can. Not in a bad way, just wish I looked good in them. 🙂 I just bought shoes almost that very same style at end of summer last year, so looking forward to wearing them again. They are the perfect heel and so comfortable. I love the color of yours. I have only one kimono from Loft but love this one. Glad they are still going to be in still. Can you tell us where you are going on vacation?

  3. One more thing… will never hear me complain about high heeled shoes -LOL! Even my flip flops have wedges that are 2 to 3 inches. I do love those shoes and since nude in color might work.

  4. Love that look on you since you are tall! Like Sharon said too short here also. Layering can get tricky with us petite or short ones too. Love the colors & you look amazing with hat on plus kimono!

  5. That’s a really great look you put together, Cyndi. . . . . . I’m so short a kimono would be a maxi on me!! Hahahaha!!! I love the straw hat too!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful and so spring like. I have to admit I don’t own a kimono but after seeing you model them especially this one I’m becoming very tempted… Amen to your BFTH

  7. Oh my what an outfit🤗🤗. It just shouts spring. I love the kimono and it’s all I would need to duplicate this look… I’ll show it to my daughter as she wears them a lot… maybe we can share . I will say I’ve never bought one but the more I see them especially styled by you I want to try it. I’m only 5’3 so I worry about the length too:) amen to your BFTH.

  8. Glad to see you styling the kimono. I bought a shorter one last year and was wondering if they were still going to stylish. I’m 5’2” . Think I can pull off this longer one? I sure do like it!

  9. I love kimonos too! Bought one last year. I see them on multiple fashion blogs, but especially love the way you have styled it!
    Really like the way that hat looks with your hair. I cut my hair into a pixie a couple of years ago, and don’t wear hats anymore.

  10. Looking good Cyndi! I looked all last year and am still on the hunt for a kimono! You have given me the motivation to not give up! 🙂 Have a great time on your trip – temps in the -35C range with the wind chill today, so I am really trying to think of spring! 🙂

  11. Such a cute style Cyndi! I think you styled it better than the model on Sole Society!🤷🏻‍♀️Have a blessed day! Don’t stress about the taxes. Get a cup of tea and focus on getting it all done one morning. You will be glad this is off your shoulders and mind!

  12. This is my first time writing you! I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now and have gotten many fashion ideas from you. I love the kimono
    You styled today and the sleeveless black dress from last week. My problem is I’m only 5’1” and all these things are way too long on me.

  13. I love the entire look!!! I have to wait maybe a week before purchasing as the package fairy, as my husband calls my online shopping, ipshould be here this week😉

    The earring site wasn’t loading, so I will try them later.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the outfit I so wish I could wear hats but they don’t look right on me. Todays Beauty for the Heart ties in with something I am doing in my Bible study about pruning I am going to write this down in the notes part of the book.

  15. LOVE kimonos! I have several, and they just elevate a plain outfit. Wear a plain t-shirt and necklace, but with a kimono added it looks for much classier. I’m glad to hear they’re a trend . . . I’ve had some at least three years; I will probably buy more this year if they’re “in.”

  16. Love the look. I have similar sandals and I love them, comfy and trendy. I broke an ankle a year ago so my footwear choices have been narrowed and I can still wear these ones.
    I purchased 2 kimonos last year unsure if I would wear them or if they would be those things you put on, look in the mirror and take off before you leave the house….but I LOVE THEM. Especially on vacation. Both were used several times on a trip to France last summer. Put on a sundress in the morning, roll up the kimono in your bag and at night throw it on and I was ready for a dinner out without returning to our hotel to change – which isn’t always convenient when you are travelling. Also wore one a few times with a tshirt and skort and it just made such a “style’ difference. They are both going to be packed for this winters vacation as well. They stylaize up a simple outfit into something more so quickly.

  17. I just bought a couple of kimono’s to take on our upcoming cruise. I’m very excited to wear them! I thought they would be cute layered over a simple dress, with shorts, swimsuit, just about anything. Love your hat – I may need one of those!!