Colors of Spring 2019-Peplum Blouse

Happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing some colors of spring with a printed peplum blouse from Social Threads. If you look at Pantone’s Color report for spring/summer 2019, you’ll see shades of brown, orange, and yellow.

This peplum blouse has all these colors. The brown granite is a cool brown shade that works beautifully in almost any color palette. It is a timeless and sophisticated choice that would do well in your spring wardrobe.

I styled my peplum blouse with my $25 Amazon jeans. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of jeans, these are great.

Colors of Spring 2019-Peplum BlouseThe blouse is a 3/4 length sleeve. I added a cami under the blouse because the neckline was a little low for me.

Colors of Spring 2019-Peplum BlouseThese Lucky Brand sandals are a fun spring shoe! I’m wearing the Maple Sugar color. American Eagle has a similar pair (a little darker) that is less expensive. My sister has these in the mustard color, and she loves them.

Colors of Spring 2019-Peplum BlouseThis peplum blouse would look great with white jeans, and khaki pants for workwear.

Colors of Spring 2019-Peplum BlouseColors of Spring 2019-Peplum Blouse What do you think of the spring colors for 2019?

Colors of Spring 2019-Peplum BlouseStriped Peplum Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)//Amazon Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Loft Cami (I’m wearing an XS in whisper white)//Earrings//Lucky Brand Sandal (TTS, less expensive option here)//Handbag//Necklace//Watch//Bracelet//Sunglasses

Back in January, I styled a spring collection with Social Threads. This handbag sold out quick They now have it back in stock in black, gray, and camel (the navy is no longer available). They have different colors of straps to choose from and I love the leopard print, which means I need the black bag!

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BEAUTY FOR THE HEART~~The more grateful you are, the more beauty you’ll see.

I know what it means to lack, and I know what it means to experience overwhelming abundance. For I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger. And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty. Philippians 4:12-13 (TPT)

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Catching up on emails also for the week😂..Always look forward to your daily emails for what outfits you have styled for the week! I’m an Oklahoman so our weather is all over the map of late. I now have my best friend of 45 yrs. following you daily also. Your daily blog and inspirations are always so spot on. I’ve tried following other people and yours is by far the best for us little older girls🙄. And yes, I’ve gone to the one expensive purse option in the last five years and try buy a new one every 2 years or so. Just no time to switch out my purses like I used to unfortunately! Thank you for giving us something to look forward to each day!❤️️

  2. I’m guessing you are close to my age and I wear AE jeans all the time. Those suckers fit great!! You will love them! It’s not just a teenager store anymore. (They have a program where you can get a free pair after purchasing 5 -I think)You’re going to live the fit!!

  3. Just catching up on emails, so forgive me being a day late! I used to purchase new bags in that price range 1-3 times per year, and always on sale. However, I started to realize how much I was spending! So, last Christmas, I told my (grown) kids and husband that I’d rather have one big gift that covered all 3 of them for Christmas/Birthday/Mother’s Day. They bought me one of those $1000+ bags! I was stunned! I haven’t bought another bag. Of course, I will carry a different bag depending on the occaision. But it’s my daily go-to.

    Next year if they ask first, I will suggest a professionally done closet system. Such a blessing.

  4. I LOVE this look on you! 👏🏻🙌🏻❤️ Back in my younger days, I would purchase a new leather handbag each year — sometimes two, if I had a really good commission check! Now, I only get leather handbags as gifts from my husband. I’d rather we build the retirement nest egg than tote around a leather purse. I would love to find really nice pebbly pleather bags that could pass for the real McCoy. I love the look of American Eagle and Lucky Brand, so I would wear these brands if/when I find the right item.

  5. I love your style! It’s always spot on!i can’t take the plunge for expensive purses and premium jeans either. Well, I did once with premium jeans and I never wear them. I don’t like how they fit! So, yes, I would try AE jeans!!

  6. I love your style! I am the same age as you and I wear American Eagle jeans all the time. I really like the fit and I just haven’t been able to take the plunge to premium jeans and prices. But I do have more than one over $1K handbag. Lol. But I rarely change handbags. I carry one for the entire season and often carry it again the next year. Another option that is affordable that I really like are Express jeans. They have multiple rises and styles and I they don’t feel quite as young as American Eagle jeans.

  7. I’m 54 and bought AE jeans recently after another blogger talked about them. They are hands down now my fav. I just ordered online, my usual size. I like them better than my wit and wisdom now!! The rest of the store I feel is too young for me but the jeans are great and can’t beat the price!!

    1. Hi Cyndi, Yes! I do love AE. Jeans. Especially the high waisted skinnies. They fit really well! And NO! I have 3 college tuitions to pay so no handbags over $300 for me and I’m good with that! I will, however, look for great buys at TJMaxx or (cautiously) on EBay. Have a wonderful day!
      PS—sorry about posting twice!! The screen was so sensitive and I didn’t realize I was in a ‘reply’ prompt!

  8. You look so cute in this outfit! Love the shoes! Good color for you! The colors are not good for me. I wait all year for pinks in the spring. Not crazy about Pantone’s colors this year. They look fallish to me. Social Threads has fun clothes but I don’t want to spend the money for them. If I’m going to spend a lot I would go to anthropology because they have brighter colors. I would buy jeans at AE no problem. I like the Loft or Macy’s for trendy but affordable clothes. They have good sales. The most expensive purse I have is 150.00 but usually I’m more concerned about the style not the name or nice leather. I switch them to often to spend a lot. I love that you dress young and stylish but still classy. Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for the tip Cindy. Indeed I did find them in the junk mail. I have never had that happen before! I enjoy your blog and style so very much, and would be so unhappy if I missed a post. I love how devoted you are to your faith, you are just adorable, and your fashion styling is right in line with my own. Bless you.

  10. For a good pair of jeans, I would shop AE but the rest of their clothes are not something I would like. I feel like Lucky Brand is the grown up version of AE. I am not a fan of brown in the Spring. $200 is my max for purses.

  11. I have not been receiving your emails for, several days, in my inbox! I am a long time subscriber to your blog. I’m NOT having a problem receiving emails from other bloggers I subscribe to. Please help!

      1. Hi Cyndi, Yes! I do love AE. Jeans. Especially the high waisted skinnies. They fit really well! And NO! I have 3 college tuitions to pay so no handbags over $500 for me and I’m good with that! I will, however, look for great buys at TJMaxx or (cautiously) on EBay. Have a wonderful day!

  12. Great look! I tried a pair of jeans from American Eagle last year and they fit okay but i just couldn’t get past the fact that they were from American Eagle and that most of my 16 year old daughter’s wardrobe is from there. I’m okay with us both wearing Madewell jeans but I couldn’t do the American Eagle. I felt like I would be trying too hard to be young.
    I never buy expensive handbags – I don’t know that I’ve ever spent more than $100-$150, most much less. I’ve gotten great deals at outlets but I guess I’m just not a bag person. I don’t love any bag enough to spend more than that on it.
    I like this one you’re styling though. Are there any pockets on the inside?

  13. I love your outfit, and would do brown for summer!! I love brown!! I haven’t shopped American Eagle since my son was in his 20’s (he’s 33) Im not sure that they would even have my size, but im certainly not opposed to checking it out!!! I’m not planning to spend more that 50 to 80 on handbags or shoes. I’m just too hard on them for that kind of expense. I prefer a designer doup, then if i mess it up, im not out of any money. give me a small inexpensive cross body that i can throw under a bench at the ball park, and i’m good!!! I have 4 grands that i spend as much time as i can with, so it’s just not a priority for me, but to each her own!!!!

  14. Love love love my AE jeans. I have worn LOTS of different jeans-including the higher end ones you feature on your blog-but I always return to my AE jeans. And I won’t spend more than $150 on a handbag.

  15. Cyndi! One of your best looks yet! LOVE this outfit on you! The Spring colors are yours this season! Also Beauty for the Heart – perfect today! Empowering and sweet. Have a great rest of the week!

  16. Who remembers getting your colors done back in the day? After that, no yellow, no orange, and no brown close to my face. I look old and tired. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything at AE-just hasn’t occurred to me. Now as to purses-I’m a Dooney and Bourke fanatic! I’ll buy one whenever the obsession strikes me though I do look for sales on them. I also love Frye bags though I rarely find those on sale.

  17. Love that outfit on you. I’ll never try putting skinny Jean’s on in car. I have trouble in the house. Ha never would I pay over $100 for hand bag. I like bargains.

    1. I was in American Eagle before Christmas with some friends who have younger daughters. I did notice several things that I liked and would have bought if I had been shopping for myself. As long as the style of jeans fits appropriately and you are comfortable, it should not matter where the jeans came from.
      AE had some cute flannel shirts last fall and I hope they have them again this year!
      Buy what makes you happy and brings you joy when you wear it!

  18. Hi Cyndi,
    I had to laugh when reading your blog today. I was complaning to one of my young coworkers about a day spent shopping for jeans and coming home empty handed. She suggested American Eagle. Another coworker about my age overheard us and quickly said I was to old to shop in American Eagle. You look fabulous in everything you style so I look forward to seeing what you style from American Eagle! As for handbags I shop the outlets for the best prices and I have Several over $400.

  19. First – I love the color brown and am happy to hear it is “back in style”. It makes a great backdrop for all of the utility style that I LOVE!! 🙂
    I wouldn’t shop at American Eagle for me. That being said, I shop there for my boys (18 and 15) and for my god-daughter (16). I probably buy a good leather bag once every 5-10 years – never over $200 ha! Should really invest in one this year. It would be nice to try some of the trendier styles at a lower price point. I really like the circle bags that you have styled. Hope all those answers helped!

  20. Hi! Honestly, I would not shop at American Eagle. I have been in there a few times with my daughter and have never found anything for me.
    As for handbags, I can not justify spending over $100 for one. My budget just would not support purchasing one for hundreds of dollars or more.
    I love your blog and look forward to “seeing” you everyday!

  21. Great outfit Cyndi! You look great. The top is very cute and summery, the aqua blue color helps out with a breezy look I think. I love your sandals too, so unexpected, they look great on you! Don’t shop at AE, I used to buy my boys things in there when they were teenagers. Didn’t even know they have ‘adult’ stuff haha! Like others that have commented I love a good purse but tend to shop the sales and discounted stores. I can’t afford a $200 bag, or should I say I don’t want to, I would rather buy shoes and clothes! Thanks for all you do and keeping us all fashionable!

  22. I shop at American Eagle for my son in law and nephews but have never really seen anything that appealed to me for me. I would never buy a leather bag for $200 or more. (Last month I talked myself out of a nice leather bag for Costco that was about $65.- I bought one at JCPenneys I like just as much.)
    I love your blog, never miss it.

  23. I love brown! It’s my basic color instead of black. I have bought about 3 leather purses in the past couple of years, from $150-$250. $250 is my limit. Probably not American Eagle…but who knows?

  24. I haven’t been in an American Eagle in YEARS! I perused their website….didn’t find anything that I felt was age appropriate. I usually buy my jeans at Dress Barn or Kohl’s
    Purses… I love a good purse and very rarely buy one at the Kate Spade outlet. Otherwise, under $100 for sure, and preferably under $50!

    I would rather uses what the Lord has blessed us with to bless others. I tend to live a pretty basic life….

  25. Cyndi, you look like a million bucks in those colors. The whole outfit is really cute. As for American Eagle, I am 55 and have not shopped there. If I thought they might have something that would work for me I’d totally shop there. For handbags, I purchase “more expensive” ones at off prices places like Marshall’s/TJMaxx (my definition of more expensive is original retail price $130-$275—never ever $400 or $500). I prefer leather, but try not to pay over $80-100. Because no matter how classic something seems the styles always change a little, and handbags take a beating. Before long, the new wears off and I’m not proud of my bags any more. I did buy a full price $279 Born bag last year, but can tell the leather handle will wear out in another year or two. Every time I look at it, I feel like a fool because I knew better. Short answer: $200, maybe but not likely. $500, never ever.

  26. I like my purses and there is one I would love to own. However, I can’t justify spending over $1,000. for it. I will only pay up to $200.00 for a purse, I usually treat myself 1 time of year since I own so many.

  27. I do not wear brown – I just don’t like it for me. I would never spend that much on a purse. I usually spend $20-40 (obviously not real leather, but I always receive compliments on my purses.) I ordered the amazon skinny jeans you had styled previously, and I had to return them as they ran very small. I am looking for some higher rise jeans, age appropriate for me (65) but not mom jeans.

  28. I love this top on you, Cyndi, but I don’t think the colors would be flattering on me.
    I buy many of my jeans at AE. They fit me well, and hold up nicely. I’ve also bought tops and sweaters from American Eagle.
    As for purses, I have a few handbags that I’ve paid $200+ , but I’m a handbag girl, so I buy purses a lot! I’ve recently bought a few from Sole Society after seeing you carry them, and have been very pleased.

  29. I love the colors of this blouse and am excited to hear browns will be in. I love wearing brown shirts, sweaters, etc., but they are hard to find. I have shopped at AE and they have some cute items but I’m a heavier person and they don’t usually have sizes that fit me. I mostly own Coach and Michael Kors purses. I have an outlet close by or wait for them to go on sale. I prefer not to spend more than $200 on a purse. I would be interested in seeing pieces from stores that go up to XXL though. Social Threads, for example, doesn’t work for plus size women.

  30. american eagle….only resale BUT did just find my faves which are the super, super stretch (yes, both supers by the way) in a 4 short (i’m 5’7″ and usually a size 2 or 4) and i use these as cropped jeggings and if I’m going to “out” myself i must say i just wore them 4 days in a row because i could and they NEVER bagged out. Also, I’m 52 and wear them proud – they look like every other pair of jeggings i own but i did by at plato closet. Regarding leather handbags – i’m frugal and switch so much that i’ve never paid over $25 for any purse, again mostly buy resale. LOVE LOVE the shirt you show today – the colors are me and i’m pretty much a solid person and rarely wear pattern but i do love this one.

  31. Never shopped at American Eagle. I have had 2 Brahmins! $350+! I’ve had them over 5 years and they still look great!!!

    1. Love that outfit on you. I’ll never try putting skinny Jean’s on in car. I have trouble in the house. Ha never would I pay over $100 for hand bag. I like bargains.

  32. I have never spent more than $150 on a bag and don’t plan on doing so. I wait until Coach or someone else puts on fabulous sales. I’m lucky to live 15 minutes from a fabulous outlet mall. As to AE – I’m not opposed, they are just in the middle of the mall and I’m more prone to visit the drive-up and run in stores of a mall than I am to walk down the middle. I would be interested in seeing more Anthropologie styles.

  33. Personally, I think American Eagle tailors their clothing for younger and slimmer individuals so it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been in there haha. As for handbags, I think you can get a quality bag for under $100 so paying over $200 for a purse would be considered a big splurge for me! I’m not necessarily looking for a Coach, Michael kors etc. bag and typically these designers charge more for a bag just because of the name. If I did pay that much the purse would truly have to be very unique to justify that price. With all that said, I am always interested in different points of view so I would be open to seeing what you find!

  34. I think the top looks great on you but those aren’t my colors. I am not a purse person, I won’t spend more than $100, but it has to be leather. I spend my money on shoes and clothes. I have to admit that I’m tempted by the trendy Sole Society bags you style, but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet.

  35. As usual, loved this post. The colors in the blouse don’t work for me, but I love the style.

    I have recently purchased AE jeans. I have a 36” inseam – they not only have jeans that are long enough for me (usually purchased online to get the long ones), but they also offer high waisted! Win/win!

    When my husband retired, I got a LV for his retirement, since I was continuing to work😉. I got a black bag that is understated and gorgeous. I do trade it out during spring/summer and recently found a beautiful light pink Kate Spade tote (I also love the zipper feature on her totes) on sale for $189. Deal!

    I look for your blog every morning, Cyndi. Your BFTH always touches me and gives me something to think about for the day. Thank you!

  36. Love this top! I usually buy a good handbag every 1-2 years. But I carry them a lot. As for American Eagle I don’t think I would shop there. I am just too old and chubby for that! But I know they would look amazing on you!

  37. I am open to seeing any brand of clothing. I always bought handbags in the $20-$40 range, but this past Christmas my husband bought me the most beautiful bag and it cost around $200, and it is so worth it. It still looks new after 3 months, very sturdy and beautifully constructed.

  38. I like the blouse and think with white jeans it would be more springy or summery. I just bought a cute yellow handbag that would pop that yellow. I live on the Gulf coast of Texas, so jeans in the summer do not work, even at night. Have worn AE shirts but never jeans. I have spent up to $400 for a purse, but never $1000 – unless I came into some serious money. Shoes are my downfall. I would love to have a pair of Tory Burch shoes, but can’t bring myself to spend that although friends who have them say they last forever. I love your posts, Cyndie and look forward to them everyday. Thanks for keeping it real.

  39. Hey Cyndi,

    Love the entire outfit today! It’s got a real late 70’s early 80’s vibe! I try to keep my handbag purchases in the $200-$300 range. As to American Eagle, I never rule any store out. There is almost always something you can find if you look hard enough. Have a great day! Rhonda

  40. Oh my, you have a lot going on today! I think the top you’re styling is cute, but it screams “fall” to me. and so do the shoes. They seem very heavy for a spring or summer outfit. I like to spend my fashion dollars on a quality handbag, but for me that means brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, (I do like to name drop when it comes to handbags sunglasses and shoes)..haha..I wont spend more than $200 for a quality handbag, so I shop the outlets, T.J. Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack for value pricing on quality bags, shoes, and sunglasses. A friend of mine just purchased a Burberry handbag for over $1500. I couldn’t speak! To me that’s just crazy, but everyone is different.

  41. I’m have to admit American Eagle is not even on my radar. I thought it more for the young.
    I have never paid more than $200 for a purse. I like to change them up often – different colors, styles and sizes. If I bought an expensive one like my daughter does, it would be my one and only. I’m afraid I would be bored.
    I laughed picturing you squeezed into your vehicle changing up your outfits. It would be fun to see what really goes on during fashion shoots.
    I’m loving those wider, colourful straps on purses. Fun!

  42. Love all of your posts Cindi! I’m 55 years old and love AE jeans. In particular, I like that on AE’s website they offer “short” and “x-short” lengths. Their return policy is convenient as well. I would and do spend over $100 on a purse. If I really like a purse, I don’t change it out very often, so I figure it’s worth the money.

  43. I have shopped at AE with my teens and never thought to buy anything for myself from there until recently. I tried on their jeans (sized up) and ended up loving them. Good stretch, fit, length and price. I am a fan! As far as handbags go, I have paid up to $300 for a good quality everyday bag. I don’t change my handbags often, so I do look for quality and something in a neutral color.

  44. You always look fabulous no matter what color you’re styling! To answer your questions: I do love AE jeans!! I have several pair-and I actually have often wondered why the bloggers that I follow don’t try them out! Lol! However, the one thing that gets me is the back pocket placement… not good for a gal with no bum!! I generally wear tops that cover that anyway, so I can still enjoy my jeans! They have so many options of wash and fit! The most expensive handbag that I have purchased is a Coach for nearly $300-because I had a couple of gift cards from Christmas! I cannot afford to spend that much actual money on one thing! lol- that said, if I can find a leather handbag for less, then by all means…. but generally, no. I do have a cool story though…. A dear friend of mine actually just GAVE me a Burberry handbag- retails at $1650!!!!! Yep…. I’m still in shock! (Longer story there, but not for here!) I can totally understand the Hungry- changing in a car- and especially if it’s terribly Hot or Cold!!! Dang- PLEASE do a Behind-the-Scenes/Outtakes video for us!!!!! <3

    1. Love the whole outfit! I have no problem wearing those colors in the spring and I live in north Florida.
      Also love AE jeans. I’m 55 and a size 4 and they are my go to in my closet. My favorite brand is Just Black but for the price you can’t beat AE. I do think they sit a little lower in the hips but they wear and wash well.
      I’m not a name brand girl when it comes to handbags. I’m in a crossbody mode and I normally buy from DSW or stitch fix. I tend to get lots of compliments so that’s reassuring of my style.
      Think I’m going to buy the shoes!! Have a blessed day everyone!!

  45. I am not a fan of the top today it comes off to me as more of a fall color and yes even reminds me of the 70s. I would never pay more than $100 for a purse because I like to change them out every season with the new colors and styles. I have never shopped at American Eagle but we’re always consider a good pair Of good fitting jeans no matter where they come from and that are reasonably price

  46. Hi Cyndi,

    I prefer to keep my purse purchases under $200, usually on sale. I also carry them for a long time and don’t switch out much, except for evening. Therefore, neutral, basic style is my go-to.

    As for AE, they’re too junior for me. I’m probably one of your older readers, getting ready to turn 66. I like higher rise jeans to “hold it all in”!!

    I agree that the top today seemed more fall-like to me.

    Thanks for all you do,

  47. I have a pair of American Eagle jeans and really like them so I would be open to seeing stuff from them. I think they are too expensive but I don’t get to wear jeans that often so I can’t see paying more than $50 for jeans. I will spend $100-150 on a handbag but it would be one that I carried everyday for several years. Anything above $150 is too much for a bag. No judgement just not my thing.

  48. I just bought 4 pairs of jeans from American Eagle in the past month and I am 54. They are great jeans, and I don’t think they look like they are just for 20 year olds. I was the oldest person in the dressing room, but it just made me feel “cool” not weird. 🙂 The prices are good too. I can’t do the $80 and over jeans from Nordstrom.

    No to the expensive hand bags. $100 is the highest, and I have a very hard time doing that.

  49. I love the colors in the blouse. I’ve always been a brown girl! To answer your questions: I would not buy a bag that costs $200-$500. Just not in my DNA to spend that much on a bag. So, like you, I would never spend $1000 or more, either! As far as the American Eagle question, I would really like to see what you’d style from them. I’ve been seeing more AE things styled on blogs, and I am interested. Thanks for your great info!

  50. Happy Thursday!

    I love the shoes you have on in this picture. I also love that the jeans are lowered priced and they look great on you!

    The top is cute however the colors look more like “fall time” to me.

    I’ve been in AE many times with my 21 year old daughter but have never thought about trying on their jeans……maybe I should.

    As far as spending money on a purse……I only wish I could pay big money on one. I usually get my daughters hand me downs. It’s called single mom on a very limited budget. Ha! I do my best to try to make it work and dress as stylish as I can. I’m amazed out how much the clothes and accessories cost that most bloggers advertise……do people really live like this? lol

    Thank you for asking for input.

  51. First of all, I really like the outfit you’re styling today! As to the questions you asked of us readers, I would not shop at American Eagle, even tho we have one here at our local mall. The only folks I see going in there seem to be the age 30’s and younger set. Their window posters and mannequins seem to reflect that age group as well. I would never spend over $100 on a leather handbag even tho I could afford one. I have a black Michael Kors that I purchased (with gift money at their outlet store that should last years.

  52. Purses – yes, I will over $100 – the most I’ve spent is around $350, but it was a classic and def. a splurge. I love Patricia Nash purses and wallets (she’s a local Knoxvillian), Spartina 449 purses and wallets (been buying these for years when they were only available in SC where I grew up), Fossil leather purses are good too. I don’t change out my purse except maybe 2-3 times a year so I buy quality to last. I do have some less expensive cross-body bags for shopping, or being out and about, but even those I will “invest” the money and buy quality.
    American Eagle – well, until about a month ago I only shopped there for my step-daughter for gifts BUT I was looking for a new denim jacket – bc WooT! thanks to the FASTer Way I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and needed one that fit. Anyway, I dropped by AE hoping to see what they may have and got a great new jacket and paid like $23 for it. It doesn’t scream AE or young so I was good with it. Much of their stuff is too young looking-for my taste- and I simply won’t be that woman :-).
    Trends – I do like to know what’s trending, but that doesn’t mean I will wear it. Some trends are better left to those younger than 35, and some look great on folks, but not me. At the end of the day, if I like it, and if it is becoming on me, I will wear it, but I won’t wear anything just because it’s trending. For example, yellow and orange can be the “it colors” but I will never, ever, wear either as those colors make me look dead – LOL.

  53. Great post! Have never purchased anything from AE.
    As for handbags, they are one of my favorite things and I will invest in quality leather bags. I have carried Brahmin (primarily) and Brighton for years. This year, I treated myself to a Cuyana Work Satchel (in black). This is the most I’ve spent for a bag at $510 (including tassel), but it is elegant, timeless, and the leather is amazing! And frankly, I wanted something unique that not everyone has. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I don’t know that I could justify spending more than $1,000 on a bag.

  54. Hi Cyndi! Yes, I have shopped at AE and I do like some of their jeans and tee shirts. They do have some jeggings that fit me just fine and didn’t look like see through leggings. Basically, if jeans fit me and I like them I will shop at the store that has them! As for purses, I don’t spend more $100. For a birthday one day I would love to have a new Brighton purse. Their brand is expensive but great quality in my experience. I love your blouse and you are blessed to be able to wear brown, yellow, and orange. Those colors just don’t work for me so I will have to stick to the bright cool colors this spring and summer. Be blessed, Cyndi!

  55. I like to know what the trends are but pick and choose what I like for myself.
    I don’t own any AE jeans but have friends who love them so think I may go try some on next time I’m at the mall. Ps – I was told to go up a size. Wondering if others have the same experience?
    I always said I would never buy the $$$ purses – there are too many cute ones for much less that still look great – however, my daughter found a store that sells the designer bags on consignment (so,yes, they are previously loved) I admit to buying some there the past few years. They have to be in great shape and ones I truly love.

  56. Hi Cyndi, Never say never! A few years ago my nephew bought his wife a LV for Christmas. When he told me what it cost I thought he was crazy. Guess what. Christmas 2017 I told my husband I wanted a LV Never full and he gave me one. I also have one Gucci and a couple of Tory Burch. I am a purseaholic. However, I do purchase inexpensive purses too – Target, TJmaxx, etc. Also love Vera Bradley. One of my favorite brands is Spartina 449. No one ever talks about this brand. They are beautiful and are in the $100 – $350 range. Their linen and leather is their signature purses. Check them out. I think you will like them. I am too old for AE anything! Have a great day.

    1. Love Spartina! I have a crossbody I use on the weekends for errands, and then a tropical tote and wristlet I take on weekend getaways and to the beach. Such a fun brand!

  57. I only get leather purses when I find them in good condition at thrift stores. Once, I found a new-with-the-tags-still-on Anne KIein leather purse at Goodwill for $10. It was like the Heavens opened up and were shining down on me that day.

    Jeans…uck….I’ll get them anywhere I can find a pair that fits!! Jeans shopping is the worst! 🙂

  58. No wouldn’t shop at American Eagle. I’m too old in my 60s. No I wouldn’t spend over 50 bucks for a purse. Sorry but I have to be frugal!

  59. I try just about any store to see if I like the styles, if they fit me, and they are in my price range. For example I am loving some of those short tops because I am so very short myself that they are perfect.

    As for your other question I’ve never spent more than $100 for a purse and I don’t think I’ve spent more than $50. I have a wonderful Michael Kors bag that I’ve had for five years that I found on deep sale at $35, but it’s not worth it to me to spend more than $50.

  60. I don’t do good with multi-colored . . . I tend to stick to solid colors or something that’s not too busy.
    I’ve never tried AE clothes, but if I found a pair of jeans that fit well, I would definitely try them.
    I’m guilty of spending for a quality leather bag, I’m so hard on purses, the cute less expensive ones don’t hold up. One of my “bucket list” splurges before I retire will be to own a Louis Vuitton purse . . . along with a baby grand piano!! Guess I’ll be working for several more years!

  61. Hi CyndiThiI usually ask for a purse for Christmas. That is the only way I can justify spending over $100 for a purse. In the past I was getting Michael Kors bags, but the handles do not hold up well. This year I got a Doony and Bourke, the seams are much stronger. So far I am really happy with it.


  62. I’m a redhead so I love seeing theses colors for spring vs fall! I love your point on being in the know for what is trending vs having it all. This is one of the reasons I love your posts – you da best!

  63. To answer your question- I would NEVER buy a purse over $200. I like to change my purses out too often to have expensive taste. My favorite purse is a Fossil black leather I have had for a few years.

    I have one pair of American Eagle skinny jeans that my son’s girlfriend talked me into buying (she worked there!) I like them. They have enough stretch but hold their shape.

  64. Hi Cyndi

    My most expensive purse ever was a real “steal” at $135 which was a Michael Kors Black leather purse with a small nearly invisible scratch on the back. I got it at a discount outlet. It’s a classic I’ve had for about 7 years so it doesn’t owe me a penny! I use it in the winter and switch it up with cheaper finds. I would have never paid the full price regardless of the number of years I have had it. I think it’s the thrill of the hunt!

    In general I never pay over $100 for a purse. I like to change up my purse collection each season and add a new colour or a new trend. I am quite hard on my purses, no matter the price, they always ends up on the floor in my car or in the summer crushed in a hole in our sailboat.

    There are so many great inexpensive on trend purses! Please keep showcasing those.

    As for trends! I do love knowing what they are, a girl has to keep current after all, but I know what works for me and my lifestyle so I only incorporate them when they work!

    I’ve recently been hearing good things about American Eagle. I have always thought of this as a young persons store. I’d love you to check it out and give us some feedback!

    I like that your fashion suggestions are on trend but budget conscious. I like that you shop at stores that are easily accessible from way up here in Canada. I’m not going to buy a $250 purse or a $150 blouse. I like that you keep it real.

    Thanks for being you!


  65. This is a cute and trendy outfit but I just don’t gravitate towards oranges or Browns ( reminds me of A&W) lol… As far as your questions I don’t mind investing in a great handbag as long as it’s a timeless one. I also watch for the sales on Michael Kors or Kate Spade, and visit the outlets( when traveling)to get great handbags at really good prices. As far as American Eagle I’m mixed… I really haven’t tried their jeans so can’t pass judgment on that; however when my daughter and I were in the other day a lot of their tops seemed very boxy and SHORT it was feeling very teenybopper to the two of us and she’s 25… I know styles change so it could just be what’s in style for the younger crowd at the moment. I have bought from their sister store aeri though. Great joggers, sweaters tops etc… but I would honestly like to see what you would style from American Eagle..

  66. Hahaha on knowing the fashion trends but not choosing to follow all of them. I’m a stylin’ Nana who is picky. To answer some of your questions. I have not thought of American Eagle for myself (I’m 59) as I’ve thought of it as a teen store. Perhaps I’m wrong and will confess to owning one item from Abercrombie – definite teen territory 😱. I’d consider AE if item was fitting a need of mine. For purses, I love a good Kate Spade as they last forever and ooooh that leather. I always wait for a sale. Most importantly, most styles have a full top zipper. I will not consider a snap closure or fold over ever – eliminates a lot of brands for me but for those of us in metro areas, it’s not a good idea to go the no zipper route. I do supplement with lower priced “vegan leather” bags on colors/trends. I’ve wanted a light gray hobo style for ages. Found one at Target last month for $35, top zip and all. It sits proudly next to KS in my closet and is excellent quality and a great faux. I’d like a good faux blush pink with a top zip but it evades me at present.🤷🏼‍♀️ I will not go over a mid-ranged priced KS or Coach (on sale of course). I do not buy designer bags often but I own about 10 & all are 3 yrs +. Beyond that, I just can’t justify $$$$. That’s just me.

  67. Happy Thursday, Cyndi!
    I’ve gotten so much style inspiration from you over the past couple of years😊

    Regarding AE jeans…they are fantastic! I have them in every possible style(from tulip hem crops, to black distressed flares, and everything in between). They are super comfortable, and they hold their shape really well. I also love that I can get them in “extra long.”

    Have a joy filled day!

  68. I am 45 and have been wanting to try AE jeans. Their line used to run so small so I have no idea on sizes (and I hate going to the mall) so I would be interested to hear if they run true to size for women (not juniors). I’ve heard so many great things about their jeans! I just haven’t pulled the trigger.

  69. Love that multi colored top. Those colors are so beautiful together.

    As to buying a bag up to a $999….never. I’ve not spent more than $350-400 on a bag. I love purses and don’t have to have expensive ones as long as they look good.

    Have a blessed day.

  70. One more thing-I follow you also because we are about the same age and I love getting ideas for my wardrobe, also!

  71. Hi Cyndi!

    I just wanted you to know that I follow your blog because of your uplifting and positive posts! There are a lot of fashion bloggers on the web but I smile a lot when I read yours. Your post today made me smile more than once and I just wanted to thank you! Have a great day! BTW, I have been saving for one of those $1000+ handbags. It will be mine soon!

    1. Thank you, Candice!! And see I knew there would be some who would save for a very expensive purse. We all are different and we have different likes and dislikes. That’s what makes this world go around!!
      Blessings lady!

  72. The American Eagle jeans are sizing their jeans 2 sizes smaller than they actually are. I reached out to AEO after reading an article about this, & their response was less than honest. You can check it out yourself with just a couple google searches, but i found out the hard way by purchasing a pair in size 31 regular (my size} and couldn’t pull them up!!! Kind of surprised me so it started me on a quest to research them. You were asking so i thought i would give you my feed- back. I am enjoying your blog and your very classy fashion sense. Happy spring from MIchigan- Sue Frontera

  73. You outfit reminds me of 70’s style, not that it’s a bad thing, that’s just where my mind went (but I’m an 80’s baby-so what do I know. Ha) I like these spring colors. I hope you style more. I’d love to see that teal and orange around this spring and summer! I’d love to see what purses you come up with, but even the $100 ones, I still like to see knock-offs (super cheap right here). I do have a pair of AE jeans I got from an outlet store. I like them, but I think the rear end sags by the end of the day. I’d like to hear your experience with it, because maybe it was just that pair I had. 🙂

  74. I wear American Eagle all the time as they fit my body the best – no funky crotch gathering and they are incredibly slimming. That’s pretty much all I wear from AE because my daughter shops there and we don’t want to be twinsies – lol…The price point is great, too.

    I’m one of those that spends a lot on handbags so I don’t go for super trendy, but more classic styles. I love Goyard and LV and probably only buy bags every so often…I tell myself that I can either buy them often and spend $200.00 on a bag or less often and do it all in one shot – that option works for me!

    I love those shoes – I have a similar pair and the platform makes them super comfortable – I can shop in them and my feet don’t hurt.

  75. This looks good on you, not a color palette for myself though.i buy purses at tj maxx and marshals always under $50. I use them until their dingy and then toss without guilt.

  76. Cyndi – As for purses – I try to keep at $100 or less. I like current trends and colors so I like to update my “go to” bag seasonally. I have found cute designer purses at discount prices at DSW shoe stores. Their inventory changes often and their prices are what I can afford.

  77. I’ve never tried American Eagle jeans but I am open to any brand that fits well and is good quality at a reasonable price. I do purchase leather handbags, but I wait until they are on sale. I have a MIchael Kors brown leather bag I got on sale at Dillard’s for $100. I would never pay more than $150 for a bag.

  78. I really like this whole outfit! The shoes are probably my favorite and they would also be pretty with summer dresses and skirts! Thanks for putting together these pretty outfits and giving us some great ideas for out wardrobes.

    1. Never say never! I splurged on the LV never full 2 years ago haven’t had a regret. I have 4 girls they we’re the ones that encouraged me to do it. I use it as a tote and also pull the sides in to make it a purse (I use it more as a purse than a tote) I justified it since it’s multiply functional! Ha I do love a good mid priced trendy bag Sole Society has been my go to for years.

  79. Cute and trendy outfit. I love the colors in the top and will look for one similar as the price point is out of my budget. I’ll spend more money on shoes but try to keep tops and bottoms under $50.