Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Happy hump day! Yesterday was a whirlwind. I had planned on getting some things checked off my to-do list, but I didn’t get as much accomplished as I had hoped.

I’m hunkered down today, and I’m going to start checking things off.

Target is a great place to shop for clothes that won’t break the bank, and I found some cute pieces that are perfect for spring.

Cute coats and jackets are a must for spring. This anorak jacket is great for cool weather. It has a hood, but it is removable.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Anorak Jacket (I’m wearing an XS)

I love a camo jacket, and this one is a faded camo with front pockets.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Camo Jacket (I’m wearing a small)

I can’t find this blouse online, but this one is similar. Paperbag pants are comfy, and these will look cute with a nude heel.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Blouse (option here)//Paperbag pants (I’m wearing a small)

This is a pretty boho-inspired dress and would look cute with sandals and a denim jacket.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Sleeveless Tiered Dress (I’m wearing an XS)

This midi dress comes in several different patterns (I’m wearing a black bra, not recommended) and perfect for early spring. It’s possibly a good option for Easter Sunday.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Long sleeve midi dress (I’m wearing a small but need to size down)

I love this jumpsuit, but it’s a little low cut for me. I’m not sure fashion tape could help with this.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

V-Neck Cropped Jumpsuit (I’m wearing a small)

This cute halter dress came home with me. You will need a strapless bra, and I covered up my black bra straps with my hair. I think it’s so new that it’s not online yet, the brand is A New Day.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Halter Dress (I’m wearing an XS)

This straight dress comes in lots of colors. Add some sandals and a denim jacket for a cute casual outfit.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

Sleeveless Dress (I’m wearing a small)

This t-shirt dress comes in lots of colors and is only $15.  I would wear sneakers with this dress.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

T-Shirt Dress (I’m wearing a small)

These high rise pants are so comfortable! Great for travel or casual workwear.

Target Try-On and Comfort Sandals

High Rise Pants (I’m wearing 

Some of you mentioned yesterday that you needed comfort spring sandals. Nordstrom and Macy’s have a category for comfort shoes, so I picked out a few that I like.

Eileen Fisher has adorable ones, but they are pricey!

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Before a word is on my tongue, You, Lord, know it completely. Psalm 139:4

Today, think before you speak. If you’ve been trusted with a secret, don’t share it with anyone else. Let your words be kind. There’s too much meanness in the world, let’s be different!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hi,
    That camo dress, is it too thin? Does it need any underpinnings?
    generally the Target dresses are too flimsy.

  2. Thanks for this post!! I loved all the dresses you tried on!!! I also loved the coats!! I loved everything and I would have a difficult time picking just one one of each!!😊

  3. I love every outfit that you showed!!! Just beautiful!!! But I am curious about the dressing room…I have never seen such an upscale dressing room at Target
    You must have a fancy store in Kentucky.

  4. Loved seeing these fashions from Target and the sandals. I giggled when you said you didn’t know if a shoe was comfortable or not….how times change, huh? I stopped wearing heels years ago, then went to a 2-2.5 inch pump, then a small wedge to flats now days and am always on the look out for a truly comfortable shoe! Support, doesn’t pinch anywhere, cushiony and helps me walk and feel great. Now really – is that too much to ask? I used to say that I truly thought that men that hated women designed shoes! LOL!

    Have a blessed rest of the week.


  5. Love all these target try ons. My twin worked at Target in Hamilton Ohio. I loved her cute clothes she would find!! You look amazing in everything! Loved the BFTH. I’m so sick at this time but can’t wait to do some spring shopping in Lexington Ky. My daughter’s will be at David’s bridal shop this Saturday for their cousin whose getting married. Have a blessed day!!

  6. So much cuteness to choose from here! Definitely going for the green paperbag pants. I’m really feeling the greens this Spring for some reason…

    1. My nails are SNS dip nails and #24.
      And my hair color is a mixture that i don’t know. My stylist kind of does her own thing and I’m never sure what it is. Ha!

  7. Love Target and love your try ons:) that little white dress is so cute. Anything I’ve purchased from target has always held up with wear. I’m all about comfortable and supporting foot wear. Our feet are our foundation for our hips and back… plus I’m not about to have the pain of Bunyan’s… thanks for that BFTH great one to remember 😀

  8. Thanks for posting comfortable shoes for us, Cyndi! The Eileen Fisher shoes are really cute and they do look comfy. Maybe they would be worth the splurge! Thanks also for BFTH today. I once saw a sign that said, “Lord, keep one hand on my shoulder and your other hand over my mouth.” That’s one I TRY to remember!

  9. Cyndi,

    I really like the tank and tee shirt dresses. I also agree with you about shoes being comfortable. If shoes don’t feel right when I first try them on, I keep shopping until I find the right fit. I will spend more just to get a nice shoe.

    Thanks for the inspirational messages! I’m so glad to read them in your posts.

  10. I’m going on a cruise in April and think some of these would be great to bring along! Is the T-shirt dress you are showing here the color “Lilac”? What color sandal would you suggest for this t-shirt dress? Thanks.

  11. And thank you for featuring COMFORTABLE shoes. All the cute outfits in the world don’t mean a thing if my feet are killing me!

  12. The try-on sessions are my favorite! And you’ve been doing a lot of great ones lately. You really help “do my shopping” for me. So fun!!:)

  13. The camo dress is my favorite, though everything you are styling today looks great on you. Does the camo jacket you have on in a separate photo match the camo dress? If so, would you wear them together or do you think a denim jacket would be preferable?

  14. I would love to see those high rise pants styled! They are super cute! Also starting to look for things for wedding showers, graduations, and Sept & November weddings. My spring, summer & fall is packed!