The Sunshine Collection

Hi ladies! I’m back from vacation, and I couldn’t be happier to be home. I slept in my bed last night, and it was glorious! So glorious, I didn’t get up until 9 am. That is unheard of for me.

We were in several different time zones on vacation, and the time changed while we were gone, so I’m all kinds of messed up!

While everything has changed since we were gone and I know we’re all hoping this virus will pass quickly, I’m going to try and keep some normalcy here on the blog.

Today on the blog, I’m sharing The Sunshine Collection form Gibson x The Motherchic. It was meant for vacation and spring get-togethers, which is not going to happen right now, but life will get back to normal, and I can’t wait to wear these pieces. Also, they are all 25% off right now!

First up is the smocked maxi dress. Dress it up for dinner with wedges and fun earrings or wear it more casually with flat sandals and a denim jacket. This is such a comfy dress, and it has pockets. I’m wearing a strapless bra.

The Sunshine Collection

Smocked maxi dress (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Madewell sandals(TTS)

This is the Lakeshore dress, and I love this navy color. I think it would be so cute for the 4th of July and I’m hoping we will able to have get-togethers for the 4th of July. It’s bra-friendly, and it has pockets.

The Sunshine Collection

Lakeshore dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Earrings//Slide sandals (TTS)

Lastly, I’m wearing a striped tank with the harborside shorts. You can go matchy-matchy like I did, or you can wear them separately. The shorts have a comfortable waistband and pockets.

The Sunshine Collection

Tank top (I’m wearing an XS)//Harborside shorts (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Slide sandals (TTS)

What are you most excited about WHEN this season of our life is over??

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~Today, more than ever my heart is full of thankfulness. While I know we are living in very scary times and this virus is real, my trust is not in our government, it’s not in material things (I love nice things, I will be the first to admit that) but my trust has always been in Jesus and Him alone.

I’m going to use this time to dig deeper into His word and linger over it. Truly, your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hi Cyndi,
    Thank you so much for your blog…I get it, this is your job and you are so good at your job. I know that some will think it is frivolous to think about fashion right now but it is such a light in this dark time. I so look forward to a few minutes of normalcy in this strange, scary time.
    I’m staying so busy and getting a lot of cooking and organizing done. Perhaps a post on closet editing would be helpful to those of us who are wondering what to purge.. I’m from a suburb of Dallas, Texas and we are pretty much shutdown here. Thanks again to you and your husband and your positive and faith based messages.💕

  2. Thank you for keeping some normalcy during such an incredibly abnormal time. May God bless and keep you and your precious family!

  3. Thank you always for your blog! It helps us to focus on the future and fun times ahead! We will make it through the storm! My good friend sent your posts to me when I lived in Illinois and now I live back in my home state of Tennessee.

    Also highly contagious is –
    Kindness, Patience, Love, Enthusiasm, and a Positive Attitude
    Don’t wait to catch it from others – BE THE CARRIER!

  4. Yes, please continue posting your fashion and faith. We are bombarded with negative news these days and it is refreshing to see your posts. We all need to maintain our hope in the Lord and not let anxiety control us. So press on sister!
    I’m from Rockwall, Texas

  5. I love that you are continuing to post your normal things! It gives us something else to think about!! Thank you Cyndi for always being so thoughtful, considerate and encouraging!!

  6. Hey Cyndi, I really look forward to your daily blog of sharing fashion and faith. It is especially a bright moment in these past few weeks of uncertainty. Welcome home !
    Donna from Visalia, CA

  7. Cyndi,
    Your blog is refreshing to read and a pleasant thing to focus on during this time of unknowns. I eagerly await you daily blog and enjoy it. I love your “Beauty For the Heart”. It’s both encouraging and God honoring. Thank you both for all you do and praying for your livelihood to continue to flourish! Keep it coming 💝

  8. Thank you for what you do! Always enjoy your posts and BFTH, no matter what else is going on in the world! As a healthcare worker, I really appreciate the distraction from all that is happening right now.

  9. I am a nurse in Va. I enjoy hearing what you’re doing and wearing, using for self care or makeup. I especially like hearing about those things because you’re a Christian believer. It is a blesssing to me.
    Thanks & keep pressing on!

  10. Hi Cyndi! I am from Texas- Dallas/Ft Worth to be exact. I love your post and your faith! thanks for sharing both!

  11. Cyndi,
    Just wanted to affirm you, that even though fashion seems trivial right now, it IS providing a diversion and levity. When I wake up with dread some mornings, I can clear the cobwebs with fashion, then move on to my Bible study stuff. I’m grateful for our shared hope in Jesus. He is truly my anchor.
    Katrina from Portland, OR

  12. Hi Cindy
    Welcome back, glad you are safe. I always look forward to your daily blog. I enjoy the fashion, And I use the Beauty from the Heart as my positive quote of the day. Trying to reflect on it during the day.
    I use your blog and others at the start of my day with coffee, (because everything goes with coffee). This is my self care moment to reflect, and sometimes I need that reminder to put God back into my day.
    Thank you

  13. My name is Carol, writing from Carolina Beach, NC! With everyone staying indoors, it is absolutely great to have fun things to read, watch, and browse – that includes your blog. Does the person who questioned whether you should be sharing fashion with all that is going on want us to just sit in our homes and cry? Life isn’t normal but a bit of normalcy is so nice. Keep up the good work, Cyndi!

  14. Thank you, from Lynchburg, VA!! I appreciate your thoughtful and spirit led response to “kind” criticism. I love your blogs. It’s a healthy distraction to the chaos and uncertain times we live in.

  15. Cindy
    I appreciate the distraction from all the horrible news. I limit my exposure to the media! Thank you for keeping one small part of my day normal 😊 Happiness and positivity help boost the immune system. Stay well

  16. I’m from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia!
    I read your emails everyday. I have only every left a couple of comments.
    I am a committed Christian and love how you keep me up to date with whats in in fashion at the moment.

  17. I love, love, love getting your emails each day! It puts a smile on my face and I have enjoyed them for a long time. Right now, when things are so bleak, its refreshing to see your fashion ideas, your home décor, and especially the Beauty of the Heart verses. I have cut a lot of them out and put on my desk, please keep doing exactly what you’re doing! We all enjoy you so much!!Diane from Daytona Beach!

  18. I’m so glad you will be continuing with your blog as it’s nice to get a person’s attention off what is going on around the world with something I enjoy! If you don’t mind sharing, how do you stay on your eating plan while vacationing?

  19. Have enjoyed your blog for years, you were still a hygenist. Keep the fashion coming, keep the beauty for the heart coming, keep the home decor coming, keep cute shots of Colt and Claire coming because it all keeps us smiling! Love you Cyndi from Reedley California!

  20. I LIVE for your emails every day because it is an escape from all the craziness in the world. You are a fashion blogger….not a current events blogger!!! Or a newscaster for that matter. You keep up the good work.

    Loving you from NC

  21. Hello from Remington, VA! I am glad you are continuing with this blog and I look forward to what you are sharing everyday. We are bombarded with the negative and you share the joy of Jesus and a smile with ideas about being fashion forward after 40, 50 etc. Thank you for being the blessing that you are. Your truth shines through daily.

  22. Cyndi , I live in the small town of Rockwell NC and I have been receiving your blog email everyday since 2017 , I look forward to it everyday no matter what is going on in the world , it brightens my day and your beauty for the heart always lifts me up as we lift up our Lord , it is your job and you have every right to do it .
    Thank you and God Bless !!!!

  23. I am in Northern Alabama, after living in upstate New York for 30+ years.

    Thank you for continuing to blog about fashion. At 53 years old I want to keep up with trends etc and you help me do that! While I might not take and wear a full ensemble you blog about, I can pick and choice bits and pieces!

  24. Cyndi,
    I look forward to your blog and Instagram posts and buy the majority of my clothes through your posts now. My entire family was watching your cruise and was concerned about your safety!
    So glad you made it home. Oh and I need to soak my sns nails off too!

  25. I look forward to your blog everyday. I’m now working from home (not a hardship) with all the worry I look for routine and the simple things the normal things. You are an inspiration and I love reading Beauty for the Heart every day.

  26. Keep doing what you do, so your normal job is working from home, which many of us are doing right now. It nice to have the distraction and something to look forward to when things return to “normal.”
    Stay safe!

  27. I love the smocking on the first dress, that reminds me so much of growing up in the 70’s and having a couple dresses, and a coupld of summer tops like that.

    I think you should continue to do your fashion, we need other things to turn our attention to besides the gloom and doom of this virus, and I think it’s important to look ahead with hope, and that’s what this gives us a chance to do, it’s a way of saying “this isn’t forever,” because it’s not, and God doesn’t want us to focus on the gloom and fear, He wants us to focus on Him, and to continue living each day with new hope.

    These are strange and scary times, but like you, I trust God with my life, nobody else. I sat outside on my patio yesterday while we had some sunshine, and I noticed the trees all have tiny buds for leaves that are coming soon, and I could hear little birds in our fir trees, and I thought “they are going on with life as they know it, nothing changes for them,” and I believe, with the exception of the rules we must follow right now, that that is what God wants us to do also. Happy Spring!

    1. Hi Cyndi,

      I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico and the sun is shining today. I’m glad you made it home safely.

      Please keep blogging. I really enjoy the daily emails.

      Thank you very much.


    2. My name is Carol from Michigan. Well said Robyn!! I love everything about your blog too! Psalm 9:5-7,9&10 are awesome verses to dwell on. Stay well everyone!

  28. Thank you for keeping it real Cyndi. At the end of the day, none of us have experienced what’s going on in our world today. I’ve tried not to overthink all this, and your blog is a pleasant diversion that life goes on. God’s plan is bigger than ours and I have to believe we’ll get through this and come out of it better than before. I have always loved your posts and I look forward to when we can wear these cute Spring clothes, and things will return to “normal” whatever that means. Hugs!

  29. Cyndi, I live in rural southern Kansas, and I appreciate your blogging work so much. It is a sweet spot in my day to know you will be in my inbox every day…especially now when everything is so topsy turvy. Thank you for all you do.

  30. I am from Los Gatos, California, near San Francisco. We have been hit hard by the Coronavirus. I love that you share your faith. I look forward to the beauty for the heart section of your blog so thank you!


  31. I am from a suburb close to Chicago! I love staying home to check up on paper work, reading, making dinner , cleaning my house, and organizing closets, drawers, etc…but I am missing my young and wondering how they are behaving with their parents (haha) and what are they doing every day. Thanks for your post and it is helping me keep my mind off with what is happening in our country!! We are strong and having faith will help us survive because we are all in this together!!! Love and blessings to you and your family!! (I am so happy you and Wayne are safety at home!!)🙏❤️😊💜🤗💖🇺🇸😍

  32. Please, please, please, continue to do what you do.
    You are my daily ray of sunshine & normalcy.
    For a moment in time I am able to get my mind off
    of the uncertainty we are going through at the moment.
    I appreciate you.

  33. Hi Cyndi,

    I’m from Dayton, OH.

    We need normalcy & consistency right now. So yes, PLEASE do continue to do your daily blog. It helps us to get through the day.

    Appreciate all you do!

  34. Hi Cyndi,

    We need normalcy and consistency now more than ever. So yes, please DO continue to do what you do every day. These are the things that get us through the day.


  35. Thank you for your continued blogging. I am away from home watching my granddaughter while my kids work from home. We are all struggling with life these days. I appreciate a distraction and a moment of reprieve as we press on through another day of quarantine.

  36. From beautiful Newfoundland, Canada, keep your blog going! I’ve been enjoying it each day since my discovery a year ago. It’s especially appreciated now during this uncertain time. Your ‘Beauty of Hope’ is always uplifting and often just the words needed as I begin each day. Many blessings to you and your family.

  37. Keep doing what you love…cuz we love you
    I live in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan…..only place in the US with no confirmed case of the virus:))))

  38. Thank you so much for all you do Most if all , I look forward to seeing what you have to say Thanks for always giving God the glory. Keep doing what you are doing

  39. I’m from Topeka, KS. I love your posts, and have been following for many years. Your blog helps me stay on top of fashion trends, and gives me makeup/skincare ideas. I also enjoy your “Beauty for your Heart” posts. We are hunkered down, but know that our unknown future is in the hands of a known God!

  40. Good morning! ☀️ My name is Melissa and I’m from Kentucky 💙 I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your BLOG!! 😁 Prayers 🙏🏼 for you and all the other’s that make a living by way of Blogging! God’s BIGGER! 🙌🏼

  41. Hi Cyndi- I’m Kay and live in Northeast Florida! I enjoy your blog so much and you sharing your faith. Your blog and updates on fashion are always nice to read and even though we are in trying times, it won’t be this way forever!

    God is so good and this was no suprise to Him! Let us rest in his peace and goodness!

  42. Hi there! I’m Wendy from Chesapeake, VA. So glad you are home safe and sound. I look forward to your email every day, but even more so now for a distraction during these uncertain times. Thank you for continuing to share your fashion and faith with us. God bless you and your family.

  43. Please keep doing what you’re doing, it’s a wonderful distraction. With so much time at home it’s so enjoyable to reach your blog.

  44. I am glad you are home safe! Thanks for keeping your blog going. I need some distraction right now. I love these pieces and I am ordering that cute blue dress for summer!

  45. I also appreciate the sense of normalcy. If I want to hear about the virus I can turn the news back on, since it’s on almost every channel all day. We need to try to keep things going best way we can. I look forward to your posts. I’m in CT and hope to run into you some day!!

  46. I think in difficult times like we are currently experiencing, we need to have a sense of normalcy – and that is what your blog does. It keeps our minds off the virus, food shortage, etc. Keep on doing what you’re doing. We know that God controls everything and He will see us through!

  47. We all have fb and the news for constant reminders Of what is going on in the world. Fashion is a great stress reliever and reminder things WILL go back to normal at some point! Keep doing your thing. Your blog is a blessing!

  48. We are in uneasy times but we know who holds our hand Cyndi. Love the awesome work you and Wayne do and BFTH🙏🏻. Been following you for over 3 years and have purchased many pieces from what you style. Love your blog and all that goes into it. I live in Southeast NC. We were suppose to go on 3 cruises this year and We have cancelled them.

    Prov. 3- 5,6

  49. While I’m shopping from my closet right now, I appreciate seeing normalcy on blogs, so thank-you! Your Beauty from the Heart segment is a positive ‘ray of sunshine’ in what seems like dark times.

  50. Hi, Cyndi!
    I’m Yvette from normally sunny (it’s raining right now) Selma, California, Raisin Capital of the World. Things are looking pretty dismal here… our governor has just ordered our beautiful state and its amazing and diverse citizens to shelter in place for good reason; we’re gonna bend that curve together! It’s causing a great deal of uncertainty but I’m not letting fear nor panic get the best of me! Cyndi, your blog keeps me going! It’s a little bit of “normal” in otherwise crazy times. You’re super at what you do and you do it with heartfelt passion. Your Beauty for the Heart always hits the right note regardless of where one is on the religious spectrum… love is love, right? Thank you. Be safe and be well! XOXO

  51. I love your blogs too, your beautiful face brings light to our day.
    Keep encouraging us during these times. May The Lord bless you for that.
    Greetings from Northern Alberta Canada

  52. I just love getting your blog daily and most of all that you love Jesus.
    I live in California and our state just went on lockdown. What has me sad is our large church is closed for a undetermined time. We now can’t have our life group that meets, so we cling to our strength and that is our God. Blessings to you and my prayer is that many will turn to Him in this uncertain time. Thank you so much for your bright light that shines!

  53. I so appreciate you!…. You are a sweet, kind and down to earth person. I really thank you for sharing your faith and fashion! You are defintiely making a difference in this world! Thank you Cyndi for your inspiration!

  54. Thank you Cyndi for sharing something that brings a little normalcy to life. These are great and I’m grateful to think positively of our future. I appreciate your transparency in you blog and your grace in dealing with people. Thanks for your encouragement as well! Keep up the good work! Dianne from Alabama 😘💕

  55. It’s 11:28pm. Reading all these posts…it’s amazing. All of these women, us, all across the states and Canada, experiencing many of the same fears and emotions right now, but brought together in community by you. That is powerful and comforting. Thank you for your faith in Christ, your fashion advice and your leadership during this unprecedented time.

  56. I’m thankful that you are talking about fashion. It’s nice to have something to distract us from what’s happening in the world. I look forward to your blog everyday. Blessings from Fayetteville, AR.

  57. I know fashion is not the end-all and be-all, but if all we have to think about right now is more and more dire developments in the news, we will sink into despair. Thank you for giving us something else to think about, not just the fashion but Your spiritual thoughts. I welcome your posts bc they are a way to improve myself, and one day things will be much more normal. We will get to the other side of this; the journey won’t be pretty, but we will make it to the end.

  58. Enjoy everything about your post. Especially what you share with us about the love Jesus Christ has for us. Prayers for us all during this terrible time

  59. From Beautiful Montana…where God blesses us everyday! So enjoy you and your fashion! Thank you for showing what is in!

  60. I love your posts!!!! So glad to have a happy spot on the Internet :). I think to continue what you are doing is helpful to so many. I am Karen, from Cincinnati <3.

  61. …from Myrtle Beach SC…now retired and originally from the northeast..
    OH MY..of course keep blogging and inspiring us all!!
    In these trying times an outlet of beauty and kindness is the best medicine. Thank you for all you do.

  62. Hi from Oklahoma City! I enjoy your blog and seeing all the beautiful fashions you model. More than that, though, I appreciate that you unabashedly proclaim Jesus as Lord and your BFTH is always encouraging and uplifting. I can always visit your blog for a lovely reprieve from the ugliness that is all over social media. Also, super cool to see the different places your blog followers are from!

  63. Hi Cyndi, I’ve read you blog every day for the past couple years but never commented. I understand how some people might be upset about your focus on fashion but for me it’s a much needed escape from my reality, if only for 5 minutes. Thank you so much for all you do! (I’m from Northern Virginia, btw)

  64. Hi, I am a nurse from Allentown Pa. Keep up the great work. After a long day at work I always enjoy checking out my emails!

  65. Glad to see you made it back home safely! I appreciate your words, I did not realize this was your family’s full time income!!

  66. Hi Cyndi. Just wanted to reach out to tell you that I look forward to my email every day. Thank you so much, please continue what you are doing. Your posts will be a ray of sunshine in such troubling times. I’m very glad you are home safely, stay well and may God bless you and your family.
    PS, I am a dental hygienist and we stopped seeing patients on Monday, except for emergencies. I only hope we weren’t already exposed. Time will tell.

  67. I’m from Mansfield, Tx right between Dallas and Ft.Worth. First of all let me say how happy I am you and your husband are home safely! My husband and i are supposed to be on a cruise right now but it was cancelled. These are very scary uncertain times and it makes me feel better seeing your blog giving us that feeling of normalcy and some peace for a moment. I’m a big fan of your blog Cyndi! Thank you for all you share with us!

  68. Of course you should be sharing fashion! We are doing our best to stop this virus by staying home! Your lovely blog is one way for us to find enjoyment! Thank you for your faith and talent. Keep on shining.

  69. Hello from Minnesota! Cyndi – your kind heart, gentle spirit and love for everyone comes thru your messages. I look forward to seeing your messages every day. It’s nice to have a break from daily stresses like COVID 19. So glad you made it home safely.

  70. I’m also a hygienist in California for a Veteran home 🏡, only seeing emergency patients at this time.
    And your daily blog keeps my routine as positive as it could be at this . So Thank you 🙏 !!

  71. Please continue blogging and showing us beautiful fashion! ! It is a welcome diversion I look forward to it every day.

  72. Cyndi, Love your blogs and look forward to seeing your smiling face every day! You have such sweet heart and such a wonderful sense of style. Just what this girl in Texas needs at this trying time in our lives. I say you go girl! ♥️

  73. Please continue your posts, I look forward to reading them and I love how you always talk about your faith, So glad that you are home safe from your cruise! Tennessee

    1. Hi Cyndi,
      I’m from Murray, Ky and I’m like everyone else who said they need the distraction from this pandemic. I also appreciate you talking about your faith. I read a devotional yesterday from Lysa Terkeurst where she discussed that “God’s Goodness Isn’t Canceled” from I always go to scripture for trying times. Keep on sharing and I’ll keep reading!!

  74. Thank you for your breezy blogs. With all the serious emails flying into my in box, I look forward to your email giving me outfit ideas and a little God. You brighten my day!

    1. Hi from Winnipeg, Mb Canada. Keep doing what you do Cyndi! I love your fashion, family and your beauty from the heart is how I start my day!

  75. I enjoy your blog. I feel that we need your blog of beautiful clothes but mostly your words of faith. Now of all times we need to be reminded that God is the only one that can help us. Continue the goodness of your blog. I look forward to it everyday

  76. I live near Jacksonville FL. The primary reason I follow your blog is not for the fashion tips. Although I like fashion, i really look forward to reading the Beauty for the Heart. I appreciate your openness to share what is on your heart. Thank you for continuing to bring positivity and shinning HIS light during this dark time. God bless you

  77. Hi from Mauk, GA! Even if this wasn’t your full time job, I would want you to continue sharing fashion posts. We need some normal things to help us not be so absorbed with COVID-19. Welcome home!

    1. Hi! I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your fashion ideas. Your blog has been especially nice to read in the midst of all the terrible news and uncertainty with the coronavirus. Keep sharing God’s word ❤️

  78. Welcome home! There is no place like home!
    The collection is so pretty and makes me appreciate the days ahead when we can all decide to go … anywhere! Ha! I don’t think I will ever take for granted the places we go and the people who make life so easy while just doing their job. Eyes open!
    As everyone, praying for this season to end. Take the lessons learned, move forward in thankfulness and gratitude.

  79. I live on a grain farm in Illinois. Keep sharing fashion – we all need something fun to think about! I especially love Beauty for the Heart.

  80. I love your blog and look forward to it each day. It inspires me in so
    many ways. Thank you so much for sharing fashion and faith, and bits and pieces of your life.

  81. I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile, the fashion you share, and the blessings you send. Right now with all that is going on it is a WELCOMED DIVERSION. You haven’t once made light of the Covid-19 situation or lessened the seriousness of it. Instead you have reminded many of the ONE who is in control and you have helped many anxious women escape for a few minutes a day. I don’t understand why the question was posed. Yes, we need to stay home if possible, practice “social distancing” , educate ourselves on the situation at hand but we DON”T need to stop living. It is in these times that connecting with others is so important. Please continue blessing us all whether it’s fashion or faith. xo!

    1. Well said, Donna! I’m from Kentucky and enjoy reading your blog each day. Satan will try to sneak in any way he can; we just all have to continue to lean on God and seek his divine wisdom in these times. Thank you for sharing your life with us, please continue!

  82. I live in Walnut Creek, CA,
    which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are on a mandatory shelter in place, meaning you can’t leave the house, unless it is necessary. My husband is working from home as is my daughter and my twin sons are Seniors in High School. Their school district is implementing online learning but sadly, schools in California probably will not re open for the remainder of the school year. No Senior Ball, graduation etc. Huge disappointment, but that’s where we stand.

    I have followed Cyndi for several years and love seeing her posts. I have bought some of my best outfits from her. At this time, I’m only spending money on the essentials to keep my household running but it’s not always going to be this way. I hope Cyndi keeps sharing fashion, which brightens my day and if I know her she will share it in a way that is sensitive to what everyone is going through! As they say, we are in this together and we will get through it. Stay well!❤️

  83. I love and look forward to your emails everyday. I am a nurse in a Skilled Nursing Facility, and I am exhausted! We are critically low on supplies, have residents who are heartbroken their families cannot visit and our staff are scared. It’s nice to have a ‘break’ and see what fashion trends I can look forward to when this pandemic calms down.
    Would love to hear about how you first started blogging. Maybe I’m due to recreate myself, ha!

    1. Hi, I enjoy viewing your fashions, I like most of them. However, at this time I will be taking a break. This pandemic situation is real. It is a matter of life and death! There is no Playbook for this terrible situation.

      I agree we surely need distractions. And many are showing fear, which is normal. We are all looking for relief. I have friends that have lost their jobs, some about to lose their jobs, some who have small businesses ready to fold. I appreciate their outlook, they’re fearful yet calm. Where they get source strength is from a Higher source Ps.55:22;
      Is. 59:1 and recognizing the times we’re living in.”last days” “critical times, 1Tim3:1-5 and they are assured they are promised to be taken care 1Tim 6:6,7 it’s a promise!

      Once the situation calms down, if it does. I’ll may return.

      1. Me again! When I first commented on this, I accidentally clicked and it all disappeared,
        Like I had mentioned, I really like the fashion and the posts. Like many this is not a priority right now. There is a real crisis in the world and it’s effecting everyone as the stats change every day. In my first original post, which I accidentally deleted I had quoted the account in 1 Kings 17:(6,14) Truly takes strong faith.
        Just want to say thank you for now.

  84. Cindi please continue sharing your amazing and great taste of fashion. You are classic and keep us informed of the latest trends. I look forward for your beauty of the heart message every morning. Thank you,

  85. Love your ❤️.
    I find your blog Inspirational … sharing styles in fashion, home, beauty tips and your love for God and family.
    Love your smile. Keep up the good work. Especially now with all that’s going on in the world .

    1. Dear sweet Cindy, most of us know your heart & what is most important to you. We also know what this blog is about also. Keep on lifting our hearts up during these troubling times. ❤️

  86. I see nothing wrong with your fashion blog still posting as it is a nice diversion from all this virus mess. Keep doing you, like you said it’s your livelihood.

  87. Thank you for your commitment to your job. We need people to keep working and keep our economy going. I am fortunate to be able to work from home full time. Here in San Francisco we are on shelter in place. I live alone and I can get pretty restless. Looking at fashion and other beauty ideas is a good distraction. I look forward to the day when I can dress up and resume my social life, go to church and fellowship.

  88. Hi Cyndi, I for one need a bit of an escape from what is going on in the world, as i also work for Infectious Diseases, in Maryland. I feel like my entire life is consumed with this growing pandemic. So please keep doing what you do. From spreading joy, god’s word and fashion. I am up for anything uplifting at this point. 🥰

  89. I am from Alabama and always enjoy your post. I love the blue dress! Please do continue with your regualr blog. I am constanly hearing about all the changes to our world. It can be consuming. It is nice to have a few items of normalcy around and to act as a distraction.

  90. I am thankful that you are still blogging! We are in no shortage of information regarding things going on in the world. It’s everywhere you turn! Thinking about the virus 24/7 is not mentally healthy for anyone. Thank you for your hopeful, upbeat posts!

  91. Hi Cyndi,
    I am from Chicago, Illinois. I love your blog. Thank you for being such a professional and doing an amazing job. Everything I wear that you recommend -I get so many compliments. It is great to have you as a resource for us older gals. I really appreciate your blog and Instagram pictures.
    Thanks for helping me be the best I can present myself. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good – you do good! That’s what my sisters and I say to each other. And it is the truth!
    Cecelia Ryan

  92. Our world seems upside down right now, but it is comforting some have a bit of normalcy in the day. So please keep blogging, so we can keep enjoying the beautiful clothes and BFTH. Love the blue dress!

  93. Please don’t stop with fashion. I look forward to your posts. I am sorry that some are so consumed, a lot of us are, but I need a break from all of the crazy and your posts bring that. In fact I ordered those earrings and was so happy to get them yesterday. It was the highlight of my day. I need this right now. Thank you so much for staying the course.

  94. I love your posts, Cyndi. Thank you for helping us have some sense of normal, during these uncertain times. Your positivity and faith are always a comfort.

  95. Hey Cyndi, it’s Alex’s mom Carla. Just love reading the blog and have found some really “age appropriate” and stylish purchased from the blog. Glad you’re back on US soil and pray the whole family stays virus free!

  96. Hi Cindi thanks for your fashion advice and your love for the Lord. We live in an uncertain world but you remind us he is always with us. I live in Kentucky and I have been following you several years and enjoy your fashion style. 😎

  97. Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada. I agree with all the comments encouraging you to continue. As most of us are being told to stay home, meanwhile churches, restaurants, libraries and stores are closing, Christian blogs can help us feel less isolated and more connected. In a way, it’s like a community. Cyndi, it would be nice if you joined in the conversation, as you’re able. God bless ❤️

    1. Welcome home, Cyndi! I look forward to your blog every day. Your fashion, family devotion, and faith are on point and I thank you for that. Love and best wishes from Allentown, PA!

  98. Please continue to do what you do. We know that fashion is not the most important thing, but we can all continue to do good for others while enjoying a daily pick me up. I’m from Colorado and we are fortunate to have beautiful surroundings that afford us the “social distancing” that is being asked while still getting outdoors. I appreciate you. You are a gift. Blessings 🙂

  99. Hi! I’ve been following for a while, but don’t usually comment. I’m from Collinsville, IL, just across the river from St. Loui, MO. I, personally, welcome the distraction from the virus. I watch so much news & live, now, in isolation. I look forward to your emails & posts. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for the posts. Stay safe & healthy.

  100. Please keep doing what you are doing. I know I need to see your fashion post each morning in my email. It helps lighten this heavy time with the virus ordeal. Plus your BFTH is crucial for us. We need to reflect on HIM and be thankful and grateful during the hard times too. There is always someone worse off than us. We can Pray for others during this time. I’m so glad your blog has been able to support your family. What a blessing. The clothes you styled this morning are soo cute on you. Fun to see. Blessings.

  101. I am from Kennesaw, Georgia and I have been following your blog for several years… I enjoy it so much… My husband went to Asbury So I felt connection when I discovered that you were in the Lexington, Kentucky area. I enjoy your fashion as well as faith posts… Especially enjoyed the video you posted with your friend recently. Thank you so much and God bless your business and your family!

  102. Glad you are back home safely! Thank you for your uplifting messages! I always enjoy them. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast & teach pre-kindergarten. We are home bound indefinitely due to the virus. This too shall pass!❤️

  103. I have been following your blog for a long time. I only follow a few. I just turned 60 late last year and I love your fashion, the health & beauty, the hair tutorials, the devotionals too. When I scroll through all of my daily emails yours is one that I just cannot delete until after I have taken the time to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Glad you are home safe and sound and stay healthy from your travels. Thankful for your blog!!! This thing gets pretty scary sometimes and then I remember whose child I am and will just keep trusting HIM to keep our family safe. I live on the MS Gulf Coast, Gulfport to be exact. You’re a blessing to many. . . . . just look at all these comments!!! Stay healthy my friends . . . . and to God by the Glory!! 🙂

  104. Of course we’re all concerned about the virus, businesses, etc., but we also need happy diversions which you provide! I enjoy your blog, so keep it coming! On another note, I’m finding peace and enjoyment with being “quarantined” at home. It’s nice to take things slower, not feel compelled to have a full weekend of activities…just enjoy some peace and quiet until we get through this pandemic. Bless you!

  105. Hi Cindi
    I’m happy you made it home from
    your cruise safely. I, personally, am
    so happy you are continuing with your
    blog, something normal during this
    trying time. My husband has some
    serious health issues so we understand
    very real concerns right now. However,we are trying to be wise but refuse to live in fear! Trust in our God!!!!

  106. My previous comment was cut short by my fat fingers! Keep up the great work we need distractions from the craziness, I especially enjoy your spiritual wisdom
    God Bless from KC

  107. Hi, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love this blog. In stressful times like this, we need a distraction. Keep up the great work. You inspire us all.

  108. It was nice to hear part of your story! I didn’t know this was your full time job either…thank you so much for sharing. I’ve purchased many of the items you post and have been so pleased with all of them. Thank you for including spiritual encouragement. I’m from Va!

  109. I’m from Oklahoma and absolutely love your blog! I for one am glad for the distraction of something as “silly” as fashion in these strange times! I’m a school counselor and our schools are shut down until at least April 6th so I have a lot of extra time on my hands right now and don’t want to spend it watching the news 24/7! Keep up the great work!!

  110. Hi Cyndi! I am from Marietta, Georgia and want to thank you for your daily fashion ideas and inspiration! You are a blessing to us all!

  111. So happy you are back home and safe Please keep your uplifting thoughts,prayers and fashion ideas coming It’s a nice lift during these uncertain times and this too shall pass with Gods help 🙏

  112. I just wanted to say Thank You for all you share on your blog! Yes, we are in a time that we have never been through or seen. I think we should keep some normalcy in our lives and your blog does that. We need this so that we do not just dwell on the times that we are going through. So, once again thank you and continue the things that you do through your blog! Sherri, from Stewart, TN

  113. Please keep posting about fashion, faith and family. We all need a break from the news. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. Lori from Washington state.

  114. I’m in Lawrenceville, Ga. Keep on posting away. I work at Pottery Barn and we are closed now. I need some fun stuff to read and see every day. You are uplifting.

  115. Hi! I’m from Paradise, Utah and a first time commenter even though I’ve followed stour blog for a few years. I’m grateful for the fashion posts. It’s an escape from all of the crazy going on in the world. Something that feels normal when everything else does not. Thank you!

  116. Hi Cyndi:

    So glad y’all are back home! I was praying for your safe return. I have a cruising friend who couldn’t return to their scheduled ending port but had to spend 2 additional days on board to disembark in FL. Thankfully, they are home and safe, too. Keep sending the fashion posts – some things need to stay normal in this chaotic time. I’m from the San Antonio, TX area.

  117. Hi Cyndi, Thank you for this blog. I have been enjoying it from early on and I look forward to it. Thank you also for the encouraging words you share. I worried about you going on your cruise and prayed for your safety. I’m from Lexington, KY.

  118. Cindy, so happy you were able to get off the ship and fly home with no incident. I didn’t know this was full time for you and I appreciate you telling us that. I look forward to your email everyday. As I have enjoyed putting together outfits over the winter months, I am excited to see what awaits us for Spring. Happy 1st day of Spring! I live in Tennessee so our weather is comparable. 😊

  119. Hi Cyndi! Thank you for all your wonderful fashion post and daily inspiration! I am from Marietta, Ga. and love staying connected!. Take car and praying God will get us through these trying days.

  120. Hi Cyndi, I’m not sure if I have ever commented, if I have it’s been a while. I had to say this though, for the person or persons who questioned should you be blogging about fashion, first, no one is making them read your blog. They had to somewhat know what your blog was about to even go on and read it.Second, we all need a little joy and up lifting with all the craziness going on. So I say to you, way to go girl, keep up the good work, there will always be nay sayers!!!

  121. I live in Connecticut. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for several years now. I love how you share fashion with us but more importantly share your faith. Especially now it’s nice to check in with you and keep my normal routine. Thanks for sharing!

  122. It’s a difficult time for everyone, I feel guilty thinking about buying clothes, shoes and purses I enjoy fashion and love your blog but my heart is so heavy. I wouldn’t want you to stop working, that wouldn’t be fair. Trying to stay positive here in Michigan!

  123. I look forward to reading your blog each day.

    I am inspired by what you choose to say and share with us.

    It’s like comfort food for my heart and soul!

    Thankfully yours,
    Tracie (from Rhode Island)

  124. Cyndi,
    I like that you are continuing your fashion blog. We need something light in leu of what is going on in our world right now! 😊

  125. Cyndi, the earrings you wore on vacation are so cute! Thinking about ordering them but wanted to know if they hurt your ears when wearing?

  126. I love your encouraging upbeat word each day. Your fashion ideas are a sunny point in my days and I always look forward to them. You are a blessing in our live! Thank you for your faithful consistent witness beauty and words that encourage all of us!

  127. I live in Jackson, Ohio and I work for our school system. We are all in a learning experience with our worlds situation.
    I look forward to your sweet pictures each day and enjoy your writing and sharing about your family. With that being said I love your fashion style so please continue and God Bless.

  128. Hi Cyndi, this is Veronica I’m from Norwalk California. I know we are in tough times, but you know there’s always people with negativity or see life in different perspective. Me in particular I enjoy all your videos specially now in this tough times. I just can’t wait to see what new outfit or shoes you are going to post. This pandemic it’s not for ever and if we all contribute and follow by staying home we will overcome all of this. Take care and keep us entertained. Thank you😃

  129. I love your blog. My humble opinion is for you to continue doing what you do. Sometimes it’s nice to get a break from what has become such difficult times. Doesn’t mean you can’t talk about things happening now. And, your BFTH is always uplifting, and we certainly Ned more of that. God bless you.

  130. Keep blogging! You are a ray of sunshine in a world of gloom right now. I look forward to your blogs and feel like I know you because you speak from the heart. I am in Virginia, the historic triangle area. My daughter lives in Berea, KY now and loves it! I’m a transplant from Ohio and have lived in Virginia 53 years. Blessings to you Cyndi.

  131. Sooooo glad you’re home safe! The fashion is something positive and fun in a time of mostly bad news! Please keep on sending all the spiritual encouragement you can give! I’m digging into the Word, prayer and on line church, but still up and down with fear and anxiety. Need all the help I can get!

  132. Hi Cyndi, my name is Cara Hickey and I live in Fayetteville, AR. I love reading your posts every day, I enjoy them so much. Please don’t stop doing what you love to do, We all have to encourage each other in any way we can. I have learned so much from your posts over the last few years, I would be lost without you ❤️

  133. Hi Cyndi, this is Veronica I’m from Norway, California. I know we are in tough times, but you know there’s always people with negativity or see life in different perspective. Me in particular I enjoy all your videos specially now in this tough times. I just can’t wait to see what new outfit or shoes you are going to post. This pandemic it’s not for ever and if we all contribute and follow by staying home we will overcome all of this. Take care and keep us entertained. Thank you😃

  134. I love your blogs, fashion and I love that you are faith based. I’m 73 and believe it or not your size so it is fun for me to see you in the clothes. I’ve ordered a few things based on how they looked and you and loved them all.. Although I’m older I’m not dead yet and enjoy wearing pretty and fun clothes. Ha Ha You bring a smile to my face. These are scary times but we will all get through this. God is watching….; be kind and giving with each other.

  135. Hi Cyndi!!! So glad you guys made it home and are safe and sound. I love your blog and i come here daily not for only fashion, but for the uplifting devotions!! Some of us still have to go to work, and we may as well look good going out the door, right!! LOL I’ve been following your for several years. It is a wonderful escape from the ever declining new. Prayers that you will continue to be healthy as well as the rest of your family. So glad that you are keeping on keeping on!!! Blessings from Alabama!!

  136. I’m grateful to have a diversion from all the news and glad you’re still doing your job! It’s good mentally to plan for the future- it gives us hope, so we can look at the cute clothes and think about the days in the future when we’ll be out and about together again!

  137. Cyndi, I’m Originally from south central Kentucky, and I live in coastal Virginia. I’ve followed you for probably longer than five years. I enjoy seeing fashion, beauty and faith posts. We are all overwhelmed with news reports and need a reprieve.

  138. Hi Cyndi: My name is Sharon and I am from Methuen, Massachusetts a small town 30 miles north of Boston.
    I look forward to your posts and instagram stories everyday!!! Please don’t stop.
    I love your style and your faithfulness to our Lord. Not being able to attend church at this time has sadden me the most. I pray that this is over soon.
    Peace and Prayers

  139. Hi Cindy. Glad you are back home and safe. I am from Lexington, SC. My advice for the woman who objected to a fashion blog is to read the Bible instead.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 King James Version (KJV) which starts “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”. If you don’t want to read about fashion, don’t read a fashion blog. If you want to hear about Covid 19, there is no limit to the news on TV, online, in newspapers.

    For some of us, it is reassuring to see that some things are still normal and that our blogs are still there for us. They bring us joy everyday. We are confined to our homes and may not see friends as usual but our blogging friends are still available to us. That can’t be wrong.

  140. Rochester, NY
    This blog is your job and no one should be telling you what you should and should not be doing. Yes! Are lives have significantly changed and my grandchildren someday will learn about it in history class. Your blog and others alike are a welcoming distraction from the news and the virus. It does not mean none of us care about it as we most certainly do, but reading up on fashion, self care etc is good for our souls in a time like this. Carry On Cyndi!

  141. Hi Cyndi!
    I’m from Maryland. I disagree with your follower who said that maybe you shouldn’t be blogging about fashion at this time. I feel like we need to have something in our lives that hasn’t changed, that is normal and as expected! I started following you because you are positive and upbeat and well, we need more of that in our world today. But then I really started reading your posts about fashion, make-up, skin care, etc. So let me just say, I really appreciate your blog and I really want you to keep on doing it just the way you have been. BTW, we are around the same age so it is nice to read about the things you are going through because of that, also. Thanks and keep on keepin’ on!

  142. You are a light in the depressing time right now. I follow you and Jo Lynn Shane closely. You both have been an inspiration to me and I appreciate all you do. You definitely are between a rock and a hard place right now and have to tread lightly. I would hope that everyone that follows you know you are NOT ignoring what is going on On Planet Earth BUT you do have a job to do. I am a General Manager at a chain hotel,,times are very sad. You have given me a short respite from my day to day stress and I truly appreciate it. Keep up the positivity,,we all need it right now.

  143. I am from Illinois and 64 and love reading your posts. Especially love your Beauty for the Heart and the music you share. I can’t wear all the styles you share, but I do love to see them. Will continue to order online from your posts the clothing that my body type can wear. Thank you for your inspiration, your encouragement and the love of our Lord that you share with all of us.

  144. Thanks for the information. I always thought from the way you write that your husband was a minister with his own congregation. As for me I’m from Williamsburg VA. Sure I need new clothes and I’m desperate for some new shrubs BUT now is not the time to indulge in either. I enjoy your blog and wish you well.

  145. Hello,

    I love your blog and your daily positive message. It is a reprieve from the heavy things we are all dealing with right now.
    Lisa V
    Bay City, Texas

  146. Hello from this Arkansas girl! Love your blogs! Please keep them coming! We need to see your sweet smile and great fashion tips!
    God Bless! Glad you made it home safe!

  147. Hello from Massachusetts!
    I look forward to your email every day! I’m glad you and Wayne are home safe and sound! Please keep doing what you do so well! You truly have a gift!

  148. Thank you for continuing to share something fun and lighthearted during this very anxious time. It’s helpful to have something to take my mind off the heaviness that’s all around. I live in Bayonne NJ. Right across from NYC. Like a lot of places in the country, we are being asked to work from home, and schools, restaurants and bars, gyms, nail and hair salons are all closed. My daughter is an ER nurse and like many other health care workers is on the front lines of this. Praying for a fast end and a good outcome for our country and the world.

  149. I am a transplant from MI to Washington state. I left behind family and friends. I feel like you are a new friend i made here as I look forward to your daily blog. I have even purchased some of the clothing items you feature! Thank you! Also I appreciate your encouraging words as they are truly on point with our times. Please continue to post. You have an affect on a lot of us and we would miss you if we lost you.

  150. Thanks Cyndi,
    I am from Canada and recently travelled to Europe so in self quarantine, feeling great !! I am also in the clothing business and enjoy your posts. as They can take our minds off of what we are seeing.
    We all need Hope this will get better.
    Keep up the good work.

  151. I live in Ontario Canada. I’m happy you are continuing your blog and I enjoy seeing it everyday! It’s refreshing to see the spring and summer clothes during this dreary time!
    You are an inspiration and remember this too shall pass! My husband and I got away to Mexico before the shit hit the fan! Right after we returned home beginning of March it got real here very fast! We’ve been self isolating at home ever since! Take care and keep smiling!

  152. Cyndi, we are doing our best to remotely support the small businesses in our town of Delaware, Ohio. I want to support your business too! You have changed the way I present myself to the world over the last two years by showing me how easy and fun being stylish at our age can be! Wishing you and your family all the best!!

  153. Hi from Dallas Cyndi! I look forward to your blog and BFTH every day. Please don’t ever be discouraged by a disparaging remark. You help a lot of ladies who need to escape from the trials we are facing right now. You are a bright light amidst this fog of confusion. Thank you for your honesty and humbleness. I’m glad you and Wayne got home safely. Take good care!

  154. Hi Cyndi,
    I’m glad you and Wayne arrived home safely! I enjoy your blog and appreciate that you continue to inspire us each day with your upbeat messages and fashion. Sending hugs and prayers your way!
    Cathy – Pennsylvania

  155. Very thankful that you and your husband made it home safe. Fashion is everything! no I am kidding. I love your blog about fashion, your videos and bible verses. Some days I just have time to read your verse. We are very blessed to have someone in our lives like you and I thank you for your hard work; Wayne included. We own our own business, as well and its hard work! Keep on blogging and do what you do we are very grateful for your insight. God bless you and your family and thank you. We all do what we can do right now this is not easy for any of us but we will get through this and God is in control we need not panic or live in fear. Thank you for listening.

  156. Hi Cyndi,
    I look forward to your blog every day. I love hearing about fashion. Reading your blog helps me take my mind off of everything that is going on in the world.
    Keep up the great work!!
    Michelle Boots
    Worthington, Minnesota

  157. I’m an Ohio girl, so we are neighbors. I love the blog and no need to apologize or explain. Actually, it’s refreshing to hear something other than this situation we are all in. Plus I will take all the fashion advise I can get.

  158. I enjoy your blog & I am glad that you are still doing it everyday! I too was away on vacation while you were on the cruise & as silly as it sounds seeing your new posts everyday eased my anxiety about getting back home from vacation because things progressed so fast with this virus while we were away. So thank you for posting daily with am always upbeat thought 🤗🙏

  159. Cyndi thank you for continuing during these scary times. I live in Utah and yesterday on top of it all we had an earthquake. All of these things are out of our control and remind us our Lord is in charge. Your blog gives me something else to think about. Your tan looks beautiful 😊

  160. These are unusual times, but it certainly helps me to be able to take a breather from all of the uncertainty and enjoy reading your blog, Cyndi. I like to read your messages of faith, too, especially now. I am in Illinois.

  161. Cyndi,

    I read your post. I get that fashion is not a priority right now, but I think we are all craving some stability in this chaos. Part of that is my routine of getting my daily email from you. I always find your messages so positive.


  162. Hi from beautiful snowy Colorado! I have been following your blog for about 5 years and love it! I’m so thankful you and Wayne are home safely. Please keep blogging….we all need a fun diversion during these stressful times. You are a bright light and your goodness and sweetness shine through. You also look fabulous in everything you wear! Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Stay safe and well❣️

  163. I love your blog! I get so many wonderful ideas from you, heads up on great sales, and I love hearing about your life and faith. Your blog is a bright spot in our morning, and You do an amazing job of bringing smiles to our faces. My philosophy in this trying time, is to try and be the light in someone’s day. You are a light in our day!
    Thank you from Massachusetts!!!!

  164. We are on our way home to Ohio from “snowbirding” in AZ. Thank you for keeping things light and hopeful. We all need that now more than ever! I am grateful for you!

  165. Hi Cyndi!
    I, too, encourage you to continue your blog with inspiring so many with your heart for Jesus! I look forward to seeing your email each day and your fashion sense! I’m thankful you and Wayne are home safely – prayed for you during your trip! We are all trying to support the safety and well-being of others during this difficult time- each in different ways! Hopefully everyone will take the social distancing seriously! Thank you for all you are and do! You are a blessing! Praying and know that Jesus is sovereign! Psalm 91; Luke 12
    Joanne- Washington state

  166. During these times of unrest and uncertainty, I personally welcome the distraction of fashion. I love reading your beautiful posts and messages from your heart. We certainly are all are facing very scary times but I personally find such comfort in your words, and find your fashion posts a nice distraction. Something that is NOT Coronavirus related, even if it is for 5 min. I am so happy for you and your husband that you made it home okay, and now can hunker in to the safety of your own home.
    Continued good health & God’s blessings to you!

    1. Amen to everything Janet said from Canada! So glad you and Wayne got home. There is no place like home. I love your BFTH and share often with loved ones.

  167. Cyndi
    I am so thankful that you are continuing your blog and fashion!!!
    I appreciate it beyond words!!!
    It actually takes my mind off of what’s going on in this world!!!
    On another note… I just got the earrings from amazon and I love them!!
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

  168. Hi Cyndi
    You are always so positive and upbeat! I look forward to your post every day. Keep up the good work.

  169. I’m from south Alabama and I love your blog and look forward to receiving it. Beauty for the Heart is such a perfect way to spread the word! These are scary times but I appreciate the normalcy that your blog offers because after all we don’t stop being who we are and enjoying the things we do. Keep up the good work and God bless you!

  170. I’m a Virginia girl transplanted to NC. I follow you on FB and also receive your daily emails. Please keep them coming!

  171. I am from Montana – I love your blog. Most of us have more time on our hands, and it is nice to have a diversion from all the outside news. Things will get better. Keep up the blog and emails. Love seeing your outfits.

  172. I look forward to your post everyday. It’s more important then ev er now since I am pretty much homebound as most of us are.

  173. No need to ‘defend’ your job to anyone, but I appreciate your honesty. I look forward to the distractions from our unsettling world right now, so please keep up with all the fashion posts. We will return to a normal place somewhere down the road, but for now we are here in this time. I cannot let Satan have a place in my thoughts about when that will be. But he is the supreme creeper, is he not? I have to keep my focus on God and how he will see us all through this ordeal. So many questions on why, but he knows. I have to go to him when I am weary as I need the rest only the Lord can provide. You are a wonderful inspiration to so many and the love you share through your faith is uplifting. Keep it up. Blessings to you!

  174. Please keep your posts coming! It’s nice to have something fun and consistent as we take a break from the craziness! Stay well!

  175. I am from Michigan near Detroit. I enjoy your posts as it is a small distraction to what is going on around the world. A little enjoyment and distraction goes a long way. Blessings and prayers to everyone.

  176. Things are pretty scary right now but keeping the faith and doing things we enjoy help so keep doing what you’re doing and I will keep following.

  177. I’m from SW Florida. I love your posts. Keep it up. There is enough terrible news out there. This is a great diversion. I work in healthcare and it is stressful. But I am grateful to have a good job. I look forward to seeing your emails.

  178. Cyndi, I’ve been a follow since 2016 and have purchased many of the items you’ve posted about. I always get compliments on those items. Thank you for your posts and I love your faith!
    I’m a principal in Kansas. Needless to say, life is changing for our schools.
    I wish you all the best through this trying time.

  179. I’m live in Newton, Illinois. I enjoy hearing about fashion anytime, it is nice to think about something else, once in awhile, I’m A Follower of Christ, as well, I enjoy your bible verses and encouragement words.
    Prayers for all right now during this stressful time.

  180. In the midst of this awful catastrophe I look forward to your posts, Cyndi. There hasn’t been one bit of good news for over a week now. Opening my email and seeing your entries is a pleasure. Don’t stop doing what you do. We all need reason to focus on future good times and fashion is definitely a part of that!

  181. Cindy, Please keep doing this every day. This is something that I myself look forward to and on Sunday’s that is definitely my favorite. It brings me such joy reading and also listening to the music that you attach. Many many times your Sunday blog hits home for me. We need something to look forward to each day because listening to the news makes me and I am sure more very anxious nervous and not knowing what is going to happen in the next second of the day. Thanks Cindy for your blog and your inspiration to all of us. Dianne

  182. You don’t have to defend your income means. Please know this Cyndi, I look forward to your blog, it’s informative, uplifting and just plain fun..I need it!
    Phil 1:6..being confident of this..that he who began a GOOD work in you will carry it in to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Please keep doing your GOOD work!

  183. Thanks,Cindy, for being so open with us. It’s true we may not even have the opportunity to be fashionable this spring/ summer season. We don’t know what the next weeks and months will bring. The most important thing is to protect our health and that of everyone around us. Still, I just started changing out my off season cloths. And seeing you model new fashions gives us hope for the day we can be back out in the world. We must look for the positives in our situations and not give in to fear. Our God is a God of hope! Blessings to you from Alabama!

  184. Please continue to bless us with fashion, beauty and God. Your emails give me a little light and also gives me a small break from all the stresses that are transpiring on a daily basis. God bless you and stay healthy!

  185. Hello Cyndi, I am from Alabama and I look forward to seeing your email daily in my in box. I have never met you, but worried you and your husband would not be able to get back home. I prayed for ya’ll daily while on your cruise. Glad to hear you are both back home and safe. Keep sending the latest on fashion, because when this is all over, we will need to go shopping. God Bless

  186. Fashion is a good diversion right now! I enjoy your posts each day and appreciate your thoughtful approach.

    Denver, Co

  187. Thanks for sharing. We need some distraction in these crazy times! Happy to hear you are home. We all need to keep working if we can. So many can’t – 3 of my 4 children are now unemployed due to working in the restaurant/entertainment fields. The college kids who are at home will be fine but I feel bad for my son that has a wife going to grad school, mortgage and other bills. But, God is good and so many of the American people are good human beings so we will soldier through all this.

  188. Please keep blogging fashion during this time… I love having something to look forward that doesn’t scare me during this Covid-19 crisis. I need some “normal” in my life!! Love and good health to you and yours!!!

  189. Hello, I am from Kansas. And I still look forward to seeing all of your fashion!! I think it is a nice distraction from everything else that is going on. Thank you for doing what you do!

  190. I understand where that lady was coming from and we are all entitled to our opinion. I am however with the other ladies who want you to continue doing what you’re doing. Your blog is a welcome distraction to all that is going on in the world right now. We hear enough bad throughout our day so being able to look forward to your blog and other things that are positive is a GOOD thing. Keep it coming!!!

  191. Glad you guys are home safe! I admire you being so strong on the cruise while all this was going on. You couldn’t have paid me to go on a cruise after the first of the year, I would not have enjoyed myself but glad you did. Love the Lakeshore dress and I have 2 in the cart, one in petite and one regular size as I’m not sure how long it is?

    1. So glad You and your Husband are home safely. And, like you said “There’s no Place like Home.” I Love land better. Haha!! I look forward to your blogs every day. Please don’t let this virus stop you from your job. You have always had a positive attitude, a smile on your face and Jesus in your Heart. You always look so put together and your fashion style is exquisite. So, I hope you keep your Emails coming. I enjoy so much.
      ……….Linda W.

  192. Happy to see you are safely home! We returned from a Panama Canal Cruise in mid-February – a welcome, warm retreat from our Illinois winter.
    I look forward to your blogs and enjoy sharing the Beauty for the Heart posts with family and friends. Please continue to share your blogs with us, Cyndi! Thanks!!

  193. I like a diversion from news. I realize people need to keep working. So keep it up. Even if we dont shop right now we can plan for when this is over. .God bless.

  194. Cyndi, I have followed you for awhile now and you are an inspiration for me I need a daily break from all the bad news, to just be able to enjoy being a women of faith who also loves fashion and just breath. Thank you for all you do.

  195. Hi,Cyndi,glad your home safe please keep your blog going we all need it things are so crazy right now so it’s nice to see your beautiful face and gorgeous cloths I love reading your blog it’s always inspiring thank you from Texas

  196. I can really empathize with you. To strike the right tone is a balancing act. And yet you do that every day with your fashion and your beauty for the heart. I love it that you didn’t condemn the person who questioned what you do, but explained.

    Right now I have no need to buy clothes as I have plenty that I can wear as we shelter in place. And we need to watch our money until the markets settle down. AND I am reading you and enjoying each post. I’m also checking in with friends to make sure they are ok, and calling family, and watching old movies th my husband, and, yes, praying for us all.

    Diane, 66, Texas

  197. Cyndi,
    Thank you for your blog. You keep it light, freshening and faith based. In a world that has become so dark and dreary. We have BFTH and verses that relate to what we need to hear. I am able to check out your blog while trying to now homeschool( not by choice), work a full time night shift in public safety and keep my family strong in their faith. Your blog helps give me that encouragement. We are blessed.
    Erica, New Jersey

  198. Hi Cyndi,
    I live in Central Texas very near the largest military post on the world, Ft Hood, Texas. I’ve been following you since you started your blog. Your life and story has been an inspiration to me and so many women. I admire your honesty, love your sense of style, your love of family is so real (inspired by your sweet mother no doubt), and most of all you are an authentic amazing woman.
    Keep it coming Cyndi, we are cheering you on! God bless you and your sweet family!

  199. Hi Cyndi,

    I’m from Florida and I am sad that people are criticizing you for sharing fashion during this time. I for one need you and the others that share outfits each day. It is one last thing that I have to worry about each day. It is a relief to see sunshine during this black time. Please don’t let them discourage you from doing your job. Thanks so much for being there for me and others each day and helping me figure out the fashion world at my age (57).
    Keep up the great work!

  200. From Texas. Talking about fashion gives our mind a little break from the unbelievable world situation. IT is also good to seeThe Word and see a witness in motion. There are so many incredible scriptures that speak to us. When youQuote one on your blog, someone received The Word. The Word is
    Power sword and was received by a reader. Keep up on doing what you are doing. We all have our place and you have found yours.
    Anxious to know if it was crazy docking and reentering the US.
    God Bless..

  201. Keep the posts coming. Lots of us look forward to this each day. We need to be praying concerning all that’s going on, but it can’t be healthy to think on nothing but that. You’re not just a blogger, you’re a blessing!!!

  202. Hi Cyndi! I have never left you a message!! But, thank you for keep us inspired in so many ways! I have been praying for your safe return home! I can not imagine what a stress it may have been for you! Please keep giving us happy thoughts and being a safe place for us to land! I am writing to you from rainy/snowy Craig Colorado! I own an auto repair business, like you we are not sure of what the future holds, which is very scary for us all! Thank you again for being you!!! Nikki

  203. I don’t comment often, but I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad you made it safely back home and I’m glad y’all had a good vacation. I have been following your blog for around 4 years now and I really enjoy your fashion and beauty from the heart. It is something that I have always looked forward to and now I need it more than ever. I am a teacher and this is my first week away from my first graders. I would greatly appreciate the distraction of seeing fashions and certainly your Godly wisdom. Thank you for being you! I forgot to mention, I am from Yorktown, Virginia. When this is all over, I am looking forward to getting and receiving a hug and going to the movie theater.

  204. Thank you, Cindi, for helping us keep some normalcy in our lives! Please do continue to blog. I look forward to your posts about fashion and especially to your comments about your faith. It helps me keep my spirits up. 😁

  205. Hi Cyndi! I’m a fellow Kentuckian who has been following you for years. I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for being a welcomed distraction from all that is going on in the world. Yes, there are way more important things to give our energy to right now, but sometimes it all gets too heavy. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine during this gloomy time.
    Cara R.
    Louisville Ky

  206. I enjoy fashion blogs as an escape, and do not think you are superficial for continuing your usual work. We can drive ourselves crazy if we obsess over something we cannot fix.

  207. I love the outfits! I have to say, I find reading your posts keep my mind off of what is happening in the world. Whether it is your full time job doesn’t make a difference to me. It is the fact you create a happy, hopeful look to the future months. Fashion is fun and right now we all need a little fun in our lives! So, thank you!

  208. I love the encouragement on your blog. I’m from Nairobi Kenya; I’d like you to know that our president has declared a national day of prayer on 21st March 2020. Psalm 91 is our prayer right now. Blessings!

  209. I love your blog! Please keep
    The posts coming! It is a good distraction from the disaster we are all dealing with. Thank you for all you give to us through beauty advice and faith!

  210. Hi Cyndi – I’m so glad you made it home safely! I live on Vancouver Island and have been reading your blog for quite a few years now. Please keep on posting…fashion, beauty…anything to give us a break from all of the craziness out there. We all know it’s going on, and by no means does taking our mind off of it for a few moments make it any less important. It just helps us keep things a little more normal. It also gives me something fun to do while keeping my distance socially. Thanks!

  211. Cyndi,

    Hi, I am from Florida! I look forward to your blog each day especially during this difficult time. Love both the fashion and the inspiration.

    Blessings ❤️

  212. Hi Cyndi – I am one of your followers that has never left a comment before. I’m from Canton, Michigan. I look forward to your daily posts and am so glad you are continuing during these times of uncertainty. Stay safe and God Bless you!

  213. Hi Cyndi, I am from Madison, WI area and I always appreciate the encouraging & positive posts regarding faith, fashion & decorating our homes! I appreciate the lifestyle encouragement you give to live well & be our best selves. The fashion is such a fun part of being a woman! We must remain hopeful that this season of social distancing will be short and we can look forward to a healthy future. Cheering you on! Thank you for all the work you do! Kristen

  214. Hi Cyndi!
    I am so thankful that you are back home safely from your cruise. Years ago my hair stylist told me that even during war time, the beauty industry thrived because people wanted to feel good about themselves. I am watching my roots grow out, but I am so happy to have you to keep us upbeat!
    P.S. I am going to order the Lakeshore dress

    1. Keep sending us fashion, please! I crave anything resembling normal life and anything that keeps me focused on the future (Summer!). Keep it up, Cyndi! From Colorado…

  215. Hi! I am from NEPA and am a health care provider.
    I love fashion and love the diversion especially now when real life is so stressful.
    I thank you for it!

  216. well i must say that the next question re showing fashion during this time would be === exactly what would shutting down do for the cure and or care for cofonavirus ????seriusly ????

  217. I live in Salt Lake City,Utah. I look forward to your blog everyday. I love your fashion sense and have purchased many items that you’ve shown. I have shared your Beauty from the Heart with many others. We need you more than ever now. Keep up the good work!

  218. Hi from sunny Florida! Keep blogging Cyndi. I love to see someone in our age group show that we’re still super attractive and active women. I really like your fashion and beauty posts. I gave up a tenured teaching position after 22 years and know what a leap of faith it is to go out on your own; it can be very scary to support a household on a family business. You’re doing a great job and we’re here to support you!😊

  219. I strongly disagree with the woman who emailed you, questioning whether you should be posting about fashion in this challenging time. We cannot and should not be focused on the virus scare, to the exclusion of everything else in life! I for one really appreciate the information and fashion you share with us daily – it makes life more enjoyable !

  220. I don’t usually comment but I so look forward to your post and these days the distraction of fashion is a welcome relief from the intensity of this time. Please know you are rendering needed help to those of us who are sequestered.

  221. I enjoy your blogs and as we are dealing with a lit these days it is refreshing to read and see other distractions to keep my sanity. Its a great break from everything else. Thank you and keep it coming. Your prayer saying I share with my daughters it truly help me especially get thru my day. Look forward to more. God bless

  222. I appreciate your explanation though not necessary. We all have choices and if fashion is not someone’s priority during this time then there is an option to opt out for now. Keeping the faith in Southern Virginia. God is great!!

  223. Cyndi,

    I’m so relieved you and your husband are home and safe.

    These are challenging times. We do need some normalcy in our lives. I’m blessed with good health but because of my age, I’m sheltering in place. Your emails and Instagram postings are a perfect release from the craziness.

    Take care of yourself and family.


  224. Hi, Cyndi! So happy you had a great vacation and for your safe return home. I always look forward to your posts, so keep doing what you’re doing! We need all the normalcy we can get in this crazy world right now!

  225. Hi from the Seattle area…(yes, the center of the virus!) Scary here but we’re prayin’ and doin’ the best we can to stay healthy. Hubby is working from home, I’m retired so doing lots of gardening, quilting and reading right now.
    The blue dress REALLY looks nice on you…hope it’s a keeper!
    Love reading your blog so keep of the good work.
    Blessing to all of you.

    1. Thank you Cyndi for you positive and encouraging attitude. We all need a bit that right now. You keep doing what your doing. We all need to support one another. God bless you!❤️

  226. Love your blog! I have followed you for four or five years. Keep
    The fashion and faith coming. I look
    forward to it.❤️

    1. I’m from western Minnesota and love your blog. It’s the only one I subscribe to and I have for years. I feel like I know you and your family. I love your humble heart and love for Jesus.
      Keep up the good work!
      Ps. 112:7
      (Talking about people who fear the Lord)
      “He will not be afraid of evil tidings;
      His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord”.

  227. Thank you Cyndi for you positive messages and sunny perspective!

    At a time like this I think it is important to continue to look ahead and know that good things are on the way and though this is a scary time, it will pass. We have to keep living and laughing and planning for happy times ahead.

  228. Hi Cindy, so glad you got home safely. I look forward to your daily blog, especially now when I need a break from all the sad news. We returned to Canada from sunny Florida on Sunday and are self quarantined for the next two weeks or more. Thoughts and prayers to all.

  229. Greeting from the Central Coast of California! I too have been enjoying your blog for a few years now. I am not one who is faithful at leaving a comment. I find your blog and especially your bright eyes and smile something to look forward to during my day.
    Of course there is great concern enveloping us right now. But it goes along with Jesus’ words describing the times we are living in at Luke 21: 10,11. One of the things he mentioned was pestilences, food shortages etc. thus this should be no big surprise that we are having to endure such trying circumstance. But we’re only human. Thank you for continuing to be a breath of fresh air . Fashion can be fun , even when other things are crazy.😊

  230. I’m from Westfield IN and I love your blog. It’s nice to have a positive light hearted distraction during this time!

  231. I love your posts. They are always encouraging and uplifting. Who doesn’t need that in this hour? Thanks for all you do and I hope you never stop!

  232. Home is where the heart is and so happy you are safely home. I love the time reading your blog and you sharing ideas as well as your faith. Looking forward to reading it each day! Blessings from Texas

  233. Hi Cyndi – glad you are home safe and sound! I’m from Canada and my job has asked me to work from home for the next 3 weeks (for a start). I am at home with my University student son (they are doing on-line classes now) and also my son who is grade 11 – they are also doing on-line classes trying to keep the kids caught up. My husband is also home (for now), but is supposed to start a new job on Monday so we will see how that goes! I appreciate your blog and posts as it is Sooooooo depressing to watch the news. I look forward to dinner every day, as now everyone is at home and we get a chance to connect. Although the “how was your day” question isn’t really a good one any more! The dogs are also LOVING this as they get a walk during the day now instead of at night. PS Love and prayers to all the medical workers out there who are keeping everyone safe!

  234. Glad you are back . I get it people are worried , I’m worried. But if you didn’t do your job then I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to reading about fashion, God, your grandkids, food etc . I can only watch so much news about the virus. Anyways, keep doing what you do, I’ll be checking in to see what’s going on.

  235. Hi Cyndi,
    I live in Northern Ky and yours is the first blog I have followed. I have learned so much from your fashion advice and love the inspiration you give sharing your love for God. You make it all look so easy I’m sure people forget that this is actually a full time job for you. I have been looking for some things to make me smile during this time of social distancing. I am tired of all the scary stuff out there so I appreciate the chance to forget about it and read something I enjoy. Keep doing what you do. Thanks, Susan

  236. I love your blog. I unsubscribed from numerous blogs last year as I’m working at having less clothing and a capsule type wardrobe. I am in my late 60s so much of the fashion is not up my ally but I keep reading your blog for the Sunday post and beauty from the heart. Thank you for inspiration and sharing you faith, hope and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. I forgot to add that my husband I are in Blairsville Georgia, in the NE Georgia mountains. We are staying at home. I’m doing my exercises from the Union County Recreation Department online and that’s great. I am not worrying as all is in God’s hands. We are praying the rosary with the Pope everyday for healing and the swift resolve of the pandemic. Love and health to all.

  237. So glad you all made it home safely. Absolutely keep doing what you’re doing. I do not ever find your blog to be insensitive to what is going on around us, quite the opposite. You are positive and encouraging. That’s why we visit your blog daily…the fashion is the fun extra!!
    😊 Courtney (New Orleans)

  238. Welcome home! Glad you arrived safe and sound. I’m from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I too am glad to see you’re still blogging, it is a welcome reprieve from the news of the day. I especially like you short outfit. At first I thought it was a romper but like it all the more as two pieces–twice the options!

  239. Thank you Cyndi- STAY THE COURSE😘😘 you do such a beautiful job with your blog and make all of us “proud” to follow you! I too am a blogger, I love to encourage people and feel it’s what I’m called to do.
    I live in TN with my wonderful husband of 40 years this September.
    Yes, the world is shaken at this moment but it’s no time to throw in the towel. If anything, it’s time to let our light shine for Jesus. We don’t quit — we lead!
    Thank you for your hard work and dedication, I’m convinced the Father is proud of you 🌺🌺

  240. Hi Cyndi
    So glad you are safely home.
    When this is over will hopefully be able to enjoy the Spring. Flowers green leaves renewal.
    I am up north in New Hampshire. We had a little snow today. Have been cocooning for two weeks because family have some medical issues.
    Just found a lot of virtual tour sites and plan to try them in the next few days. Have enjoyed sitting on patio when weather ok and going for a ride in car to see what is new in town. Am lucky that I can share this with my hubby and best bud.
    Stay safe
    Enjoy your blog
    You do what you need to and I will follow

  241. HI Cyndi!
    Thank you for your blog – I look forward to it each day. It helps to take my mind off all the negativity. I appreciate your positive energy and love of the Lord!
    Thank you for all you do!

  242. HI Cyndi!
    Thank you for your blog – I look forward to it each day. It helps to take my mind off all the negativity. I appreciate your positive energy and love of the Lord!
    Thank you for all you do!

  243. I love your blog! I love receiving your inspiration about faith and fashion. Right now I think we all need a little distraction from the scary world in which we find ourselves living in. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily news and your daily blog takes us away from that. Thank you and keep on!

  244. Hi Everyone – I live in beautiful So Oregon. Husband & I recently retired, went on vacation, then came home 1 week early because everything was canceled – and now self quarantining. And our 401K is not doing well right now. Oh Well. God is in charge and it is all in His timing. Cyndi – please keep your blog going. You are very ‘real’ and it is nice to hear about your life and your ideas. I’m glad you are safety home. The main reason I stick with this blog is because I know you are a follower of Jesus and that is what makes the difference in your posts.

  245. Hi Cindy,
    So happy you are home! Yes please keep doing what you do. We need some brightness in the world right now, with things to look forward to. Here in Michigan it is getting scary. I keep praying, reading my bible, and keeping with the lord. I really enjoy your quotes of scripture. I have found some good finds from your site. You and your family stay safe and healthy!

  246. I thank you for being here Cyndi. I love your fashion and your wonderful attitude. This is a great diversion from all of the doom and gloom. I am happy to see your email everyday. I love these outfits. They look so cute on you!

  247. Please don’t stop! Your thoughts and fashion are a nice break from what’s going on in the world! We know this won’t last forever. I’m in Florida and North Carolina.
    Be safe!

  248. Hi All from Chicago’s Western Suburbs.
    Hope all of you & yours are well. Very different time for all of us. Glad you are home Cyndi. I was on a Panama Canal Cruise returned 2/2. This was just amping up. Things change so rapidly. We’ve a road trip planned following Easter. Thinking that won’t happen. I put my trust in God. I’m staying relaxed. Made myself a long “to do” list so I won’t be bored. Please continue to post. This WILL pass, I enjoy the sense of normalcy/routine your blog brings. Your inspiring words of faith are also needed and appreciated. Thank you.

  249. Keep doing what you are doing! It’s nice to have a distraction from all the chaos! You have bills to pay just like the rest of us! ❤️❤️

  250. Hi, Cyndi – I’m so glad you enjoyed your cruise and have made it back home safely! I, too, enjoy your posts since they truly do add normalcy to this strange – and isolating – time we are going through together. It helps me stay positive. Wishing you and your family continued health!

  251. Hi! I’m from Oregon and yes there are a lot more important things going on in the world than fashion- but please continue! I look forward to what you are showing us every day. I love getting my mind off what’s going on even for a few minutes!

  252. Hi Cyndi!
    A shout out from Grenada, Mississippi!!
    So glad y’all are home safely. I have been following your post for about a year now and look forward to it everyday!! You are such an inspiration! I love the fashion you bring us and your daily Beauty for the Heart words and scriptures. Keep doing what you are doing. We need inspiration in these times. God is in control!
    Blessings to all!!💕

  253. Hi Cyndi,

    Your blog on fashion, life and your relationship with God is inspiring and I agree with others that this is your true calling. Please don’t ever apologize for what you do which is bringing joy, comfort and inspiration to others daily. I don’t know you, but I love your sweet soul!

    Kind regards,
    The “other Cyndi”, Netart Bay Oregon (1.5 hours from Portland OR and 10 min from Tillamook, OR)

  254. Hello from Texas Cyndi!! I love receiving your emails everyday!! (My beautiful friend and now mom-in-love to my daughter shared your blog with me several years ago.) They are as the rest of this group mentioned, something I look forward to seeing in my email everyday. Thank you for sharing Christ and for your sweet sweet spirit. I do understand there are so many fearful, scary things going on in our world right now and I am praying for us all. God is good even through the storms and He is still on His throne!!
    Love & blessings

  255. Cyndi,

    I am from Michigan. First off, I am glad you are back home safe and sound. With these uncertain times, it’s nice that you will have the memories of your cruise to reflect on. Most of us will be canceling trips for the unforeseeable future. I appreciate what you do. I want to see what’s new in fashion and step outside of what may become a daily grind of staying home, something many of us are not used to doing. I also like your faith sharing. I’ve posted a comment before about how your positive messages have come to me at times when I really needed to read them. Keep it up and thank you.

    1. I think your posts will help us all take our minds off the news. It refreshing to see ideas about spring instead of a virus!

    2. Another Iowan who really enjoys your blog Cyndi! In this difficult time we all need to know we’re in this together. I love your choices in fashion – only wish I looked as wonderful as you in my choices!! God bless Cyndi!


  256. Thank you Cyndi for sharing. Yes, things have changed for now, but that does not mean we give up our lives and jobs. Stay safe and healthy and I look forward to your posts. God Bless

    During our Lent service last night the Pastor used this saying as part of his sermon. He did reference toilet paper, but went on to discuss our lives a Christians.

    Having it doesn’t do anything. Using it makes the difference.

    Nancy from MN

  257. i think you are a breathe of fresh air in a time such as this. your positive attitude whether thru your faith or just who you are is wonderful. Keep blogging cause you are very good at it and i look forward to your emails every day. Hope you and your family stay healthy thru all this.

  258. Cyndi, I’m so glad you got home! I love this collection! Beautiful! I encourage you to continue your blog as usual. We need a diversion from the sadness💕

  259. God bless you Cyndi! I’m so glad you made it home safely. I loved that cruise itinerary and I will look into it once things are back to normal. I LOVE your blog, both the fashions and the BFTH posts. I look forward to them every day. Thank you for your encouragement.
    Marilyn from Sterling Heights, MI

  260. Hello from Arkansas!! Please do not stop posting. In these uncertain times I need a diversion like many others. I have never posted before, but felt like it was time to encourage you. You have been an encouragement to me many times.
    Thank you so much for what you do!!

  261. Greetings from Iowa. So glad you are home safe. I look forward to your daily posts, love the fashion ideas and Christian quotes….keep them coming.

  262. Hi Cyndi,

    Glad you made it home safely. I am sending my love and prayers to everyone from Blanchard, Oklahoma (not far from Norman.) I am always welcome to some normalcy in my life since I am in the medical field and there is such worry and concern about when this virus might come to an end or at least slow down. Everyone needs to continue praying for God to guide our medical professionals in the right ways to help us all take the appropriate actions to help everyone recover safely and quickly. I always enjoy everything you post daily.

    Happy Spring to you and your family!!

  263. I really appreciate reading your daily posts. You do such a good job, you bring me smiles with how adorable, positive, and how spiritual you are. You’re amazing, gorgeous, and kind! I hope you keep posting to help us all see something positive on a daily basis. I’m from Kansas and I help my brother take care of our 93 year old mother, and I have diabetes so life isn’t always easy. I can rely on God and you to make each day special! Keep up your wonderful work!❤️ PS: I pray you and your husband and family stay healthy!

  264. I realize everyone feels differently about what is going on right now. However I think it is extremely important that we all continue to do our jobs in the best way we can. I sell real estate and everyone definitely has opinions on whether we should list houses or show properties right now. As this is what I have done for a living over 25 years I am going to continue to do my job the best that I can. I will take all the precautions that I can. We all need to stay strong, support each other and try to maintain the jobs that we do to support our families. Our retailers are going to be hurting for awhile and I am especially looking forward to support them when this is over! Seeing your styles is encouraging! Thanks! Powder Springs GA

  265. I recently had eye surgery and I am so grateful for the diversion of fashion bloggers like you while I heal. I am a crafter and can’t do any of it right now, and my family is pitching in with all the chores. Seeing all of your beautiful outfit pictures makes me think to a time here in New York when we will all be outside wearing cute clothes and seeing each other closer than 6’ apart again. Jeep doing what you do!!!

  266. Hi Cyndi, this blog is your livelihood. Many employees have been asked to work from home. I think having something fun to read and look at is wonderful. Keep doing what you do. I am so tired of people talking abut this virus. People should exercise caution, but not let it rule their life. I got my nails done this morning and I am sure some people will blast me for that. So be it. Your blog is a bright spot in our day. Thanks and the blue dress is adorable!

  267. I am so glad you are both back home safe and sound. Receiving your emails with fashion and faith are always a pleasure especially now during these very difficult times for all of us. It’s a nice break from the discouraging news. I just started this week to go through my spring and summer clothes and organize and see what’s needed. Plus I have started my spring cleaning. There are very few places open to go and staying home Is being encouraged, so figured I may as well get a head start. I work from home with our own business as well, so I certainly understand your need to keep your business going.
    Take care and welcome home:)

  268. As someone who was also out of my country (canada) when everything erupted, I am now is 14 days self isolation. I was in Florida leading a tour group. My husband was not with me, so I truly am in self isolation – he moved out for the next 2 weeks. I have time on my hands and have made a list of things I want to get done and one of them is purge and really clean out my closet….Let us use this time to be still but we can still accomplish things and we must keep our minds and bodies busy and active and not dwell on the reality that is all around us. With all due respect, I’m not sure why someone would suggest you stop working – there is enough about the pandamic everywhere we look and its nice to have distractions.
    It’s an odd feeling to be away from home when something like this happens and when we crossed the border back into Canada on our tour bus – it was a feeling like no other.

  269. I do not think any apologies are necessary, Cindy. While this is a terrible time, we must be optimistic for good days to come. In the meantime, I think it’s appropriate to support businesses through online purchases. Keep the spring ideas coming!

  270. Kennett Square, PA
    Please continue to do what you do on a daily basis. I look forward to your email every single day. That one in a 1,000 negativity, let it go. They can unsubscribe if need be.
    Keep the positivity coming!

  271. I’m thankful for your daily posts. We’re being bombarded with all things Covid-19 and I welcome the diversion. Small businesses are hurting and we need to support them any way we can. I consider you as a small business. God Bless.

  272. I have been following you for year’s but have never written anything to you. Please keep up the fashion and I love your beauty for the heart, I have shared your thoughts with so many girls I work with and your blog. We need something other than what’s on TV or social media especially now. We need positive, the enemy wants negative! Love your spirit and heart. Loving Jesus in Ohio!

  273. I think it is great that you are still working and blogging. I think most of us need the distraction. Thanks for all you do.

  274. I am very happy you are continuing with you blog and posts of fashion. Yes, we are going through some difficult , trying times however, we do need to keep a sense of some normalcy in our lives. Always look forward to your blogs and fashions and I truly enjoy your quotes of scripture as well. Glad you are home safely, that you had a good time and now you stay safe at home. Keep on posting.
    Thanks again,
    Diane from Madison, Ct

  275. Cyndi I love reading your posts and seeing your fashion. Your creative mind has inspired me in changing how I dress. As the world is going on around us we need to all continue to live in faith and not in fear surround ourselves with the white light of the Holy Spirit and pray that this pandemic comes to an end. Here in NY things are completely shut down so having some positivity to read is always a blessing Stay safe and Healthy

  276. Hi Cyndi! Greeting from Palo Alto, California. Glad you made it home safely. Your job is a beautiful ministry that I look forward to every day. Keep doing what you’re doing. May God continue to use it for His glory. Love & blessings!💕🙏🏽

  277. Cindy, I for one am so glad you do continue to blog. I know we are in trying times. I am spending a lot of time praying and studying my Bible. It truly is a time to draw near to the Lord. However, the short time I spend on your blog and the one other fashion blog I am on , are a refreshing change from the day to day worries of the virus and other things going on in the world. i love the spiritual aspect of your blog and I really enjoy the fashion, too. Keep it up and God bless!

  278. I’m from Iowa in the heart of the Midwest! I can sympathize with your concern getting back into the US. My daughter and family were in Mexico for my granddaughter’s senior trip. They came home last night, but were anxious at customs in Houston. It turned out to be a trip they will never forget! Please keep blogging and showing us cute and wearable outfits. Thank you for all that you do. Stay healthy!

  279. Do not let that one person make you feel bad!! We still need to smile and look pretty during these trying times.


  280. Yes, we need to find some normalcy wherever we can right now, and I look forward to your posts! They are a fun break from the chaos and fear, and the BFTH so appreciated! 💕

  281. Do not let that one person feel bad. We still need to smile and look pretty during these trying times!

  282. So thankful for your blog and a little distraction. I have 2 college kids home
    and we are all trying to navigate this new normal.

  283. Hi Cindy. I am from New Jersey and I enjoy reading your blog and have ordered clothing you have suggested. Keep up the great work and it is nice to have a diversion from what is going on in the world today. Stay well

  284. Please keep blogging. With everything going on in the world, we need something positive and something to look forward to. Your positive and spiritual attitude are what we need right now. Thanks!

  285. Welcome home to Kentucky! I’ve been worried that you all would not make it back in a timely manner. I have to admit though I’m a little jealous of your tan!!!!(Our spring break plans just got cancelled) Keep doing what you are doing. We all need the distraction during this crazy time. The faith focus doesn’t hut a bit either! James 1:12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

  286. I love reading your posts and seeing what’s new. Right now your posts offer a little diversion from all the gloom. I’m a Jesus believer from Indiana. Keep it up!

  287. Please continue to do what you do! I look forward to seeing your daily posts. The majority of us may not be able to get out of our houses, but we can shop on-line to help support businesses.

  288. I love all your posts and how you share God’s Word in each one. More than ever, I look forward to them 💗 I’m following you from Florida 🌞

  289. Cyndi,
    You are such an encouragement not only now, but always. Who wouldn’t want a diversion from the doom and gloom we’ve been drowning in? Keep doing what you’re doing!!!
    You’re the best!!!

    In Christ,


  290. Hi, Cyndi, Nancy from California here. I think we need fashion now as much as ever. This is a quote I cut out of a magazine many years ago that I thought you’d enjoy (author unknown): “Fashion & the way we look are part of our human condition. It’s tribal and social and personal. It’s not frivolous at all; it’s quite profound.” Glad to be part of your tribe!

  291. Glad you made it back safe & sound. I have read your blog for many years now from Kansas City, MO. Please keep doing what you’re doing. We still need to support the companies/businesses we love and we can do that by ordering online, getting takeout food, whatever that looks like now. Since I’m cooped up, I’ve been more intentional about getting outside for walks. Even if it’s not the best of weather. Fresh air is always good. Everyone stay safe and well.

    1. I am glad you made it home. Please keep doing what you are doing. It is truly one of the many bright spots in my day. I like the fashion and the fact that you share about your faith. Morristown, Tennessee

  292. Hello from Texas! I’m not one to write comments, but I felt this was a great time to write one.
    Clearly, it’s difficult to ignore what’s going on, however we still need to have a sense of normalcy in what’s become our daily isolated lives. Cyndi, Thank you for the distraction. I appreciate and look forward to your blog everyday. Btw, you always look fabulous in your post!

  293. Cindy
    I love your blog and all the fashion info, but your faith sharing is my absolute favorite. I also work hard to be a women of God but getting help and input from other sources is great.
    Thanks for all you do

  294. I am thankful for caring people like you who for a few minutes each day give us a distraction from what is going on. Thankful you and Wayne made it home safely and had a great trip. May God bless you and keep you safe!

  295. Although this is an unbelievably scary time, we still want to be positive, presentable, and handle whatever comes our way today and tomorrow. Keep posting!

  296. Hi from Maryland! And welcome back! Please keep doing what you’ve always done with your blog – fashion and faith. I make a point of getting dressed, doing my makeup and hair and putting on jewelry even though I’m staying at home. New fashion ideas lift my mood and make me smile. I’ve made a few purchases (and I even retired a few weeks ago!) Gotta help the economy as much as possible! And I always look forward to your Beauty For the Heart message!

  297. Hello from Houston! Cyndi, I have enjoyed reading your blog for a few years now. With all that is going on in the world (and in my own home), it sure is a welcome diversion. Thank you…and welcome home!

  298. Please don’t stop what your doing! I enjoy looking at your posts. I’ am hairstylist and we have had to stop working in Pa. I am going to stay positive get somethings done around this house. God has this and we will wait and pray that it passes quickly. So thankful for your blog!

  299. Greetings from north Idaho. I, too, appreciate your diversion but also I appreciate your ‘Beauty from the Heart’. As different words have spoken to me, I have taken a screenshot of them to save for later and I do refer back to them. Thank you!

  300. Welcome back! Glad you & your hubby are back home safe & sound. Please keep sharing your positivity, whether it be through fashion, beauty, etc. Sometimes the frivolous things can bring a little joy, and enlight of what is happening, I think we need some joy. The Lord’s peace to all.

  301. Cyndi,

    I love your blog and have been following you for about a year. You are a daily source of faith and fashion inspiration and dose of positivity. I come to you for a departure from the daily grind and appreciate all that you do (plus all the great outfits you have picked out for me😉) so keep on keepin’ on!

    Dover, DE

  302. I live in Cincinnati and I work for the airlines. It’s been super stressful at work wondering if we will even have a job, get laid off or get the virus! My mind isn’t into shopping or fashion right now but I know it’s your job and you do it so well!! 😊 I still appreciate your smiling face and kind words! Stay healthy everyone!

  303. Happy spring…it’s a blizzard here in my area of Colorado!! I’m glad you’re home safe & that you’re continuing your blog as you normally would! The thing I’m going to be most excited about after this season is over is getting back to church!! We’re very involved and it hurts my heart not to be able to gather with our church family!! We’re trying our best with live streaming, but it’s just not the same. I do know that this is just for a time and that we will come back stronger together! Bless you!!

  304. Hi Cindi,
    Iam Jan from Grand Rapids Mi!
    Iam also a retired dental hygienist!
    Love your fashion sense and beauty from the heart!❤️

  305. I am from Cookeville, TN. We had the terrible tornado hit our town on March 3. I am sure you saw it on the news. It did not come near our home so we were blessed. There were 19 deaths and over 100 homes destroyed or damaged. Pray for our community and those still in the hospital, especially for a 2 year old named Harper. Thank you for your beautiful posts and pictures! I always enjoy your words. Peggy

  306. Please continue sharing fashion, it’s a pleasant distraction from what’s going on in the world right now.

  307. I love your blog. You taught me how to dress myself again. After two kids and life I forgot how to do that. Thank you for adding scriptures at the end of your emails, because they are uplifting. I just read in 1 Peter 2 in the last part of verse 25 it states the Sheperd and Overseer of your souls. Wow, isn’t it awesome that the Lord himself is the Overseer of our souls. What better place for our soul to be. I look forward to your emails because it pulls me away from the cares of this world. 😁

  308. Cyndi,
    I am always inspired by your fashion sense AND your ability to blend the Christian aspect of who you are and how you live with the fashionable styles to present YOUR best self, in the eyes of Christ. It’s nice to have a bit of a reprieve, as I open your post each morning, and check out the neat styles you are presenting, and try to figure out how I can adapt the idea into my Canadian/much cooler weather up here in Saskatchewan, where the highs of the day barely reach melting and the lows are still very chilly. It’s March, and we know that the cooler weather will not change until maybe April or May, but Spring is officially here! Never doubt your talents and professionalism in presenting your ideas and your adaptations in so many different ways! Fashion is a reflection of who we are, and when we are all isolating, it’s nice to know that, even for me and my family, I look good and I feel good. Looking forward to getting dressed and getting out for necessary groceries is part of our daily life, and we all want to feel good inside. Outer appearance is part of that, as we merge our inner and outer selves with our Higher Power’s help and insight. Thanks again, Cyndi!

  309. I am so happy and relieved that you are home safe!! I for one need your blog now more than ever as a small diversion from what the daily news brings. Thank you for a dose of positive ❤️❤️❤️May God keep you and your family lovingly in his arms.

  310. Welcome back! Thank you for answering my email earlier today that you were back!! PTL! I love your blog and look forward to it every day!! Especially love when you talk about trends❤️
    God Bless and so glad you are back!!’

  311. Hello from an Iowa reader who is about to join the “work from home” team! Please keep the blog posts coming. They are a great distraction from the scary news, and give us something nice to look forward to (assuming we will ever be able to enter a store again).

    Take care and stay healthy!

  312. I truly appreciate all that you do. In this time of crazy, it is nice to get a break and not think about this virus 24/7. The media truly drives a lot of the crazy that is going on. Truly…who needs 1000 rolls of toilet paper? I am so glad that you are back from your vacay healthy and happy. We returned from a cruise about a week before you left for yours and were unaffected as well. Please continue with styling us women on a daily basis as much as possible, as I for one love to see your style, your commitment to Christ, and your positive attitude.
    I am sure it can be trying from time to time to be bashed by your followers, but I know you have to just shrug it off.
    I live in the Phoenix area, originally from Ohio, and then lived in Colorado for many years before moving to AZ 2 years ago. I know you stopped in AZ a year or two ago on vacation, and said it was crazy hot! that’s true for the time of year it was, but right now its about 50 degrees..a little to cool for me! haha God bless you and your family. Stay well.

  313. Hi Cyndi! So happy you and your husband are back safe! Thought of you often while you were gone! I love seeing your blog everyday. You are so cute and post the cutiest things! I for one think you are y bright light in our current world crises! Keep on doing your thing! 🙏🏻 For you!

  314. Hello from Northville, Michigan! Now I know why I was drawn to your blog…I am a Jesus-loving dental hygienist too! Plus I love your sense of style. I love your platform for encouraging others in their faith!

  315. Cyndi, Thanks for your great message we will get thur this we live in Mt. AIRY N.C. and it’s crazy around here so far we have CV 1 case . I love that your still showing fashion it get this off our mind.Keep up the great work and glad you and Wayne are safe and back home.I by alot of items u show.We spend 6 months here and 6 months in Fla

  316. Glad they let you off the boat and you are back home. I’m a college instructor from Louisiana. Now that I am teaching online from home the remainder of the semester, I’d like to see some fun, upbeat colorful tees and other things to wear around home. I need to beef up my casual wear since that is all I will be wearing for the next several months.

  317. I think right now this is a good deversion from the stress of dealing with every day changes. I do enjoy your daily blogs. Thank you Cindy.

  318. I’m thankful you are home. If anyone does not want to look at fashion, then they certainly don’t have to open your emails or look at your blog. Many days I may not be in the mood and just delete the email if I see it is something I’m not I interested in. You take care!

  319. Thank you for continuing with your normal postings Cyndi. I want normal now!!! Too much scary stuff on TV and radio. It is even anxiety provoking to go to the grocery store!! Your daily postings are fun and good thought provoking. ( I’m in coastal South Carolina).

  320. Please keep doing what you are doing👍🏼 During these “interesting” times right now, I look forward to this little spot of sunshine. You give wonderful ideas/suggestions, your posts are always positive while also sharing your practical take on things. THANK YOU and stay healthy!

  321. Cyndi, please keep your usual blog going. We all need normalcy right now and your girls who blog are our life line to humanity and sameness. We don’t have to stop living…just stay inside or close to home. It’s not a death sentence.I, for one, am very much at peace with the situation and know God is in control. I live in Oklahoma and we’ve had rain for a week and now going to get a cold front with it dropping down to freezing tomorrow night! YIKES!! Anyway, everyone just needs to chill and this will all pass before we know it. Thank you for being here for us!!

  322. I know that you are so happy to be home. You are right, there is no place like home. I enjoy your post and especially during this difficult time that is going on in this world. It can take my mind off of it for just a bit. Hope everyone stays healthy. From Jackson, Tennessee

  323. I’m totally 100% behind you Cyndi. In these times of chaos and uncertainty I think we need to hang on to as much normalcy as we can. It’s going to get better folks and life will get back to normal. I’m going to continue to enjoy all the fashion updates and words of encouragement and prayer. We as women need to band together for our families and friends and show the world that no matter how bad things get we will endure and come out on top. So put on your favorite outfit and go get ’em girls. And don’t forget your makeup! My Mother once told me “Never leave the house without looking your best. You never know when you’re going to run into an old boyfriend – with his new girlfriend”. Hang in there everybody. We’ve got this! And God watch over all of us.

  324. Well good morning! I have missed you these past few days and my mind went all over the place wondering if you all were OK. You and Jo-Lynn did the same fashion top today, different colors. All very cute outfits. I know you bloggers make your money from fashion and I am so very thankful for it. Please do not feel guilty about earning an income. Being retired and depending on stocks for my income, I have lost my virtual shirt these past weeks. Yes it will rebound and your sales will improve , but it will be a really rocky road for our entire country’s economy. Please keep the cuteness coming.

  325. Welcome back! It so lovely to hear you are home safe and sound. I love to hear all your news and love all the fashion updates ….its a welcome reprieve for a few .minutes out of a stressful day worrying about the Corona virus and the wellbeing of family and friends. That’s all we hear about on the tv, radio and news channels……thank you for all your blogs and the wonderful updates for the body and soul……thank the Lord you are home xx

  326. We are certainly living through some challenging circumstances. But I think taking care of ourselves and our appearance helps me feel better. Fashion is fun, it should lift our spirits and help us feel more confident. And this industrty is taking a hit right now too. So I love seeing what’s new, or on sale, or trending, and if I can pick up something I love that’s on sale it’s a win for everyone! Thanks for bringing sunshine and positivity to our world!

  327. From Ohio here…Glad you are home safe! While I understand the message your follower was trying to make- I know I look forward to uplifting diversions about fashion- it’s a nice break from the scary news and difficult times we are in-so I appreciate you continuing your blog’s focus right now- besides, your faith is always reassuring and inspiring- thank you!

  328. At a time when we are all self isolating and social distancing, a little beauty in our inbox is most welcome. Keep on showing us beautiful clothes. That is why we follow you.

  329. No offense to the follower who didn’t think you should be sharing but I totally disagree. We need normalcy and light heartedness at this time. Love seeing what you have to share as I self quarantine alone. So glad you are home.

  330. Hello – I am from Colorado – and have been following your Blog for about 3 years now I think. I really enjoy your style and the conservative styles that you share. I am inspired on a regular basis by your positive attitude and the other topics that you sometimes touch on.
    Keep doing what you’re doing – I hesitate to say I envy the success you have found in this Blogging World 🙂

  331. It is nice to see something that is not about the virus. Your blog is nice change of pace. You, also, brighten my day with kind thoughts and good news.
    Thank you for what you do.

    1. I agree that some normalcy right now is so welcome! I enjoy and look forward to your fashion posts, but I also really enjoy your Christian perspective and your BFTH, which is needed more than anything in these times. Please keep the fashion coming, and maybe expand on your BFTH as well! Trusting God to see us all thru these difficult days!

    2. Hi Cyndi! I’m a homeschooling mom from Cuba, Missouri, so my day-to-day life with this COVID situation hasn’t changed much, although we are SO missing our church fellowship! Yes, do not feel guilty continuing your work! Not only do you need to pay your bills, but with churches closing it’s doors for now, Christian bloggers and radio hosts have the opportunity and privilege to step up and share truth to a world that needs know faith, not fear. My husband is a self-employed carpenter…so thankful that for now, anyway, his clients are continuing to let him remodel their kitchens!!

  332. Keep blogging. First, it’s your job and second, it’s a welcome distraction. Can’t do, help or think COVID-19 24-7. Just like regular life.

    1. Hi
      Welcome home. I’d love to see joggers or lounge pants that aren’t pajamas lol! I have on camera meetings gs and need to look presentable if not in corporate wear. Also can you discuss Kiels handcream? And i heard you made a crockpot roast beef but i missed the recipe. Thanks!!!!

  333. Don’t stop with Fashion! I am encouraged by your blog. If I can’t purchase from your posts, I am happy to try and shop my closet to put together a similar look. It’s really kind of fun. Thanks for your Biblical encouragement, too. Take care, and be blessed!

  334. I know this is a rough time for everyone but I love to see your fashion, the products that you like and your home. I love the jewelry you recommend or the trends.

    There are
    so many depressing things on the news and you bring joy to us. You have to make a living also and this is how you help all of us. Keep up the good work!

  335. So glad you guys made it back from the cruise safely! Glad to have a break from the news to think about fun things like fashion! Take care!

  336. I am so glad you and the other bloggers I follow are continuing. Yes, fashion isn’t the most important thing in our lives, especially at this time, but it is an escape. I, for one, cannot be obsessing over what is happening (I am not ignoring it, I am taking it quite seriously. I am now teaching on-line, and I am trying to keep some normalcy for me and my students during this difficult time.) I am in New Hampshire, where it is a raw and rainy day. Wishing everyone good health.

  337. Hi Cyndi –
    I am from Evans, Georgia and have only been following you for about a year but I must say that I for one, am grateful for you continuing to share fashion with us all! I do understand and follow closely what is going on in our world, but it is nice to have something to look forward to that gives me a chance to think and read about something other than the virus, So thanks for that and keep it up!!!

  338. Hi Cindi –
    I am from Evans, Georgia and have only been following you for about a year but I must say that I for one, am grateful for you continuing to share fashion with us all! I do understand and follow closely what is going on in our world, but it is really nice to have something to look forward to that gives me a chance to think and read about something other than the virus, So thanks for that and keep it up!!!

    1. Welcome back. I’m from Southeast Texas. Yes, we all need to pull together now and stay hopeful and in prayer. Glad you are home. I love your fashion. Keep it coming and your inspirational messages.

    2. Hello from the Windy City of Chicago
      Where we are standing strong and serving our Lord.
      Love your blog and hv followed for many years…
      Especially Christian perspective and fashion together.
      One of these days Wayne gonna hv add little sermon.

  339. Thank you for your post today. So nice to see spring clothes that have a happy vibe and know that these difficult times will pass. Happy spring to you!

  340. I am from Roswell Georgia and with all the worries and time inside, it lifts my spirits to see the beautiful clothes.


  341. Now is a great time to share fashion! And inspiration! So many of us are cooped up in our homes with lots of scary news on. It is so refreshing to open up some emails and facebook and see something besides the spread of CoVid. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to and to brighten our day. I did my nails last night, the first time in YEARS. Being home bound doesn’t mean you don’t need to show up for life. 😉 Have a glorious day with lots of bright, fun clothes to try on!

    1. I too appreciate your focus! I agree with so many others today; we need the distraction/normalcy. Reading your blog is like kicking back with a sweet fashion magazine to have some time to myself. Don’t stop! I especially love your spiritual focus…keeping us grounded to what’s eternal:).

      It would be fun to hear a tidbit each day of what everyone is doing to stay sane while social distancing/isolating. I have 3 college kids now home. All doing online classes. We are using this time together to pray & have living room worship each night for this crisis, health-care workers, infected patients& their families, government leaders, etc. (Our God is so much bigger than this virus!). Plus we are working out together daily and doing workout challenges.
      May God’s blessings be upon us as we look out for our neighbors!

  342. I just have to say in the midst of this craziness, I am thankful for a moment of escape when I look at your blog. Blessings on all that you do!

  343. Ugh, I’m in love with those shorts — but I’m so nervous about doing any online shopping right now. 🙁 Still loving all of your posts!

    Please take care, Cyndi!