Neutral Home Decor from Amazon

I am always on the search for new pieces to add to my home. Neutral home decor items are the perfect thing to stock up on because they can easily transition from season to season and fit into any room’s color scheme.

Natural wood items are very on-trend right now in home decor, so I have added several great wooden pieces.

Neutral Home Decor from Amazon

Ceramic Vase Set | This distressed vase set is beautiful on its own, or add some greenery to take it to the next level! This set of three is under $35.

Wood Bead Garland | I love how these look styled on a coffee table or shelf, and this garland is under $12!

Large Wicker Storage Basket | Baskets are great for keeping a room organized and help hide non-decor items like toys, extra blankets, etc.

Wood Chain Decor | This hand-carved wood chain is beautiful. I would style these similar to the wood bead garland.

Wooden Dough Bowl | Perfect on a kitchen counter holding fruit or on an entryway table to corral keys and wallets!

White Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket | There’s nothing better than adding cozy blankets in the colder months. This faux fur one is under $18.

Faux Leather Marble Print Serving Tray | This would be pretty, holding your remotes and a candle in the center of your coffee table. It would also be fabulous at the end of a guest bed to show some hospitality for your visitors!

Antique White Ceramic Vase | This neutral vase is perfect for all the seasons! Simply switch out your filler each season with seasonally appropriate faux florals or greenery for the perfect centerpiece.

Candle Holder Set | Get this set of two wooden candle holders for under $23!

Seagrass Basket Set of 3 | This set is great for many things, especially as plant baskets. Place your favorite plant inside to hide an unsightly plant pot. A set of three is under $32.

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  1. I love these neutral ideas! And I love color too! So hard to decide, but I decorate my rooms differently so I can enjoy both! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love this look too. I just redid my family room and it’s neutrals. Had color for so long. I almost bought the beads and chain decor a month ago. Could you please tell me why your wood bread platter looks all white on your entry table, but the one on the site looks more wood tone? Did they have white option to order at one time? I want the white like yours but is it one of those things it will come however? I just haven’t had much luck with quality from Amazon lately. I like to see what I’m buying and look it over. I like to order online as much as everyone else but I think someday it’s going to close more and more brick and mortar stores. I already see the impact in my area. :(. Sad really. I bought the filler you recommended for the bread platter you have on your entry so waiting to receive it. Hope to order the platter after I hear from you. Thanks Cyndi.