5 Ways To Hide Your Tummy

Hey friends! Many women after 40 experience weight gain on their bellies, especially after going into peri-menopause or menopause. Today I’m sharing tips on how to hide your tummy, stylishly cover-up, or disguise a tummy.

5 Ways To Hide Your Tummy

I know everyone doesn’t love high-rise jeans, pants, or shorts, but a high-rise is a great way to help hide a tummy. They help hold everything in, and if your rise is too low, that can accentuate your stomach.

1. Wear high waisted pants/jean

I know everyone doesn’t love high-rise jeans, pants, or shorts, but a high-rise is a great way to help hide a tummy. They help hold everything in, and if your rise is too low, that can accentuate your stomach.

Cyndi Ruffle Placket Button Front Blouse (I’m wearing an XS) • Notch Collar Blazer (I’m wearing a small) • Straight Leg Jean (I’m wearing a size 27 ) • Braided Heel • Earrings • Necklace • Bracelets

2. Add a third layer

Layering is a great way to hide your tummy. It gets tricky in the summer because the last thing we want is to layer on clothes in the heat, but you can do it and still not burn up.

(This outfit is older and not available.)

3. Wear shapewear

Of course, shapewear is a no-brainer. If you wear anything that hugs the body, shapewear is your friend.

4. Wear darker colors

It’s no secret that darker colors make you look slimmer. White jeans, pants, and shorts are not always the most flattering, but we love to wear them in the summer.

(I loved these pants but they were too pricey so I didn’t buy them.)

Black Top (I’m wearing a small) • Brendon Pant (I’m wearing a small) • Braided Heel (I sized up 1/2 size)

5. Wear tunic style t0ps

Tunic style tops are another great option, and a slight v-neck also elongates and helps give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

Tiered Long-Sleeve Swing Top (I’m wearing an XS) • Chino Pant (I’m wearing a small) • Slip-On Loafer (TTS) • Earrings • Bracelets can be found HERE • Necklace

There you go, 5 Ways To Hide Your Tummy! If you have some tips, please share them with us.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have found with my body type anything high rise or high waisted accentuates my stomach, does not hide it.

  2. Thank you for this post! My stomach is my most embarrassing feature. As someone who has always been extremely thin, having a tummy now makes me so self conscious. I am always looking for ways to hide it, so this is super helpful.

  3. I think tunics make a person look heavier, because it’s a big expanse of fabric stretched across your belly with no waistline to give you the perception of a shape. If the tunic is fuller, it looks like a maternity top. I agree with the other ideas, though. If none of them work, just own the tummy and wear a big happy smile so people look at your face instead!

  4. Could you do a post on reliable on-line boutiques. I’ve ordered from so many that are not trustworthy.

  5. Thank you Cyndi from the bottom of my heart for sharing this! So helpful and I agree so much that it’s so much harder to hid the belly in summer, when you can layer things it much easier and more fun to make fun smart outfits! Thanks sooooo much again, Margo Gulemi

  6. I think roushing on tops and dresses helps too. I hope I spelled that right. LOL Good reminder in the BFTH. I was shopping yesterday at Nordstrom rack and tried on some shorts and I was pretty discouraged. I don’t like the shape my legs are in and its hard to exercise enough with my chronic migraines, to get them where they need to be. I came home and started doing some leg excercises. LOL We need to love our bodies that God gave us, even as we age. Not always easy. So good reminder. Thanks.

  7. Hi Cyndi , Great post. I like when the posts are informative , with helpful suggestions on real life issues..I feel like this blog has become more of a modeling and fashion post…always love to listen to any good tips too. I love hearing about your beautiful family , God and Courtney’s addition look forward to that ..God Bless

  8. Thanks for this post! My tummy is probably my biggest ‘issue’ when it comes to picking the right outfits! I find that high-waist jeans actually accentuate my tummy…. 🙁 I had ‘high’ hopes for them when they cam back! lol… I guess it depends on if you are high-waisted or low-waisted… your torso length.

    I love certain fabrics , flowy, thick, etc for this reason. I love dresses in the spring/summer, those cover a multitude of rolls! 🙂


  9. Hi, Cyndi. I always enjoy reading your blog. I think you have told us this in a previous post, but what type and brand of shapewear do you recommend?

  10. I love that you care about all your followers and all our various dressing issues. Some fashion bloggers mainly show what works on their bodies and don’t seem to care about their followers body types. Your tips are very helpful. Thank you.

  11. Hi Cyndi,

    Love all the examples to hide the tummy. I like the high rise jeans because I feel my muffin top doesn’t bulge out☺️. Love the black top from scoop, unfortunately it’s out in my size.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  12. I know it’s the style to front tuck shirts but I find when I do that it accentuates my tummy and I’m not over weight so I leave them out. Love high rise pants also, no more I’d rise.

  13. All good suggestions that I’ve been incorporating since I hit my 50’s. I was so happy when higher rise jeans came back since mid & low rise always required a belt for me, but do you have issues with some of the high rise jeans bagging in the crotch? I don’t remember jeans doing that 30 years ago! I’ve been having a time finding a high rise that hits in the right place on my waist so there’s not some bagginess and the dreaded foldover in the crotch when I sit. I’ve had this happen with expensive and cheaper jeans as well as in petite and regular sizes.

    1. Dottie….I have been having the same problem with some of the high rises and I only do the 10 to 10 !/2 rise. I don’t like the bag or they way they look when sitting. I only have 2 I like but don’t think they are available anymore. I find the best luck with Wit and Wisdom brand.

      1. Thanks for this post. I think many over 40 women have this issue. I appreciate your focus on dealing with it when it comes to clothes. So many posts across fashion influencers are showing outfits for slimmer women.
        I do have a question: is the top in tip #5 really a tunic? Those kinds of flowy, shorter length tops hit me at my tummy and make me look larger.
        I thought a tunic was a longer length, usually having a shirttail hem. Has this changed?

  14. I rarely tuck anything in – maybe a half tuck but I feel fitted tops left out help hide my stomach and I always try to stand up straighter and hold my core in (exercise wthout the sweat – ha)