Courtney’s Corner: Amazon Home Finds for the Bathroom, Kitchen, and More

Hi ladies! Today, Courtney is sharing some of her most recent Amazon home finds for the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

If you’re new here, Courtney is my daughter and mom to my 3 sweet grandchildren: Colt, Claire, and Caroline. She is very talented at decorating her home (see some photos of her home here), and I have invited her to join us from time to time to share her favorite home decor and interior inspiration.

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Keep reading to find out what awesome finds she’s sharing today!

Amazon Home Finds

For the Bathroom:

1. Classic White Micro Fiber Bathmat

I love this classic white bath mat that we have in our bathroom. It also washes great and still looks brand new!

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2. All-Purpose Shower Squeegee

I use this squeegee after every shower to prevent soap scum and build-up from forming on our glass shower enclosure.

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3. Rotating Makeup Organizer

I was tired of my perfumes, skincare products, and makeup items spread out over my vanity countertop and drawers. Now everything is corralled in this makeup organizer, and my countertop is clean and clutter-free!

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4. Makeup Brush Organizer

This acrylic organizer is the perfect size for holding my makeup brushes and hair brushes! It’s so affordable at under $13 that I may need a second one to hold my lip glosses, mascaras, and other miscellaneous items.

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For the Kitchen:

5. Gold Paper Towel Holder

This adhesive paper towel holder keeps your paper towels off the kitchen counter while keeping them super accessible. 

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6. Gold and White Pan Set

I received these pans for Christmas and have loved using them. They are high quality and non-toxic. I love using them for cooking, and the small pan is perfect for your morning eggs.

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For the Living Room:

7. Throw Pillow Cover

I’m looking to update my throw pillows in my living room and have my eye on these!

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8. Pillow Inserts

A great pillow insert can take an inexpensive pillow case and make it look like you paid a lot for it! These are my favorite inserts.

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9. Checkerboard Throw Blanket

I’ve needed a new throw blanket for my living room, and I think this may be the one. I adore the checkerboard pattern! This is a knockoff of a much more expensive brand. 

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10. Pink Waverly Scroll Tissue Holder

This is in my cart! I have wanted one of these for a while. I love decorating with pink accents, and it will be perfect for Spring!

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11. Hydrangea Durable Doormat

This stylish Hydrangea doormat would be beautiful on your front porch for Spring and Summer.

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  1. Wow! Your nephew is going to be a star! He is very talented with a great voice. LOVE that song! I look forward to seeing how God uses him!

    Thank you to Courtney for all of the cute ideas!

  2. Cyndi, your nephew is an AWESOME country artist.My husband is a big country music fan and he had me play this song over and over again. We both agree this could be a great wedding song and a #1 country hit. Jonathan has a beautiful voice and great inspirational story. Many blessing to you and your sister’s family. God is great! I love your blog too.

    Lori M.

  3. Watched your nephew’s video. He has a beautiful voice. How exciting that is for you all.
    If you’re able to and he tours around can you post his touring schedule? I would love to go see him if he’s ever near me.

    1. Courtney has beautiful taste and shared affordable items.
      Thank you Courtney
      Your nephew has a beautiful voice momma and auntie should be so proud

  4. I love all Courtney’s finds – so pretty!
    Jonathan is very talented, and I love the song in his new video.
    Safe travels to you and your sister!

  5. GREAT job Courtney, I love your style and love seeing your picks.

    So glad you got to Illinois safe yesterday and it was fun to see the picture of Jonathan singing. That is so neat and I love his story your sister has shared over the years. Who would think he had hearing problem and how God can still use him in singing. You have a long drive today for sure. Be safe and enjoy. What a fun trip to do with your sister.

    1. Kathy it’s amazing how God is using Jonathan. He had to wear the ear buds last night that performers wear and he couldn’t hear his guitar, his voice, or the audience but he still sounded great. Hopefully they can get it worked out but no one would believe he wasn’t hearing anything last night.
      God is soooo good!

      1. Oh my goodness Cyndi. That must have been hard for Jonathan but so glad God was with him and he did so well. Thanks for update. Love his new song. Please tell him so many are routing for him. I’ll pray for him.

    1. Thank you, Karen. Luke, his younger brother, is the one that had brain surgery, and he has been hired to take all of Jonathan’s photos and videos for the tour. He’s very talented too!!

  6. Thanks Courtney. I especially like the hydrangeas mat! Jonathan is amazing and very handsome! ENJOY your time with your sister, Cyndi.

  7. Thanks Courtney for some great ideas. Wow! How talented Jonathan is. Loved his song! I’m a country music fan, so I’ll be watching for him. Thanks for sharing!