Accessorizing a Chevron Dress

One of the things I love to do, is to accessorize an outfit. I use to not put much effort into accessorizing but the last several years I’ve realized that to make an outfit really pop, accessorizing is a must.

That’s why I was super excited when Richella, a friend of mine who happens to have an amazing blog called Imparting Grace, sent me this picture of a dress she said she needed help accessorizing. I quickly jumped at the offer!

Richella said the color of the dress is navy and yellow. It’s perfect for summer but I think a few accessories would make this dress look fabulous. Obviously the dress already makes a statement with the chevron pattern so I think it only needs one other statement piece.

Accessorizing a Chevron Dress

I found this gorgeous necklace at Francesca’s (which is one of my favorite stores to buy jewelry). It has the navy blue and yellow in it but it also has some other colors. The dress and the necklace are our statement pieces and so everything else needs to be neutral. You can find the necklace here. Price $28.00

Accessorizing a Chevron Dress

I found these strappy nude sandals at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) and thought they would be adorable with this dress. You can find them here. Price $49.99.

Accessorizing a Chevron Dress
Next since clutches are so popular I thought this one would be perfect. I found this clutch at Dillard’s. Your clutch does not have to match your shoes but because the dress and necklace have so much color, I thought it would be best to keep the clutch neutral. If I did a color, it would be navy blue. Price $69.30

Accessorizing a Chevron Dress

Here are the items all together. I would keep the earrings simple, small hoops or studs. If you want to you could add a gold watch and a thin gold bracelet.

Accessorizing a Chevron Dress

What do you think about the accessories? How would you accessorize this dress?

I’m thinking about adding this feature to my blog. Anyone who would like to, could send a picture of an outfit they would like accessorized. It would be Accessorizing Thursday except I don’t like that title. I need a catchy one! Any thoughts??

Let me know what you think and if you want, start sending me some pictures to cyndispivey(at)gmail(dot)com. Richella didn’t give me budget, which can be dangerous, so if you want to stick to a certain price limit you might want to let me know that. 🙂

Beauty For the Heart~~“The most glorious reason you exist is for the proclamation of the glory of God to the ends of the world. And it’s more than having a nice life.” -David Platt, from the book Radical

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Richella I would wear the David Yurman pieces on the wrist with your watch. Then you can wear silver and gold and I think it would look good.

  2. Sandra thanks so much for sharing this. I love encouraging women in their faith and with fashion. I never thought I’d be able to use my love for fashion but this blog has been such fun!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Lynn!! I’m so glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. I actually have quite a few Canadian readers. 🙂
    I’m sure the cold weather in Canada would kill me!!
    This blog has been so much fun. I’m passionate about Jesus but I’m also a girly girl and love makeup and fashion. Anyway, so glad you’re enjoying it.

  4. Hi Cyndi, I just found your blog this past weekend by searching Google for ‘fashion for women over 60″!! Your blog was in the list that came up and when I saw “Grace & Beauty” I was hoping to find someone who also loves Jesus and is interested in fashion! I am so excited to have found you!! I am well over 40 and love your blog. I have gone back in the archives and will continue to read through them to the present. Thank you so much for sharing your faith and your love for fashion as well. I saw a post where you were asking can we love Jesus and fashion, my answer would be “YES, YES YES!!” I am so looking forward to following your blog and finding great ideas for my classic fashion style. By the way I live in Alberta, Canada and when you talk about Kentucky being cold it makes me smile! I know it’s cold to you but I think it would still be pretty mild compared to winter where I live:-)

  5. Cyndi, So glad with the new idea on accessories. I must say that since I have been following you, you have helped me so much with putting together my outfits and giving me ideas on accessories and how to tie things together. With each new day, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us plus the words of blessings that you always give. Accessories do make the outfit and I have trouble with “stepping out of my box” of them so I am very excited about Thursday and I all of the tips you have in store for us. Thanks for all the help.
    Sandra Sponer

  6. Love the idea about helping us with accessories. Do you have any good tips on how to organize jewelry. Is it better to keep all earrings , necklaces, bracelets separately or organize them as sets

  7. Cyndi, I have a question about your accessory advice here. My wedding rings are platinum and my “good” watch (i.e. the watch I wear every day) is stainless steel, so the jewelry on my left arm and hand is always silver-toned. What’s a good way to make these silver tones blend better when I wear gold jewelry otherwise? I do have a few David Yurman pieces, and those are both silver and gold. Should I wear a small Yurman bracelet on my left wrist along with my watch? Should I wear a gold ring on my right hand when I’m wearing a gold necklace and earrings? Or should I just not worry about it, which is what I’ve been doing? Would love your advice on how best to mix metals!

  8. I love this idea, I would def. send you a photo. 🙂 I love the accessories you selected for that dress… I really need to get some clutches, they seem so popular right now.

  9. Tie It Together Thursday will make Thursday my favorite day of the week! Cyndi, thank you for writing such a fun fashion-minded blog for women. What a blessing you are to me!

  10. I love the idea of adding this feature. You did a great job selecting accessories. I really like that necklace so I looked up Francesca’s locations and never knew I had one near by.

  11. What an awesome idea! Love everything you chose:) Also Richella, that necklace would be awesome with just jeans and a white shirt or tee. I always like to justify my jewelry purchases;)

  12. I need to think more about accesorizing and would really enjoy seeing you work with reader’s photos. Love the title “Tie it Together Thursdays”!

  13. My daughter introduced me to your blog and I enjoy reading it! I think the Tie it Together Thursday or Take it up a Notch (I like Kick it up a Notch) will be a great feature. I agree with the gal who said she would have picked navy, but so predictable. You entered a busy arena and pulled it off with style!

  14. I love the necklace with that dress. Amazingly, it tones down the chevrons without competing with them. Coco Chanel used to suggest taking off one piece of jewelry after you think you have on the perfect amount. That advice has helped me from being too blinged out. I really love jewelry and have been collecting it since I was little, both costume, antique, modern, ethnic and a couple of “serious” pieces in non-traditional styles. Along with scarves and shoes, it does make the outfit. I also liked Tracey’s suggestion of Take it up a Notch. Great idea for a feature. CTD

  15. Tie it together Thursday does sound perfect. I too am not so good at accessorizing with jewelry. It seems that I have accumulated an abundance of gold and silver necklaces that I try to make work with most outfits. I look forward to expanding my horizons with your great talent to put it all together!! ( BTW …I have to agree with Debbie, Charming Charlie’s is a great place to shop for accessories) Have a Blessed day.

  16. I am LOVING your blog and will definitely find this new addition helpful! I feel quite confident in my ability to choose shoes/purses, but jewelry is another matter!

  17. I love the dress and the accessories! You are so good at this! I think the title “Tie it Together Thursday” works great. I just purchased a dress for my son’s wedding. I may be sending you a picture, too! I love to shop for accessories at Charming Charlie’s and Cato’s (which is so much less expensive).

  18. Cyndi, I just ordered that necklace from Francesca’s! And while I was on their website, I searched for locations–there’s a store at a mall close to my house!! I never knew it was there; it must be in a part of the mall I don’t usually visit. But you can be sure I’ll go there now!

    By the way, the online shopping experience at Francesca’s was really good. It was simple and easy to use the website, and I was even able to use a promo code so I got 20% off the necklace. And I noticed on their home page that they’re currently running a “Buy One, Get One at 50% off” special on full-priced necklaces. I just needed one, so I use the 20% off promotion, but either one is a great deal, I’d say. Thanks for introducing me to a new company!

  19. Girlfriend, you nailed it! I KNEW you would have a good idea! I only paid about $25 for the dress at Belk (a lucky clearance find), so I can afford to get a necklace. THANK YOU so much for selecting an affordable piece of jewelry–no, I didn’t give you a budget, but typically I don’t have a lot to spend on fashion jewelry pieces.

    I think “Tie It Together Thursday” is a great title; I know I’m going to love this series! And I love you!!

  20. Hi Cyndi, I love the necklace! I would have just put navy with it which would have been so boring compared to what you did! I can’t wait for your new feature for Thursdays. I think I tend to get a little matchy with my accessories. It’s an easy cop out that I think makes my outfits boring and some times… gasp… ages me. I may even send in an outfit… In fact I just bought a new dress at Ann Taylor. I’m going to send you the picture! Thanks so much for your fun and inspiring blog! Blessings, Krista

  21. I love what you picked to go with it and your accessories are always spot on, and tie everything together. How about Tie it Together Thursdays?