Tie It Together Thursday

Welcome to Tie It Together Thursday! This is where I take an outfit that you send me and add all the accessories. So please, if you have an outfit send it to me at cyndispivey(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tie It Together Thursday

Today I’m styling a dress for Debbie. Her son is getting married in October and she’s wearing this gorgeous grey dress from Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant dress

Accessories are important especially when it comes to a wedding. Of course, you don’t want to out shine the bride but Debbie is the mother of the groom, and she is a part of the wedding party. It’s a big day and she will want to look her best!

I recently attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine. She was the mother of the bride and she was stunning! Here’s a quick picture of her waiting for her daughter to walk down the isle. Her dress was gorgeous but look at her accessories. Obviously the necklace was the focal point so she kept her earrings simple.

Teal Wedding

With the dress that Debbie is wearing the neckline is busy so I didn’t add a necklace. Debbie said eggplant was the main color so I decided to add that color in her heels. These are Kate Spade heels, and they’re gorgeous! I think they were $295. I’m sorry the price is high, if you can find a cheaper pair that looks this good, go for it!

Tie It Together Thursday

Next, I went with silver jewelry and you’ll notice, I like bling! Don’t be boring on such a special day! All the jewelry I found online at Ann Taylor.

Ann Taylor jewelry

Lastly, I popped a silver clutch. I found this at Ann Taylor also.

Silver Clutch

Here is the look all put together!

Grey Lane Bryant Dress

So what do you think? Would you go with a colored heel?

Beauty for the Heart~~“The cost of your sins is more than you can pay. The gift of your God is more than you can imagine.” -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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  1. says

    I love the shoes as well as everything else!!! You did an awesome job with this and I am sure she is going to feel so good on her son’s important day. I will for sure send you a picture of my dress for my son’s wedding soon.

  2. Judith Hall says

    Debbie’s dress is stunning! I really like the color you chose for her shoes. Even if she can’t find that exact color, she could stay with something in that family as long as the finish is matte. Love the silver jewelry and that CUTE clutch, they really set off the charcoal grey color of the dress. BTW, your friend looks absolutely radiant as she awaits her daughter’s walk down the aisle. The style and color of her dress are gorgeous.

  3. Debbie Dunbar says

    Thank you, Cyndi! I love the idea of eggplant shoes. I can’t do heels but I am now on the hunt for the perfect shoes! I love the look of all the jewelry and clutch too. Love, love, love the ring. :)

  4. Lisa D says

    Great job Cyndi! My mother wore an absolutely stunning long black gown when I got married. Black is definitely ok at a wedding. Shies and accessories look great :)

  5. says

    You did a perfect job Cyndi! I’m not sure why someone thought the dress was black.? Would be a very muted shade if it were. Anyway, the grey dress is beautiful. I love those shoes you chose. :) She will be stunning. I hope the bride isn’t jealous. LOL

  6. says

    Love it! I never would have thought of the shoes! I would have probably chosen a predictable black shoe. That is why I love, love, love your website. You help me to be more creative in what I wear.

  7. says

    LOVE the colored shoes, a couple of things I might change for my own personal style would be a smaller bracelet that ties in with the delicate look of the lace. I would not do a metallic purse in silver a bit too matchy with the jewelry, I would probably do more of dark grey satin with a jeweled closure, subtle but still special. You are so wise to not do a necklace and the addition of the colored shoe is going to make a stunning look. Fun post!!

  8. says

    I love the pop of color in the shoes! And the jewelry is perfect too! Great job Cyndi! Do you think it would be too much if she added a pop of color in her bracelet? A jeweled bracelet with a pop of that purple in the shoe?

  9. Kerrye says

    I will be a Mother-of-the-Groom in November, and am putting off shopping for my dress a little while. (Working to lose a few pounds first!) I totally had not thought at all about accessories! Jewelry, shoes, clutch, OH MY! So wish you were here to help me shop!!! ~LOVE how you put this look together!

  10. says

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