Stitch Fix Review-October 2016

It has been a while since I shared a Stitch Fix box with you so today I’m sharing my October box. (I did recently share my husband’s Stitch Fix box, they now have Stitch Fix for men!)

Just in case anyone reading my post hasn’t heard of Stitch Fix, here’s a brief description about the service:

Stitch Fix is a personalized styling service that sends five pieces to your doorstep. When you join, you fill out an extensive styling profile. You can request certain items or even ask for options for a specific event.

You choose how often you get a fix (for me it’s once a month). You try on all items in the comfort of your own home. Then you keep what you love, and send back the rest and all with free shipping! There is a $20 styling fee, but you can use that $20 as a credit towards any of the items you keep. You can also set a price limit that you are comfortable with.

Here are the items I received in my October Fix.

Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant-These pants are so soft and comfortable. I would style them with a longer sweater. They will be a great pant for fall. Price $78.

Lusso Cashmere Desiree Open Front Cardigan-I love cardigans this time of year especially a neutral one. They can be added to so many fall outfits. This one is cashmere so it’s a little pricey. Price $148.

stitch-fix-2Tart Terra Faux Fur Vest-This fur vest would be great to add to my holiday outfits. Price $158. ( My boots are Franco Sarto and I purchased them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.)

stitch-fix-341 Hawthorn Clearwater Mixed Material Blouse-This is a pretty sleeveless blouse and it has a tank that is made into the top. I like it but I don’t think I will get a lot of wear out of it this time of year. It would be pretty for the holidays but I think I would freeze. Price $58.

stitch-fix-4Collective Concepts Meriel Ladder Stitch Detail Blouse-Florals are popular but I didn’t love this blouse. Price $64.

stitch-fixIn full disclosure I have credit with Stitch Fix so whatever I decide to keep, I can use my credit. The only definite for me is the Liverpool pants.

What item(s) would you keep?

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Beauty For the Heart~~And may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows. 1 Thessalonians 3:12

A good reminder for today. Love well!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the cashmere sweater on you. Pricey but so versitale. I received it with my fix too along with a little black dress. The two look great together for a winter wedding.

  2. All the pieces seem to fit you nicely and look lovely. I do love the skinny pants! My husband and I both signed up for Stitch Fix. I received my first order and kept everything in it! My husband awaits the arrival of his first order. My stylist was spot-on with everything she sent. However, I did send her a link to my Pinterest board with tons of outfits I like! Ha ha

    I’m actually wondering about the jeans you’re wearing in a few of the pics, Cyndi…They look awesome on you! Can you tell me the brand, style, etc.? Thanks!

  3. The pants are about the only thing that appeals to me. I do question
    if the pants are with little form and show more of your body that one might like. The quality of the fur vest is not as appealing as some that I have seen and does nothing for your cute figure. Don’t you just love all the positive here, but you did ask. Ultimately it is up to you. How does the item feel? Do you have several things to wear with it? How does the price compare to the quality (important)? Do I really need it? Decisions! Decisions! Be safe during your travels.

  4. Love the pants, the fit is just perfect. I also really love that Hawthorne blouse, I think you’d get a lot of use even now. Sweater or Jacket it up and it would be beautiful for Fall & Christmas. Plus, I think you’ll regret not having that lovely piece when Spring and Summer roll around again. Give it some thought before it goes back 🙂 As always, you’re a beauty.

  5. I didn’t have much luck with Stitch Fix, but do a similar program with a local boutique. Free shipping both ways, 10-12 items, no charge if you don’t keep anything. It is true I could find some of the items cheaper, but I feel I am paying for the service. I find I try things on repeatedly for several days and feel more comfortable spending the money when I have had time to think it over. Also like the ability to do this in the privacy of my home. I have purchased quite a few items I would never have looked at twice in the store!

  6. I signed up for Stitch Fix a while back and received my first “fix” I did love everything they sent, especially the shoes, but found the prices too high to justify me keeping anything, especially now that I’m not working. Strangely enough, I found a top almost identical to one Stitch Fix sent at T.J. Maxx the next week and it was about 3/4’s of the price less….if they ever start offering clothes, shoes, etc. at a more competitive price, I would be interested in starting back up.

  7. I think the pants are flattering on you and the color is very nice. The sweater is pricey and rather blah. The sleeveless blouse is better suited for summer wear and the formal is not attractive at all. Go with the pants!

  8. I honestly love all the outfits. I would keep only the items that you feel are worth the price. You look so good in all of them. I have similar pieces in my wardrobe…I guess that’s why I like it all!😍

  9. I have gotten two pair of Liverpool pants from my Stitch Fix and while they are pricey, they fit wonderfully and hold up well, so I agree with keeping them! I like the cashmere cardigan, but probably not for the price….

  10. Thanks for sharing your Fix with us! I agree with the majority that the prices are too high for the items received. But even more important, I would totally miss the “retail therapy” side of shopping!! I love to shop for clothes and finding good, quality items at great prices is just the best! My daughter just signed up for Stitch Fix and so far the jury is still out. Thanks again!

  11. thanks Cyndi for showing what comes in your stitch fix. do you use other styling services? if so would like to see what they offer too

  12. Some of the clothes are lovely and they look very nice on you! They are also right around my style range, but they are quite costly- no where near my price range every month. Where in the world does one get such funds to buy these items with a fixed budget like mine?

  13. Loved the pants and the fur vest for sure. I’m between a XL & 1X, so stitch fix doesn’t work for me, but I found which includes theses sizes & I’ve love many of the things I’ve gotten from them. Perhaps your plus size followers would like to know.

  14. I just purchased a pair of the Liverpool skinny jeans and I absolutely love the way they fit. A local ladies boutique here carries them.

    1. I thought the same thing, but the send a prepackaged bag to just slip everything in, seal and mail. Not bad at all.

  15. Love the pants, my last fitch had those in olive and they are so comfy. I also received the cardigan, while a good basic I didn’t splurge on the cashmere. I have only received two fixes so far and really like it!

  16. Good morning Cyndi! As much as I really like the pants, they are out of my price range. Your office space is really nice! Have a safe trip to/from Indiana.

    God bless!

  17. I would keep the pants too, if they are free…… those prices are really high……. I can find those pieces for a fraction of the price in other stores. 🙂

  18. My vote is the liverpool pants. I have them in black and love them! I got them last summer and they still look great!

  19. I like the pants, but agree they look like leggings and would be too pricey for me – but that’s just me. None of the rest is outstanding enough to pay the price they are asking, again that’s just me. As I’ve said before, you would look beautiful in a brown bag – your inner beauty matches your external beauty and it shines brightly!

  20. Good morning
    I did Stitch Fix for a few months but I found that most of the clothes were overpriced and I could find the same clothes even the same brands in some instances at TJMaxx for a lot less
    I guess if you are very busy and not on a budget it’s a good service

    Praying for travel mercies for you

    1. The thing is you CAN be on a budget using the Stitch Fix service. Cyndi may have made her budget settings a little higher. You can choose how much you want to spend.

      1. Hi Mary
        I did that but still found better prices on most of the clothes and accessories
        I’m glad it works for you but for me it just wasn’t worth it

  21. I would keep the wine colored jeans but I don’t love the rest of the fix. I think they could do better. I would send the rest of it back. Enjoy your trip to Indiana and be safe.

  22. I think everything is just okay. Honestly I don’t think I’d keep any of it…I had a fix like that and it finally helped me made the decision to cancel. The burgundy pants would probably be my pick too – I think they look a little too much like leggings though…for $78. The sweater is nice but kind of blah for the price and the vest looks bulky. the sleeveless top is pretty and a beautiful color but like you said, not enough opportunity to wear it this time of year.

  23. I just got a sleeveless dress. It was cute but the pockets hip my hips which made me look wide. I am on the fence about stitch fix after getting 2 fixes. I may get one more & make my decision.

  24. Hi Cyndi. I like the pants and sweater. Thank you for your beauty for the heart. God loves us more than we can imagine. I pray that he helps us to love others, more and more, everyday. I love your blog and look forward to it all throughout the week. What an encouragement!!!!