Flare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

Hi ladies! It’s hard to believe it’s the last Friday in September and that means our last Wear Now And Later Post. Jo-Lynne Shane and I have been sharing Fall Trends: Now & Later! We’ve styled a fall trend two ways every Friday during September.

So far, we’ve styled camo, plaid, and snake print. Today we’re styling flare jeans. I have to admit flare jeans aren’t my favorite. I keep trying to like them, but I seem to revert to my skinny jeans.

With that being said, I did find a pair of flare jeans at the Buckle, and I like them. So, I might wear these more often.

This jean is a new jean at the Buckle with superior stretch. They have a flattering mid-rise, with a contoured waistband.

Flare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

I’m carrying a Tory Burch Handbag that I have had for several years. I don’t have a lot of leather handbags but the ones I have I keep for years. I did find a similar option here.

Flare Jeans: Wear Now And LaterFlare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

I styled the flare jeans with a floral print blouse from Target. Of course, I can’t find it online, but this one is a close option, and it comes in plus size.

Flare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

Our weather is chilly in the mornings and evening right now. I wore this floral top with this moto jacket last night. I absolutely love the color of this jacket! It’s from Social Threads; they have so many cute clothes!

Flare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

When I war flare jeans, I prefer a slight heel and a pointy toe shoe. These are Michael Kors booties from last year. I like having a grey bootie as an option with my outfits.

Flare Jeans: Wear Now And LaterFlare Jeans: Wear Now And Later Flare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

Floral Blouse (similar option here)//Flare Jeans (I’m wearing a size 27×34)//Moto Jacket (I’m wearing an XS)//Booties (similar option here)//Earrings//Bracelet//Bracelet//Strapless Bra


Flare Jeans: Wear Now And Later

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see how she’s styling flares for now and later!

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Beauty for the Heart~~I love this, I’m not sure who wrote it, but it’s worth reading.

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee? “Because someone bumped into me!!!”

Wrong answer. You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup. Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea.

*Whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out.*

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It’s easy to fake it until you get rattled.

*So we have to ask ourselves… “what’s in my cup?”*

When life gets tough, what spills over? Joy, gratefulness, peace, and humility? Anger, bitterness, harsh words, and reactions?

Life provides the cup, YOU choose how to fill it.

Today let’s work towards filling our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation, kindness, gentleness, and love for others.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I’m late to this post and I agree, flare jeans look better with a little heel/boot. But what about if you must wear flats (foot issues)? Do you just avoid this cut or is there a way to style without looking frumpy?

  2. So adding the jacket is all you did to make the wear later outfit? I would’ve liked to see the jeans with a more cool-weather top that you think works with flares. Will you be styling these again later?

  3. Hi Cyndi!
    You look fabulous in the jeans!
    But you know what… back
    In the late 60’s and early 70’s the flare was sooo much wider!!!These are lots better!
    I liked the flare then as a young girl but I think you are right! I see much more skinny and boot cut!
    Have a good day and relaxing weekend.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date… especially old grandmas like me!!LOL!!

  4. Girl you rock those flared jeans. I love my flared jeans. I bought a pair of Levi Flare Jean that stretch & shape to your body. Oh & the waist is a bit higher.

  5. Those boot cut jeans are very flattering from both front & back. You look great in them! I like the feminine floral top you styled with your jeans. I hope we see more bootcut/flared jeans styled on your blog. We just need to get used to seeing them and how to style versus skinnies.

  6. oh how I love these looks on you! I could go on and on and on but all you really need to know is that you look like a million bucks. I especially love it with the jacket. It just takes it to another level 🥰

  7. great jeans”
    Drivers license renawals 000is this anything more than a source of revenue for the Statfor keeping our roads safe wouldnt it be better to have offenders do the renewal process and leave the rest of us alone??e ??? If it is

  8. Well what goes around comes around…I remember wearing flare jeans back in the ‘70’s…those jeans had a true flare to them!
    The jeans you styled are cute, but look like boot cut to me. I personally like my skinny jeans better on my petite size, but a kept a pair of boot cut because they do look good with my boots.

  9. This outfit is cute on you, Cyndi. I was wondering if you could do a post on what to wear on a flight over seas that would be comfortable and yet cute. Also, must haves to take to Paris in November, what would you choose? I tend to over pack, but trying to get better about that. Any ideas? 😊

  10. I’ve purchased jeans from the Buckle, and these jeans are actually a very good price! I do think they look more like flare jeans than bootcut. I have a pair of bootcut from AE and mine are not as flared as these. All this to say…. I really love these flare leg jeans on you, Cyndi! I usually wear my skinny jeans too, but I think I’m going to give my bootcut jeans a bit more wear. Thank you for the inspiration. I love the entire outfit!

  11. Thank you for the beautiful message this morning! Really makes me think about my reaction to situations. Also, I love the flare jeans – feel like it gives me some shape.

    You reference choosing a holiday top. Did I miss that post?

  12. Please do more posts with flare and boot cut jeans! You look so good in them! I think they are MUCH more flattering on most women. I wear them exclusively.

  13. Cindy love the flare jeans. Love wearing them with boots and they seem to make your legs look longer.
    Wanted to let you know I ordered the rust colored snake looking jeans from JC Penny this morning. Today they are $1988 with $4.97 coupon off. So with shipping & tax I paid $25.83. Great buy, can’t wait to receive them. Will let you know how they fit.
    Thank you for all your suggestions and the good word you share each day. It is my daily lift.

  14. Hi Cyndi! You look so cute in this outfit! Like some of the other petite ladies who commented today, I don’t really like the flare style jeans. However, I do like the boot cut and “slim” boot cut jeans. Have you ever shopped for jeans at Maurices or Silver Jeans Co.? They have some different options regarding inseam and rise, which I find helpful for my 5’4 frame. Thanks for BFTH today! It was the perfect reminder that what is in our hearts will eventually spill out. May we all have His love, joy, and peace in our hearts!

    1. Hey Cyndi! That outfit looks perfect on you. Even the length on the jeans. My problem is when I hem them all of the flare is cut off. Even in my petites. My inseam is only 28″ So I venture back to my skinnies. I wear a lot of straight legs, if I can find them. I’m much older than you, but I will not give up my jeans. Love them. Have a Great weekend. ….Linda

    2. I have been looking for and just bought a pair of flared/boot cut jeans. I think they are very flatteringly on most women as they really lengthen the leg! Don’t get me wrong as I will never give up my skinnies but it’s good to change things up once in a while. Thanks for helping us style them Cyndi!

  15. I love the jeans! Compared to some of the brands sold at Nordstrom that you & JL have styled, like AG, 7’s, Paige, etc, I think the Buckle jeans are a steal. I’ll be checking there for sure.

    1. I agree Lisa, I’ve been wearing my American Eagle jeans and my Lord & Taylor jeans and they’re under $50 so I guess these seemed expensive. But you’re right about the AG jeans and they are my very favorite! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. I love how cute you look in these jeans! I migrate to my skinnies over and over, but I want to add a pair of flare jeans to my closet for this Fall and Winter. Thanks Cyndi! As much as I love the jeans, I love even more your BFTH today. Really something to think about!

  17. Fantastic look on you!!! Love it all. Now, if the weather would just cooperate. Still to hot here in the Midwest for anything but shorts!

  18. Okay … I’m lost … I thought flare jeans had a wider bottom? These look like bootcut to me. So what’s the difference between a flare jean and a bootcut jean? Inquiring minds want to know. 🤔

    And I love love love your BFTH today! I pray I always have the right things in my cup. Bless you! ❤️

      1. I think flares have a wider flare and the flare starts just below the knee. Boot cut jeans are more tapered through the leg and only have a slight flare just above the ankle.
        The purse is really cute!
        Not sure about the law there, but here if you have an accident and your driver’s license is expired you wouldn’t be covered by insurance. Thought you might want to know. You’ve probably already renewed it. 😊

  19. I love flare or bootcut jeans. I think they’re flattering on most women. I love my skinnies too! I hope in time you like them Cyndi because I’d really enjoy seeing more of them styled on your Blog. Having said that, I’m a firm believer we don’t have to embrace every trend that comes along though! I like a little animal or snakeskin print but I feel that’s all we’re seeing in the stores this Fall. Anyone else?

  20. I have worn boot cut jeans for years. I perfer them to skinny jeans. I think they are more flattering and make your legs look long and lean. I love to wear them with my cowboy boots. I live in the country we wear cowboy boots all the time.

  21. TGIF – you look fantastic in this outfit. Just a little side note about The Buckle…regardless of the store location their prices are supposed to be the same for the same item. If the pair of jeans are $90 in NYC they are $90 in Illinois or Colorado, etc. No “Big City” markup. Love the BFTH today. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. I love the flares! You are so stinkin’ cute!!! Love you in both outfits! I pray joy and thankfulness to our Lord spill out of me continually! 🙂

  23. Great outfit, that top looks so great on you! Between you and Jo-Lynne I might have to try the moto jacket style – still not 100% convinced, but it looks great on both of you!
    My youngest son just got his license a month ago and is loving the freedom of driving. That being said, he is the first of his friend group to get his license, so I think he is the new “school bus” for the high school! LOL!

  24. Both these looks look great on you but I just don’t have the height to pull off the flared look. Plus I’d have to keep the higher heel on all day and not take off my footwear when visiting someone’s home( which I usually do) so too much fussing for me. Plus like I mentioned to Jo Lynne I haven’t seen many at any age wearing the flared look🤷‍♀️In my neck of the woods… speaking of your license I remember taking my son for his drivers test at age 16. I was showing him my license and realized it had expired months prior oops 🙊. I renewed it right there and then with the new pic… of course we laughed at how I had to still his moment for him getting his lol.
    Love your BFTH

  25. I like flare aka bootcut jeans, and I personally think they’re more flattering than skinnies on most everyone. They tend to balance out the body – but that’s only my opinion. I like this outfit a lot – it’s quite sassy! Buckle jeans are more expensive – most of them anyway, but they seem to hold up well. Levis has a brand called Denizen that is sold at Target and they’re pretty good and a great price point – they have in Flare/bootcut style too.

    1. Sharon I looked for those Target jeans and they didn’t have them at my Target. If I had had time, I would have ordered them but I think they are a great option

      1. My daughter and her friends shop at Buckle. They call it their cougar store…haha. my flares are from The Gap, and I think one.pair is all I can handle..living in AZ I think flares have a bit of a western touch, which is not my favorite look. With that said, I did wear my bootcut jeans yesterday, and liked that look much better with a heeled bootie.

  26. I have to say I’m not a fan of flare jeans (being petite)but you make them look very appealing, but you have a way of making most trends look good. I recently shopped at Buckle with my daughter who has a hard time finding jeans that fit her small waist and bigger thighs but Buckle jeans really work for her and they do have a nice stretch to them and some styles come in short as well. I love that you styled this outfit with the grey boots. I would have done black but again this is why I have followed you for years, you keep me from being boring. 😉

    1. Gloria, when I helped my pastor’s wife style an outfit she needed for a picture, we shopped at Buckle becasue she is tiny but she’s tall. They have great options for petite ladies and tall ladies.
      I think Buckle is a great option if you struggle finding jeans that fit and I’m sure they have sales. 🙂

      Thanks so much for following along. 🙂

      1. Hey Cyndi! That outfit looks perfect on you. Even the length on the jeans. My problem is when I hem them all of the flare is cut off. Even in my petites. My inseam is only 28″ So I venture back to my skinnies. I wear a lot of straight legs, if I can find them. I’m much older than you, but I will not give up my jeans. Love them. Have a Great weekend. ….Linda