Colleen Rothschild Friends & Family Sale

Hey ladies! I know we all love a good sale so I wanted to share the Colleen Rothschild Friends and Family Sale with you today. I’m a huge fan of this skincare line, and right now it’s 25% off sitewide with code FAMILY25.

My favorite products are the cleansing balm (this stuff is amazing), the retinol supreme eye serum, and the Face Oil N°9.

If you want to try some of the products, the Discovery Collection is a great place to start. It’s a $150 VALUE for $99, but right now it’s 25% off of that ($74.25).

For trial or travel, the Discovery Collection is the perfect way to become acquainted with the best selling Colleen Rothschild products.

The 7-piece kit contains:

  • Radiant Cleansing Balm, 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Dual Enzyme Polish, 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)
  • Clarifying Detox Mask, 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)
  • Sheer Renewal Cream, 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Extreme Recovery Cream, 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)
  • Face Oil N°9, 4 ml (0.14 fl oz)
  • Muslin Cleansing Cloth
  • And a newly redesigned exclusive CR Travel Bag

Colleen Rothschild Friends & Family Sale

Have you tried any Colleen Rothschild products? What are your favorites?

We spent Saturday at a place called Evans Orchard. It was a cold day, but it made drinking that hot apple cider a must.

Colt Allen headed straight to the pumpkin mound. Boys love to climb!

We had baby Claire all bundled up with blankets. She already loves to be outside!

This one is definitely a Pop’s boy.

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Beauty for the Heart~~Recently I read Joshua 5.  Joshua is the new leader of Israel and he is facing an insurmountable situation. 

Lysa Teurkerst writes this, “I am reminded of what I need in the face of my own seemingly insurmountable situations: I need to worry less and worship more …

When I’m desperate for God to give me all of the details …

When I’m wishing He would give me even the tiniest peek at His plans …

When I’m starting to wonder if He’s for me or if He’s against me …

I need to pause, lift my eyes to the One willing to meet me in the midst of my fears and worship Him. Worshiping not only because it honors Him, but because it changes me.

Worship may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we feel overwhelmed, but it truly is powerful. It reminds our trembling hearts and shaky knees that our God is mighty, our God is loving, and our God is a more than able.

It both quiets us and strengthens us – perfectly preparing our hearts and minds for whatever battles lie ahead.”

I don’t know what battle you have ahead of you today but instead of spending your time worrying, worship the ONE who is worthy and is ready to fight your battles.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Thank you for your devotional today, just what I needed. Love the pumpkin patch pics! Always a favorite 🎃🍁

  2. Oh my!! those are some precious photos!!
    What a beautiful family and thank you for
    today’s Beauty for the heart, beautiful and
    needed to hear this today!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  3. I just ordered some more cleansing balm. Hope you get credit for it. I clicked on the link you gave on the items you said you liked the best. 🙂 I love how it makes my face feel and I can do the smell. Usually I can’t handle smells of face cleansers etc.

  4. I have been going through a very trying time and there are days I feel defeated and then I read Jesus Calling or another devotion and I am reminded that God is with me. That He’s got this. That He wants us to worship and not worry. This is why He allows difficulties to happen because it is when I am at my wits end that I cling to Him the most. Thank you for sharing! And your family is just the cutest!

  5. Cyndi…..first thank you or sharing the BFTH and what Lisa T. had to say. She is spot on. (You should read her book “Your Best Yes.”) God is so good to use you in this platform to speak HIS word. I so needed to hear this, this morning, as my mind was racing with worry and I couldn’t even remain in bed because of it and so I got up and went to my bible study lesson. God is so good. He spoke to me and my worrying went away. His word makes me want to worship HIM. Loved, loved, loved hearing about your weekend with your family and seeing the pictures. What a beautiful family. The grand kids really have grown. I love a good fall festival this time of year. My husband and I went to one last month and it really puts you in the Fall mood. I now just need some grand kids to share it with. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on the Friends and Family sale. I love the cleansing balm you recommended before. I need to try more products.

  6. Beautiful picture of You and Claire.. does she look like Courtney as a baby? So cute 😊 Colt looks so grown up, and handsome 😊 the the BFTH 😘

  7. HI Cyndi,
    Such beautiful fall pictures of your family.

    I have been following your blog for a few years and enjoy your fashion suggestions. I have purchased many items from your posts. We share a similar style, body type and size.

    Thought you may be able to help with my latest challenge.

    My niece will be married this coming Thanksgiving weekend. She is have a black tie affair.
    It seems the stores are not just ready with holiday, gala wear. But I am anxious to make my purchase.
    I am looking for something striking, not too pricey. I live in New York so the weather can be cool at this time.

    Any suggestions?
    All the best.

  8. Your BFTH seems to always be the exact thing I need for my day. I woke up early to spend time with God before the mad rush of the day and was so overwhelmed by worry that I could barely concentrate on HIm. Then I read your blog post and felt so encouraged and my perspective completely changed. Thank you so much.
    Also… wow…. what a beautiful family you have.

  9. Sweet pics.. looks like a great day had by all. Thanks for the beautiful BFTH I love the part where it says” Worship because it not only honors him, but because it changes me”… Well said!! That’s one to live by for sure.

  10. Thanks for sharing all the pics of your family. Such great pictures of such a beautiful family. Claire is adorable.

    I also loved the fleece jacket you had on and would love to know where you bought it.

    Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you Cyndi for sharing. You have a beautiful family.

      Laura, thank you for your post. I was thinking the same thing as I read today’s BFTH.

  11. Colt has gotten so tall and your grand baby girl is the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing all the pics with us today. White Dove is a great color! Can’t wait to see the dining room finished. 😊