Spring Jewelry Trends in 2020

Happy Monday, ladies! A few weeks ago, I shared some spring fashion trends, and several of you asked for spring jewelry trends. So today, we’re looking at the jewelry we might wear in 2020.

One of the articles I read said silver jewelry is making a comeback. It was never out, but supposedly it’s trending in 2020. I didn’t share any silver jewelry, but I know some of you love it.

Spring Jewelry Trends in 2020

1. One Earring- Let’s get this trend over with right at the beginning. I don’t get this trend. It doesn’t make sense because you know people are going to tell you that you’ve lost an earring. I’m passing on this trend.

Pearl Huggie Earring

2. Pearls- Okay, this one I can wrap my head around. Pearls are trending, and you can wear any pearls, but an updated pearl earring like this one is a good option.

Pearl and Chain Drop Earrings

3. Hoops- Another trend I love! Hoops are trending, and the bigger, the better.

Kendra Scott Hoop Earrings

4. Chain necklaces, earrings, and bracelets- Chais are back in a big way this spring. Layer them with other necklaces for an updated look. You’ll see big chunky chain necklaces a lot this season.


Baublebar Chain Necklace

5. Colorful jewelry- This was trending last year, but it’s back again this year. Add colorful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to all your spring outfits.

Kendra Scott Bracelet

What are your thoughts on the Spring Jewelry Trends?

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Beauty For the Heart~~

  1. Stay with God. He is for us, not against us. Aligning with Him is our best hope.
  2. Stay Positive. Negativity doesn’t get you there any sooner and just makes you and the people around you frustrated.
  3. Live on Purpose. No more skating through survival. Wake up to your potential and live up to that level.
  4. Give Something of your self away today. Someone is praying desperately for you to show up in their life.
  5. Breathe Deep. God’s got this! – Shelley Giglio

I couldn’t have said it better! This is the day the Lord has made; let’s live today knowing God is with us.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I’ll skip the double huggie and the colorful candy-like bracelet. The chain drop earrings are definitely on trend, I picked up a pair of silver link by Brighton while on a cruise last week. I love the pearl drop on the chain, a nice mix of classic & trend. Love seeing more gold … finally. I like silver but prefer gold. Also love the big chain necklaces, nice for a change. Great thing about trends is we can skip them or style them.

  2. I have one ear that is double pierced. I love the idea of that double loop in one ear. In the other ear, I could wear a single earring that would compliment the double loop. I think this will be a neat trend! My mom was appalled when I double pierced only one ear in college. She said someday it will age you and you will regret it! LOL At 53, I think I am only aged at not having multiple piercings in both ears, my eyebrows, lips etc. 😉

  3. Can’t wait to see your cruise wear!
    Took the trip of a lifetime last year and wore
    Many of the things you suggested!
    Still hv cute jumpsuit, red dress,Amazon bathing suit
    Cute hat and sunglasses!

  4. On the subject of jewelry trends I received the abstract animal print scarf( in brown) and bangle bracelet from The style collection( as part of my birthday gift )absolutely love them both:) thanks for sharing this company!

  5. I notice your earrings are gold. I have what’s of yellow gold but it seems to have fallen out favor for silver and platinum. Is yellow gold trending again?

  6. I favor silver jewelry almost all the time, but depending on my outfit will wear gold occasionally. Love hoops and do need a new pair of gold ones. Can’t imagine wearing just one earring, but I also have some really nice ones where I lost one, so we’ll see if that catches on.

    Going to Scottsdale in April. Can’t wait to wear shorts and sleeveless tops and sandals. Enjoy your cruise and tell us all about it.

    Also curious about the BFTH and whether that came from a book you’d recommend.

  7. Cyndi is the beauty from the heart from a book by Shelley Giglio ? I would so like to share this with some friends.
    thank you

  8. I’ve lost a few really nice earrings through the years but have saved the remaining ones. Since it’s on trend this spring to wear just one I’ll feel right in style and get to wear them. I have long hair so the bare ear won’t show as much. lol

  9. Yeah I will be passing on the one earring trend and I doubt I will see anyone wearing that trend here. I have always been more a silver gal myself, and don’t ever remember a time when it wasn’t worn by others. I do wear gold as well depending on my outfits.

  10. I’ve always loved pearls, I used to have a pair of the pearls with chain earrings, similar to these, but one of the pearls broke off and is lost. I may need to get this pair as a repaclement. The colorful bracelet looks like a fun one for summer!
    Not getting the “one earring trend” either…

  11. I do like most of these trends except the one earring. I like things too symmetrical for that!
    I love silver jewelry almost as much as gold, I recently bought some colorful tile bracelets and I love hoop earrings- they’re pretty much all I wear!

  12. loving all the things spring, but i’m with you on the one earring trend – not feeling it – LOL. As for the colored jewelry – it’s cute, but it always feels like a little girl’s bracelet or earrings, I just can’t do it, especially in the workplace.
    I leave this Thursday for a cruise and I’ll say, packing for 80 degree weather when it’s rainy and 40 degrees is hard…I’ve packed, and repacked, and I’m still thinking about it all.

  13. I like the double earring but I have would have to buy 2, if I could afford it, because only 1 earring for one side & the other side is a naked ear (with a hole in it) just won’t work!

  14. We’re going on a Caribbean cruise in April for our 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Wouldn’t it be funny if we were on the same cruise? We are so excited. Taking our granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law. Can’t hardly wait to see her expression when she sees that big ship!!!