My Two Favorite Essential Oils

Every week I get emails asking me about essential oils. What I use? How do I use them, etc. It’s my desire to post at least once a month about the essential oils and supplements I use.

Let me begin by saying I am NOT an expert. I’m learning just like everyone else. I can’t diagnosis or tell you what you need to use but I can share what has worked for me.

There is so much to learn and I am constantly reading and learning as much as I can about how they work.

Essential OIls Essential oils are a gift from God! They work so well because they are God’s medicine, the natural byproduct of plant metabolism.

They are tiny molecules that are easily absorbed into the skin and know just what to do once they get there …deliver oxygen and nutrients and remove toxins without the harmful side effects of so many medications.

Two of my favorite essential oils are Joy and Stress Away. I use these everyday, several times a day. Joy is great for helping with your mood and can help with stress/anxiety. Stress Away helps you relax and obviously helps with stress.

I don’t have stress everyday but I like the way both of these smell and they are both relaxing. That’s why I use them everyday!

Essential OilsThis past year I have started using more supplements.

  • Super B which assists in maintaining healthy energy levels.
  • Multigreens is a nutritious chlorophyll formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems.
  • FemiGen capsules are formulated with herbs and amino acids designed to balance and support the female reproductive system from youth through menopause.

Essential OilsOne of my favorite ways to use my essential oils is to use my diffuser. I put different oils in it everyday! At night I have been diffusing Cedarwood and Lavender.

Essential OllsIf you’ve been thinking about trying essential oils, my best advice is to just jump in and begin your oily journey! I explain how to order here.

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Beauty for the Heart~~This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of souls on the earth! -Keith Green

We are here at this time, at this season, for a reason! God has a purpose for your life and he wants to use you in HIs kingdom work.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi,
    Thanks for your blog! I am interested in the FemiGen but was looking for more details. I went to the Young Living website but didn’t see what I’m looking for. I am wondering, other than general support of the reproductive system, does it have specific benefit for someone who is in peri-menopause in alleviating the symptoms that come along this stage of life?
    Thanks so much!

  2. I love YL oils. I take some in a capsule everyday. I also love joy. I’m slowly getting into the vitamins and so far I like them

  3. I have been using YL oils and products for about two (2) years now and love them. Thanks for sharing your favorites. Your style is perfect for those of us over 40 but stil young at heart.

  4. I have been using YL for two (2) years now and love their products. Thanks for sharing and your looks are perfect for those of us over 40!


  5. i would like to try the oil, but on a budget can you give me a ball park figure of how much? I would love the post on oils too so I can become familiar with them and know how to use them.

  6. Love your fashion and spiritual posts. However, I find the discussion and comments regarding essential oils rather disturbing. I know you said you’re not an expert, but many of your followers might assume if it’s good for you, they’ll just dive in, because they have so much respect for you. I, for one, have leukemia and an aneurysm. If I added the oil(s) to my health regime, there could be contradictions, as explained by my oncologist and my other team physicians. I just warn you all to do your homework: Oils do not cure autism, for example. And yet, there are people claiming it happens. Oils are not regulated by the FDA, and won’t be. Some oils should not be rubbed directly onto the skin. Oils should not replace prenatal vitamins. There are too many dangers and unanswered questions. Please becareful.

  7. Hi Cyndi – I’m fairly new to your blog and have so enjoyed your thoughts on style and fashion…thank you! I’m very selective on the blogs I follow, as I have limited time in my days. I appreciate that you will only post once a month about essential oils, as almost all of my friends sell EOs and it gets to be overwhelming and tiring. Keep up the great work!

  8. Hello Cyndi! This is a great blog post! I have used essential oils sparingly over the last few years so thanks for nudging me to use them more. I came home from work and set up my diffuser with water and a few drops of lemon because I’m cleaning my house tonight and it just seemed “right.” I have read that it only helps to diffuse oil for about an hour — is that right? When you diffuse the lavender at night, do you diffuse it all night or just an hour? THANKS so much!

  9. Can’t live without Stress Away and Joy. Keep them in my purse at all times. Love the smell. Even the husband loves them too.

  10. Oh yay !!! Thanks for the info. I started using essential oils a while ago. Looking forward to your blog about them.
    Thanks !

  11. Hi Cyndi, I have enjoyed following your blog and instagram. I am 56 and love your fashion ideas! I have talked to so many people that use lavender essential oil to help them sleep and destress. Also for calming an agitated child. Thought I would pass that along. I drop lavender oil on my flax seed neck wrap (that I heat in the microwave) at the end of the day to relieve my achy shoulders….it’s sooo soothing! Flax seed pillows are really easy to make – lots of patterns on Pinterest. I also drop essential oil on my dried flower arrangements to make the whole room smell lovely! Thank you for your posts.

  12. Thank you Cyndi! I am using Super B (and a few others) right now because you recommended them in another post. Haven’t been sick yet this fall or winter.

  13. My husband has type 1 diabetes and suffers with neuropathy. Do you have any idea if any of these oils could relieve some of his pain?

  14. Thanks for the info…I’m wanting to start trying some oils for my family and me. I have teenagers and 2 of them are getting some acne. Are there any products for skin health? Thanks!

  15. I love YL oils! We use Lemon Lavender and Peppermint for my sons allergies. I have made many rollers, Panaway for Sore muscles and bruises, A calming one for my son who has trouble sleeping. I am waiting on a couple new ones to make a serum for my thinning hair. Purification is great for stinky anything..I put it on a cotton ball and stick in my boys shoes.
    We diffuse everything from Lemon, to Purification, to Thieves..I am interested in the Frankincense for the skin.
    I am just not getting more into it.

    I have also baked with the lemon and the peppermint.
    Looking forward to creating more!

      1. This is from my friend. I have not tried it yet.

        I combine the three oils Lavendar, Rose,art and Cedarwood (slightly more of the Lavender and Cedarwood. I massage two drops into my scalp at least 20 min prior to my shower, also after my shower and before bed. I have noticed MUCH less hair in my drain! And much less hair in my wastebasket!

  16. I am also new to essential oils & LOVE them!! I have used peppermint a lot for upset stomach. But I just made my own “lotion” which is absolutely wonderful for dry skin!!!! I found the recipe on Pinterest, but it’s coconut oil, vitamin E oil, Frankincense oil & Lavender oil. I put on my face, neck & hands at night (a little goes a loooong way) and my face already looks “younger!” Frankincense is supposed to be good for age spots (which at age 45 are already showing up!) Just thought I would share!

  17. I use lemon, lavender and Melaleuca (3drops each) in a capsule every day. It takes all my allergy symptoms away! I’m staying healthier and rarely get colds as well (use veggie caps). I was told peppermint works instead of melaleuca but it gives bad heartburn! Make sure you drink with a glass of water and don’t lie down for 10 min.

  18. I love Young Living essential oils. I diffuse Thieves and Peppermint during the day when I am cleaning or need an extra boost. I love smelling Christmas Spirit at Christmas time. I have only been using a diffuser for a few months but I am going to take you up on your suggestion of Lavendar and Cedarwood at night and see if maybe I can sleep better. Thanks for the tips!

  19. Essential oils are wonderful. I have a history of chronic bronchitis. I started using Peppermint oil nightly & diffusing RC when I feel my allergies acting up. I have been using the Orange with RC at night & boy am I sleeping good!

  20. Cyndi, when you say you “use” Joy and Stress Away every day, how do you use them? In a diffuser? Applied to your skin? Do you drink them in water? I know nothing about essential oils and they seem like a huge mystery to me. I don’t get how people “use” them beyond putting them in a diffuser. Thanks for the information!

    1. Debbie,
      I hope you don’t mind me jumping in. There are 3 ways to use oils: diffuse, topically or orally. I have put a roller ball on my Joy oil and apply it to my upper chest (heart) area. Just a swipe. You can also use the Vita Flex points on your feet. These are great for the oils you use for bronchial issues and pain. You can find charts online. Oils are absorbed quickly through your feet. I do not believe all oils are recommended to be taken orally. Read the labels. Hope this helps a little.

    2. I have rollers (they’re called aroma glides) on a lot of my oils. I buy them through YL and I just roll the oils on my wrists, my neck, the bottom of my feet etc. You can’t really go wrong!
      Hope that helps!!

  21. I use essential oils on a regular basis. I keep a bottle of euchalyptus in the bathroom. We put a drop in the bowl, and it leaves a fresh scent. No embarrassing odors.

  22. Hi Cyndi,
    I have been curious about the essential oils as well. Do you apply them like you would perfume to get the most effective use out of them?

  23. My 2 favorite oils are Joy and StressAway too. I wear Joy and Clarity everyday and
    I also have a necklace and bracelet that I apply the Joy too. I get so many compliments
    from my co-workers, they love the smell. Maybe it will bring them joy too! HA!!

  24. Cyndi, did you ever try your cleanse? I am interested in seeing how it worked. I love putting lavender in a bath and relaxing. It certainly takes away the stress of the day